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Do you own an awesome website about new baby, pregnancy, or baby shower?

Here are two options you can choose from to get free traffic from related websites or my thousands of visitors and subscribers of PartyAtom ezine.

Option 1:

Sign up to this awesome Sitesell Value Exchange program FOR FREE!

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Option 2:

Simply fill the Add Your Site form below and...

Add a reciprocal link (below) on your site and submit the form providing the url of the location of the link. We will manually verify your submission and, providing it is appropriate, e.g. relevant to the baby or pregnancy related topic it will be added to our links page.

Please install the following text link:

Looking for the coolest baby shower ideas that you want to bring to the next celebration for a new life? Just pick up these out-of-this-world entire theme-full of ideas and filler and no "regurg"...only the information highly valuable to you.

To add this link to your website, copy and paste the following into your HTML editor:

(Note: Netscape users will have to use Apple+C/Ctrl+C to copy code)

As a family-friendly website that maintains a positive level of professionalism and service with no "Web Spam" tactics, I prefer to exchange links only with other websites of the same quality. These guidelines are meant to give you an idea of what I am looking for in link exchange partners. They are not a guarantee that I will exchange links with you and I appreciate your understanding.

All links exchange requests are subject to approval. I will let you know by email if your link has been approved.

But...I will NOT reply to requests that have been rejected. Please note that given the volume of link exchange requests I get, I am pretty darn picky.

So, please FOLLOW the instructions below. Thank you!

Add Your Site

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
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Please enter the word that you see below.


Link Exchange Partners MUST:
  • Place a link back to (CBSI)site within 7 days.
  • Have a link to their links page on their home page.
  • Place a link to CBSI on a page that is no more than 2 clicks from the home page.
  • Notify CBSI of any changes to link pages or placement of link to Coolest Baby Shower Idea.
  • Contain family-friendly content, preferably relating to babies, baby showers, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, wedding planning, and gifts/shopping.
  • Be in good standing with Internet search engines and maintain search friendly practices.

Automatic Rejects:

If your website contains any of the following, don't bother to request a link exchange. Thanks.

  • NO porn, NO CASINOS, NO adult content, NO hate content etc -- whether it appears in your actual site content or your advertising or links section.
  • NO Web Spam.
  • NO promotion of drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, violence, or any other vices that are bad for babies and pregnant women -- whether it appears in your actual site content or your advertising or links section.
  • NO masked or hidden link pages.
  • NO link farms.
  • DO NOT attempt to get a second link to your website by putting HTML code in your site description.

This is a partial list and subject to change. All link exchange requests are subject to CBSI's approval.



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