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Unique Gift for Mom Makes Her Feel Special and Loved

Everybody tends to remember the baby at birth and while this is certainly important, the mother tends to get lost in the shuffle.

By finding that unique gift for mom you can not only celebrate the birth of her child, but also help to make her feel special as well.

Cute But Functional Baby Corsage

Cute Mommy Corsag

Cute Mommy Corsage

A unique gift for mom may seem hard to find, but really it's just at your fingertips. If you use a bit of creativity and think through what every new mom loves and needs, then you are sure to come up with something that they love. One such gift is a Cute Mommy Corsage corsage that takes the guesswork out of how to adorn your favorite new mom and also gives her something that she can use with the baby. What more can you ask for in a gift that's sure to please the new mom in your life?

What makes this corsage so wonderful is that it is something that you can adorn a mom-to-be with at her own baby shower. Though the reality is that you don't even need an occasion to give something like this to her. Every mom wants to feel special during her pregnancy and this is a great way to show how much you love her. It's so cute that it's bound to get attention and bring a smile to that beautiful new mom's face. It can not only serve as a baby shower gift, but the adorable rattle is a nice leave behind for mom to use with her little bundle of joy.

Toast to the New Mommy

Toast to the Parents

Toast to the Parents

Many people forget just how valuable a new mom gift can really be for the adjustment period. Though most people focus on the baby and the arrival, few remember that it's important to pay some special attention to the mom as an individual. If you opt for a gift that puts mom first and foremost such as the Toast to the Parents gift basket, you cover all your bases. Sure the baby is the star of the show, but when you send a unique gift for mom such as this complete with wine, cheese, and all the fixings, you take the time to remember that mom has been through a lot and should be rewarded as well.

A Little Pampering Time for Mom

New Mom Spa Slippers with Amenities

New Mom Spa Slippers with Amenities

Let's face it-most new moms don't have time for pampering at all. If you really want to make mom feel special and give her a nice little escape when she has a minute, then a spa gift basket is the way to go. The New Mom Spa Slippers with Amenities gives the new mom everything that she needs to get pampered even if she only has a few minutes in her busy day. This can make for a perfect baby shower gift or a unique gift for mom specifically. So while most people are giving gifts for baby only, this gift basket will give her everything she needs to escape and unwind including slippers, candles, aromatherapy, and a special pillow. She will feel spoiled and special in no time!

Sweeten the Deal

New Baby Cookie Basket

New Baby Cookie Basket

Everybody loves cookies! What better way to welcome a new baby and give that unique gift for mom than with some delicious homemade cookies. Flowers won't last long, but cookies can be enjoyed and shared during mom's new transition. This adorable New Baby Cookie Basket is the perfect gift to send to the hospital or to mom after she gets home and begins her new transition. It's great for mom to enjoy a sweet treat and has plenty to share with her family, loved ones, or any visitors that happen to drop in. It also features a cute soft cow that mom can hold on to and share with her bundle of joy after the dust has settled and she can relax a bit. A sweet treat that is sure to please each and every time!

Bring the Spa Home to Her

Mom's Day at the Spa Gift Basket

Mom's Day at the Spa Gift Basket

Nearly every woman loves a trip to the spa. For the new mom that you know, she may have even enjoyed a few spa treatments during pregnancy. In the early weeks of baby's arrival home however, there is just no time for an escape to the spa or even to fit in any pampering. So why not be the loved one who showers your new mom with some pampering? This cute but functional Mom's Day at the Spa Gift Basket

features everything that she'll need to pamper herself even when she's pressed for time. With a wonderful offering of the luxurious Burt's Bees products and all of the amenities that she'll need, she can create her own spa day at home. If you really want to score a home run with that new mom and give her the ultimate new mom gift, then offer to watch the baby for awhile and give her time to use the products and pamper herself at home. She'll remember your generosity for years to come!

It's easy to forget just how important a new mom is when all the focus is on the baby. If you want to make the new mom in your life feel special, then these gifts are sure to please each and every time. So think through what will make that new mom feel special and then get the perfect new mom gift to make her smile.



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