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Unique Baby Shower Ideas - Gender Reveal Party

When it comes to unique baby shower ideas, a gender reveal party offers excitement and intrigue like no other! I’ve found when guests know there will be a big announcement, the air changes with anticipation. What will be revealed - boy or girl - becomes an instant and easy topic of conversation, and the sense of camaraderie among guests can’t be beat. If you’ve got big news to share and want to announce it in an unforgettable way, a gender reveal baby shower is the way to do it. Need inspiration? Read on!

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Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party


Gender Reveal Baby Shower Plan


Gender Reveal Invitations

Gender Reveal Invitations

Your unique baby shower ideas begin in the mail box with Gender Reveal invitations. These personalized invites won’t tell your baby’s sex, but they divulge a surprise is in store by clearly showcasing both genders on the card.

Prefer to make your own gender reveal invitations? Personalize them by using cardstock - either a combination or pink and blue or gender neutral colors - to display your name choices. Pose a very simple question to your guests -baby boy or baby girl - using the names you’ve chosen. The anticipation is guaranteed to bring guests to the party!

Why not carry the boy versus girl theme out of the invitations and into the party? A gender reveal shower offers the perfect excuse to bring men and women together. Conjure interest by printing a “clash of the sexes” gender reveal party on brightly colored cardstock and be sure to address the invitation to the entire family.


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Gener Reveal Party Decorations

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Decorations

Gender Reveal Banner: The banner makes an excellent focal point for your party while providing décor and a keepsake for the nursery wall. Invite guests to sign it on the boy or girl side - whichever their guess for the gender - and you’ll have an unforgettable memento to take home.

Personalized Signature Mat: You can use the signature mat as another way to capture personal notes from guests! This keepsake gift comes framed for an instantly professional appearance to beautifully match your party as well as any nursery theme.

DIY Wishing Tree: It can be especially fun for a party that includes men and women. The white wishing tree is designed to stand alone and hold wishes and notes from guests which are written on leaves then hung from the branches. Perfect for warm wishes, baby tips, and parenting advice, these notes make great conversation starters and also a memorable addition to baby’s scrapbook.

White Tableware: This is eye-catching and easily dresses up or down! The white tableware can add an elegant touch to a more sophisticated party while matching practically any secondary theme. For even more fun, provide colored permanent markers and ask guests to “vote” by designing the outer edges of their white tableware with their gender guess—pink or blue.

Gender Reveal Diaper Cake: It is a fantastic centerpiece for any party! Complete with real, usable name brand diapers, a onesie bodysuit, and socks, this diaper cake is adorned with satin ribbon and a personalized tag. At 13 inches high and 13 inches wide, it’s a bountiful centerpiece that won’t overwhelm the table. Have more than one on hand for an impressive display the parents-to-be can really use.

Balloons: Be sure to add plenty of balloons to your décor. They add another level of interest by taking decorating to new heights - the ceiling! Group them by color, or mix pink, blue, and white for variety. If you want to turn balloons into a game, ask guests to choose their color of choice. It’s a fun gender reveal idea that brings out the child in everyone!



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Gender Reveal Cakes, Cupcakes and Treats

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cupcakes


Gender reveal cupcakes promise to be the hit of the party! The secret to this surprise? After baking cupcakes, use a piping bag to insert a small pocket of pudding - dyed pink or blue with food coloring - inside each one. Once you add icing, no one will know your secret until that first delightful bite! For that extra touch, top each cupcake with Personalized Chocolates. You can add your baby’s first initial or the first letter of baby’s last name, or simple leave a question mark to match your theme. An alternative to chocolate is Personalized Cookies, which can top cupcakes or be served on the side.

If you prefer a gender reveal cake, here’s an idea you can use no matter how you decorate the outside: use pink or blue icing between layers! Your secret will be kept until the cake is cut, at which point part of the fun is waiting to see how long it takes your guests to realize the gender has been revealed. If your cake doesn’t have layers, consider changing the color of white cake mix with food coloring before baking, or alternatively put a layer of pink or blue icing on the bottom of the cake, between the cake and its plate. This, too, will stay hidden until cake is served. No matter how you theme your party, including dessert among your baby gender reveal ideas is a guaranteed hit among guests!



Gender Reveal Games

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Games

Fabulous 5 Game: For an easy activity without the fuss, use some funny games to the party. Available in your choice of pink or blue, these trifold game cards offer one line of personalization so they double as a keepsake. These are a fabulous way to include the classics in your selection of gender reveal games.

Helpful Hint Advice Card: Guests can share their best baby advice with these personalized games. Provide partygoers with the opportunity to fill out cards during the party, then gather them and read them aloud. Close - knit guests will have a blast guessing who offered what advice, while larger groups are sure to have anecdotes and memories to share with each one. Choose from pink, blue, or neutral if you’d like to keep the surprise alive.

A gender reveal party is the perfect time to make a game of old wives tales! Collect as many as you can ahead of time, then ask guests to contribute more as you play. Create a game board with “boy” on one side and “girl” on the other, then read aloud the old wives tales and try to figure out which gender each refers to, or for a competitive edge form teams and see who gets the most correct. This choice of gender reveal games offers a wonderful way to connect generations!


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Gender Reveal Favors

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Favors

If you’re hosting in the growing season or just want to celebrate the sprouting of new life, Personalized Designer Baby Carriage Seed Card Favors are affordable, eco-friendly options for your guests. Choose pink or blue to reveal your baby’s gender, or use any of six pastel colors to match your décor.

What better reminder of the bun in your oven than a Kitchen Egg Timer? Adorably gift boxed “About to Hatch,” this party favor will be endlessly useful to every guest.

Candies and mints are popular gifts, and they’re easy to package in small favor-sized gift boxes. Choose an assortment in the colors of your gender reveal baby shower for a fun memento of the big day. If you have ultrasound photos revealing baby’s gender, make thank you notes using copies of the gender scan and colored card stock. You can even attach a pink or blue lollipop or brownie as a gift!


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