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Unique Baby Shower Games
- Valentines Day Theme

Unique Baby Shower Games

Now, have fun with our unique baby shower games you can have in the holiday season of saying I love you. Since Valentine's Day is also about indulging the special "Two of You" (the mom-to-be and dad-to-be!), you can create valentines theme shower by having everyone signing in on a big heart that can be presented to the parents-to-be to remember which friends and family attended their baby shower. We're about to share the unique game ideas for all the sweetiest things! You can scroll down this page and read all the games below:



Printable Valentines Day Theme Games

What's In Grandma Cookie Jar

If you're looking for some special entertaining ideas inspired by love, heart, candy, and all kinds of sweet thing, you can have some fun with Pregnancy - How Sweet It Is and What's in Grandma Cookie Jar.



Fun with Hershey's Kisses

unique baby shower gemes for valentine themeFill a big glass jar or bottle with HERSHEY'S KISSES and HUGS Brand Chocolates. Have guests guess how many are in the jar, and award the winner with the jar of chocolates! Another twist to this valentine themed game is to have a large bowl of HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Chocolates and accompany it with a "KISSES for Tips" book.

The most creative and memorable part is when you ask guests to write a tip in the book for having raising children and then take a HERSHEY'S KISSES Brand Chocolate as the reward. Of course, each guest have the chance to win more chocolate.

Variation to this game - You can also have everyone write a "loving" message for the soon-to-be-mom and soon-to-be-dad to be on cardboard cutout hearts in giving them advice when the baby is born. Tie the loving messages on Valentine's theme hearts. Examples of saying would be:

"Remember to enjoy the moments since they go fast, Get as much sleep as possible before the baby is born and when he/she takes naps, etc."

This can be a very memorable and touching baby shower game at the valentine party.




Sweet Talk

You'll need about eight different candies and paper plates. A real range of childhood favorites is ideal for playing this game. Besides candy bars, think butterscotch discs, licorice, chicken bones, and other hard candies from the past.

Then throw in some lesser known ones too such as the newer novelty candies that adults will be unfamiliar with.

Disrobe the candy and put each on a separate paper plate, tape the warpper under each corresponding plate to help you track the sweets. And write a unique number on each plate next to the treat.

When the game started, have each guest write down their guesses on a pie of paper, then give points for each correct answer. You can sweeten the pot with a prize for the player with the most correct answers. Be creative! You can even hold a blind taste test by seperating candy into a bite-size cubes, and have each person taste it at the same time. The quickest to shout out the name of the treat wins that round.



Valentine's Day Word Scramble

This is a fun valentines shower game idea. I have to tell you this game can really give the shower hostess a 15 minute break - feel much better huh?

You can give all of the guests a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen with the word Valentine or Valentine's Day (better for kids) at the top. And tell them that they have 10 to 15 minutes to come up with as many baby related words as they can using the letters found in Valentine.

The rule is: only words with 3 letters or more will be counted. Score their answer sheets after they complete it. A two letter word = 2 points, a three letter word = 3, a four letter word = 4, and a five letter word = 5, six letters = 6, a 7,8,or 9 letter word equal =10 points. For example, "Stroller" = 4 and "Diaper" = 3. The guest with the most points wins a prize!




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Unique Baby Shower Games


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