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Noahs Ark Twins Baby ShowerNoah Ark Twins Baby Shower

Throw a twins baby shower? Double congratulations! But it doesn't mean you have to use double time and double energy. The ideas below help you easily bring double happinesses into the special baby shower for mom.

Before you get started with flood of stuffed animals and gifts :-), take a look at these shower kits which cover pretty much everything you need:

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Twins Baby Shower Invitations

You can find lots of Noahs Ark invitations or pre-cut animal cards at party shops or stores like Wal-Mart. I love the design of Beary Sweet baby shower invite and these twin baby shower invitations.

Here are a few creative ideas to make your own twins baby shower invitations:

  1. Copy two shapes of animal onto card stock for a template. Us any animal you like, such as ducks, lambs, kittens, butterflies, and puppies. Cut out the animal shapes and decorate them with blue or pink ribbons. Write shower details on the back of animals.
  2. Buy small stuffed animals and tie around greeting card containing your shower details to the stuffed animal's neck, and use another animal for the RSVP card.
  3. In the invitation, encourage guests to bring a stuffed animal to the shower. The animals are usually deposited into a cradle or toy-box that is set up before hand. If the mom is young and hip, have guests bring linens and clothing in wild patterns and prints.
  4. As it's a twins baby shower, write something like: "Two by they come! (Mom's Name)'s having one boy and one girl. Double the diapers, double the pins, double the fun! We all two happy two have to you here!"
  5. To add a cuter effect, design a caricature of the mom-to-be inside an ark on the invitation front (her companies are two of every animal including 2 baby animals, Phew!), with the question, "If you were having twins, of what would you gather two?"

Don't forget to check out these cute and ready-print twin shower invitations and cards:

Twin's Nest: Aloe Screaming Twins: Chocolate: TP Chocolate Twin Girls Screaming Thank You Cards: Soft Pink

Twin's Nest: Aloe

$1.09 each

Screaming Twins: Chocolate: TP Chocolate

$1.09 each

Twin Girls Screaming Thank You Cards: Soft Pink

$0.99 each

Twins Baby Shower Costume Design

Twins baby shower with Noahs Ark theme is all about animals and wild. It's a wonderful party to have guests wear animal costumes as wild as they can!

Assign every two of your guests a species to become for your shower (prevent abundance of lions or elephants and no giraffes). You can give a name of animal for each person in your invitation, with simple direction for these costumes.

Costumes can be simple, elaborate, home made or store bought, or even rented.

Encourage guests design their costumes as more creative and complicated as they want. Use anything looks reasonably like an animal's skin, coat, feathers, or scales(such as fake furs, burlaps, feathers of all kinds, old worn out leather items, or even cotton batting). Shiny, satiny, or soft fuzzy material would be ideal in some cases.

Again, remember that you're just looking for something to represent, not necessarily be exact.

Twins Baby Shower Decorations

If you want an unique table setting, you can buy two extra large animal diaper cakes. Use great colors and lots of cute animals to decorate these baby cakes. It can double function as a wonderful table centerpiece!

Or you can put two stuffed animals attached with tulips in multiple colors for the centerpiece. A great ide is tie around blue or pink ribbon on their necks(if the twins are two boys or two girls, use the same color according to their sex). Your local Dollar Store usually has lots of small stuffed animals if you want to stock up at a low price.

Another twins baby shower idea is to place two small baby items on each table(different from each table), such as sippy cups, pacifiers and rattles(with animal pictures and tied with balloons).

Since you're having a Noahs Ark theme, why not make an Ark? But no need to build a big boat! Here are some noah ark decoration ideas for you:

  • Just use a large rectangular box and covered it with brown wrapping paper(as decribed in the bible). From black poster board, cut out a window to put along the top edge of the ark. Next, draw the faces of an Owl, Hippo, and a bunny, or any animal you like on white poster board. Cut the faces out and glue them on the black windows to make it look like the animals are peeking out. Then draw some "waves on blue poster board, cut out and glue them to the ark for the bottom edge.
  • When guests arrive your party, they must place their gifts inside the top of the Ark.
  • For the color scheme, use bright rainbow colors (yellow, red, blue, purple, green, pink, orange)for balloons, streamers and many other decorations. Or chose everything with the Noahs Ark design.
  • A very impressive idea for twins baby shower is to make an arch of rainbow colored balloons into a large rainbow. On the back side of the arch, hang blue foil stremers to represent the "rain".
  • Use chalk to draw big animal footprints on the driveway and leading to your front door.
  • For the table, sprinkle rainbow colored confetti to white tablecloth, then place any bright color or pastel color plastic-ware on the table.

Also check out these cute Noah Ark theme decoration kit, napkins, cup and plates:

Rainbow Mural Noah's Ark Personalized Plate - Boy Big Noah's Ark Shaped - 26

Rainbow Mural


Noah's Ark Personalized Plate - Boy


Big Noah's Ark Shaped - 26" Mylar Balloon



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Twins Baby Shower Food and Drink


Animal Shaped Sandwiches - Create the cutest little sandwiches that everyone will want to get their fingers on. Using animal shaped cookie cutters, you can turn a regular sandwich into numerous animal shaped sandwiches. To take the Noah's Ark theme even further, set your trays or food backdrops up so that they look like areas that would house the animals that you are featuring with the sandwiches. So, if you are doing horses, then, the tray or the backdrop should look like a barn, complete with shredded wheat "hay"! The key is to bring a bit of authenticity to the look to really make the sandwiches more inviting.


Animal Face Cupcakes - Cupcakes with animal faces are a sweet way to enjoy the Noah's Ark twins baby shower.There are a number of ways to create animal themed cupcakes. One way is to make the cupcake look like an animal. Another way is to simply add edible animal embellishments onto the cupcake. Either way, the results are sure to please everyone. Try to create the cupcakes in animal pairs. You may even want to display them using an ark as the backdrop or on a regular cupcake tree with an ark propped on top.


Animal Shaped Cookies - Cookie bouquets work as a food for the Noah's Ark shower and also as a party favor. Either make your own animal shaped cookies ( it is best to stick with 3-4 types of animals) or purchase cookies that are animal themed. You could even make little animal sandwich cookies by using iced, packaged animal crackers, and sticking them together using frosting. Wrap each pair with pretty, transparent plastic wrap, and then situate them using craft sticks for support or in a box with tissue paper.


Pigs in the blanket - It's always a perfect addition to a Shower's menu. Turn up the cuteness with this super sweet version. Place two little cocktail sausages in the dough, and then wrap them together. Make them even cuter by putting a little pig face on each one using olives, cheese, or any type of easy to style garnishments.


Animal Themed Punch - Make a punch with lots of animal themed "punch"! You can purchase an animal shaped ice cube tray at a party store. Make your ice cubes for whatever drink that you desire to serve using this. Then, use gummy candy that's shaped like animals to decorate the stirrers or cocktail picks.

Alternatively, you can serve any fruit punch like:

  • blackberry Lemonade
  • mulled apple cider with orange ginger
  • orange Tea
  • grape juice




Twins Baby Shower Games

Noah took two of everything, but can you name 2 animals for every letter of the alphabet? Test your animal knowledge as you race against the clock from this printable Noahs Ark game. Also here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:

Multiple babies means lots of tiny little toes and fingers to kiss! It also means Mom is pretty special, so lavish her with a loving baby shower and games that are unique like her babies:

Animal Kingdom Icebreak - A baby is a baby is a baby. Can you guess the name for babies of these species? The one with the most correct answers wins. Here is an example answer sheet for this twins baby shower game: * Dog (puppy, puppies) * Cat (kitten) * Fish (fry) *Bear (cub) * Horse (foal) * Geese (goslings) * Ducks (ducklings) * Kangaroo (joeys) * Armadillo (pup) * Bat (battling) * Deer (fawn) * Frog (tadpole) * Grasshopper (nymph) * Turtle (hatchling).

Double Pin The Baby In The Mommy - This is one of the funniest twins baby shower games adopted from the ever-popular children's party, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Get two long white rolls of paper, and crayons. Tape two 5 or 6 foot sections to the wall, and have the mother-to-be stand in front while one of the guests traces her outline on both of the two white posters. Then have the mother-to-be leave the room. Seperate the guests into two teams that they are to color the two poster with what mom was wearing, the right color of her eyes, hair, and not to forget any jewelry. You might want to move the poster to the floor for coloring. Then have the mother-to-be come back in the room so guests can play Pin the Baby in the Mommy using her portraits(pin the pin the baby picture on the Mommy drawing in the two posters).

Matching Baby Socks - The animals on the Ark went two by two - and baby socks do too! Ask each guest, via the invitation, to bring a pair of baby socks to the shower. Just make sure you have extras because someone always forgets. In the center of your shower area, or on a table, make a pile of 10 - 15 separated pairs of baby socks (solids, patterned, and different sizes). Give each guest 30 seconds to match as many pairs as they can. The guest with most pairs of matching socks, wins a prize. If you want to get a little crazier, try having everyone match socks at once, and set the time limit to 2 minutes.

Also check out these printable games for twins & triplets that can multiply the fun:

And The Magic Number Is Three Double the Fun! Twice the Action! TV Series Twins Pre-Millennium Famous Parents of Twins

And The Magic Number Is Three


Double the Fun! Twice the Action! TV Series Twins


Pre-Millennium Famous Parents of Twins



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Twins Baby Shower Favors

One of the coolest favor ideas is to send guests home with a little gift bag with some items that go with the Noahs Ark theme. It could be a small basket, with a box of animal crackers, an animal key chain, and their choice of two small stuffed animals. Or send your guests with nest twins mint tins

If you are looking for something sweet, chocolate animals(bears,bunnies, and whatever other animals you can find)wrapped in blue or pink ribbons are always welcome to say "thank you". Check out these cute baby shower favors that made to welcome twin babies:

Personalized Tea - Grey Showers of Happiness - Twins Twin Peas In A Pod Personalized Coffee - Showers of Happiness - Pink Twins

Personalized Tea


"Twin Peas In A Pod" Shakers


Personalized Coffee




Twin Baby Shower Gifts

Twins can go through almost 20 diapers a day! So bring enough diapers to the shower. The mom-to-be of twins or even multiples need an extra hand and two or more of everything. A great idea is to get together enough people and have a larger purchase, such as two baby beds, a double stroller or even a double baby-sit!

Sometime, animal theme baby gift just tell people the new mom is having multiple babies:

JoJo Giraffe Ekko the Elephant -Little Expeditions Plush Rattle Lovie -Gifts Animal Crackers for Messy Snackers - 4 Piece Bib Set -Gifts

"JoJo Giraffe" Baby Gift


Ekko the Elephant


Animal Crackers for Messy Snacker





Share Your Twins Baby Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative stories every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more unique inspirations:


If you've just thrown a twins baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Shower ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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