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Family Tree Baby ShowerThrowing A Baby Shower
- Family Reunion Theme

Are you throwing a baby shower for a family-wide fun? Families are now widely dispersed and this has led to the growing popularity of family reunions and the trend just to see how the newest saplings are progressing on the family tree. With some of the coolest family reunion ideas, you would invite not just the immediate family but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, everyone for a more elaborate event.


Although you are planning the party like a family reunion, but you're actually throwing baby shower for a new family - don't get the event over-planned!

Don't panic for such a {GULP!} shower for, sometimes, over 60 people!

Just make sure you take it with organization, communication and delegation. And what better reason for family to get together than to celebrate a new addition to the family tree?

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Etiquette for Throwing A Baby Shower

When throwing a baby shower that centers around family, the hostess has a wonderful opportunity to get multiple generations involved in this joyous event. It's the perfect platform for combining the old and the new for the family. Here are some Shower etiquettes to remember:

  • One of the first things to be sure to do is not to be afraid to include even the oldest member of the family to participate. In fact, it would seem almost like a necessity to do this because that person could offer such great insight into the family's history and even their expectations for its future.
  • You will not want anyone to feel ostracized or separated, so, when possible, be sure to include both sides of the baby's family tree, not just the mother's side. Daddy's family may have just as much influence in the child's upbringing, so try not to leave them out.
  • Find ways to include relatives that live far away so that they, too, can enjoy this special family event. This Shower could almost serve as a mini family reunion. So, pull out the computers and consider using a communication program like SKYPE that would allow everyone to see and interact, regardless of where they are physically located.

Even though this Shower is family focused, don't let the mommy-to-be feel left out or that SHE is not an important part of this event. Remember, without her, there would be no Shower! So, create activities that will bring always bring the focus of the event back to the mommy, the daddy, and the baby to come.


Family Reunion Theme Invitations

Bird's Family Bloom InvitationThis theme is a wonderful way to celebrate a new addition to the couple's family tree. I also love the design of birds' family bloom invitation.

A popular idea is to send out homemade family tree invitations.

Cut out family trees from a template made on cardstock. And use a brown heavyweight paper or cardstock to cut out the trunk and branches of the tree. Next, use a light green heavyweight paper or cardstock for the leaves, and write the shower details on them. Then glue the leaves to the tree branches and mail them in padded envelopes.

And attach a cute baby poems in the invitation and have each relative write a letter to baby, and give any info that might help trace baby's family tree.

Also check out these cute and ready-print invitations and cards:


Owl Family: Powder Blue Family Roots: Chocolate Boy Color Blocks Photo Birth Announcement

Owl Family: Powder Blue

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Family Roots: Chocolate

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Deeply Rooted: White

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Family Tree Shower Decorations

Use the family tree design for a centerpiece using branches from a flowering tree arranged in a large vase. And weigh down the vase with glass marbles or colored layers of sand, and hang baby-related items from the branches.

You can also create a photograph family tree centerpiece.

Hang family members' photos (cut out shapes such as diapers and stars)on an artificial palm tree. And string blue or pink ribbons through the holes on the top of the photos, and tie them around palm fronds or tree branches. Then hang some miniature baby items such as rattles, toys, baby booties, baby spoons to finish.

Another idea is creating a more family tree setting. Use large silk leaves for nametags and place cards, and find leaf-shaped platters and plates for the table. And hang family photos in tree motif frames on the walls.

Also tack up blank paper underneath each photo, and assign each guest a photo to write a caption for. Then give out prizes for the funniest captions.

You can also make a scrapbook with the photos and the captions for the expectant mother.

The personalized family tree standee is a great family reunion activity:

Baby Blocks Boy

Personalized Family Tree Standee

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Family Theme Baby Shower Games

When you're throwing a baby shower with Family Reunion theme, it's special sweet if baby is named after a relative in the family tree. Have your family history buff make a family tree for baby's album and incorporate family traditions, authentic cooking, and lots of relatives into your Shower!

Also here's an excellent selection of printable games:


Tree Talk - All family fun begins with the "family", and when you have the family in mind, there is sure to be a great time had by all! A really great game to play is "Tree Talk". This will be a real test of how well everybody knows each other. Create a family tree for the mother's family and the father's family. Only go two or three generations to keep the game light. Provide a speech bubble over the names or pictures of each person on the family tree. Race to see who can fill in the most fun facts or famous quotes of each family member. It will be crazy to see what people remember about each person in their family. The person that finishes first or fills in the most bubbles wins!


Blind Family Love - This is a really silly game. Provide each person with a blank family tree template. Then, blindfolded, they must complete the family tree. You will likely get a jumbled up mess of a family to look. Another option is to have them draw each relative in their respective places on the family tree. Either way, you are bound to get plenty of laughs!


What will Baby Look Like? - This is a question that everybody has. Well, with this game, everyone will set their own expectations with how the baby will look based on family features. Print pictures of a bunch of family members, such as the grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives. Provide each person with a blank piece of paper, scissors, and glue. They must try to construct what they think the baby will look like using parts or features of the different relatives. There won't be a winner, but it will be a lot of fun to see who people think the baby will resemble. The real wild part will come once the baby is born because it may actually look like one of the faces that the family put together during the shower!


More Family Affair Shower Games


Family Ties It's A Family Affair
Baby's Family Trivia

Family Ties


It's A Family Affair


Baby's Family Trivia




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Family Reunion Baby Shower Foods

Similar to a family reunion, this is a wonderful way to bring the entire family together. Something like a large potluck supper, outdoor barbecue, or picnic in the park would be ideal for a Shower.

But how to feed everyone? Don't you feel it's one of the most fun and challenging jobs?

Take it easy, here is the way to save you out. Just ask everyone to bring along a few prepared dishes.

In that case, make sure you don't get ten ziti casseroles and nothing else! It's important to assign each family a category of food so that you'll have a good distribution among the courses.

You can even ask everyone to bring their recommend baby recipes to the shower and then have someone gather all the recipes to turn into a cookbook - a wonderful gift for the new parents!

However, if no one in your family feels like cooking for this party, you can feed your group at a restaurant, or bring in a caterer to handle all of the meal details.



Family Tree Baby Shower Gifts

A special gift idea is either a gift certificate to a tree nursery if the parent's have a front or backyard. Include a note that tells them to plant the tree of their dreams in their baby's honor.

I recommend the Welcome Home diaper cake if you're throwing a baby shower with family reunion theme.

If they live in a smaller house or apartment, buy them a valuable bonsai tree which, with the right care, will live to be passed on to the future generations. Geneology software or family online album is also a great gift, and baby trees make great favors!

Here is the the coolest selection of baby gifts that designed to welcome the little one:

Home Hospital Boy Welcome Home Girl Welcome Little One Baby Gift Set (Pink)

"Home from the Hospital" Personalized Gift Set -Boy


"Welcome Home Baby!" Personalized 3-Piece Layette Set in Keepsake Gift Box


Welcome Little One Baby Gift Set (Pink)




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Share Your Family Tree Baby Shower Ideas

Suzy Jones's Money Tree for Baby ShowerOur website receive creative ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Take a peek at other visitors' Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding ideas for throwing a baby shower:

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If you've just thrown a family tree Shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and game) to us.


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