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Teddy Bear Baby Shower ThemeCoolest Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Ready to throw a teddy bear baby shower or a care bears Shower? Teddy bear is part of your childhood and everyone loves it. So, let's recall your childhood enchantment and welcome the new arrival - it's all about picnic and fun!

Before you start the "beary" special baby's celebration, check out a list of the coolest "bear necessities" that provides almost everything you need to throw a "beary" special Shower for the family-to-be:

You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:


Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations

Here are some "beary" invitation ideas:

Make diapers out of remnants of pastel flannelette ( you can get them at dollar store). Pin the diapers onto small stuffed bear and any stuffed animals. Write the details on the inside of tags (made out of small pieces of card stock foled in half)or any cheap greeting cards (pick up at discount store), then tie it around the bear's neck. Or even attach small tags to bear's wrist, and tie the RSVP (already in its return envelope) to the other hand. And hand deliver or mail them out in small carboard box mailers.

You can also cut out teddy bear shapes from card stock and put pink or blue ribbon for a bow on the top of the teddy bear, and draw in the bear's features.

  1. Write the shower details on a square of heavy paper and attach it to the hand of the teddy bear shape.
  2. Encourage everyone(even grandparetns-to-be) to bring their uniquely dressed teddy bear to add to the effect. Have them place a tag on their teddy’s neck saying who donated it. When the shower is over, the mom-to-be will adopt all of the teddy bears.
  3. In the teddy bear invitations, write something like: "A ·beary· special baby is on the way...Join us for some teddy bear fun!". Or " The little baby bear invites you for a lovely picnic at (shower date and time)in the wood of (shower place). It's all about rainbows, sunshine, hearts, and fun! Come to our cave to celebrate the arrival of the little bear-to-come!"
  4. Add a small sticker to the outside of the envelopes that reads, "Quiet, baby’s sleeping," or " Baby Bear Inside." Your guests will be delighted when they open the box and find the delightful bear invitations inside.

Don't forget to check out these cute ready-made teddy bear baby shower invitations:

Teddy Doodles : Orange Teddy Hugs : Bamboo Teddy Shower: Blue : Snowball

Teddy Doodles

$1.09 each

Teddy Hugs

$1.09 each

Teddy Showe

$1.09 each

Teddy Hugs : Bamboo Bountiful Bears : Powder Blue Lucky Baby : Lightest Turquoise

Tedd Bear Love

$1.14 each

Bountiful Bears

$0.69 each

Lucky Baby

$1.09 each




Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorations

Use rainbow colors to setup a Care Bear atmosphere: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, hot pink and red. Or even use an rainbow creative craft fringe garland.

If the mom-to-be want to reflect the baby's sex in color scheme, use blue for boy and pink for girl is fine enough.

Hint: Some parents-to-be don't want to know about the baby's sex before the little one comes to the world. So rainbow color scheme is a perfect choice for their baby shower.

Care bears are colorful theme ideas:

  1. To start a "beary" special setting with personalized rainblow arch, buy dozens of helium balloons in different colors(must be one of the rainbow colors) and made rainbow balloon arches. For example, you can use 8 yellow, 8 orange and 8 red. Then tie the balloon arch to a few teddy bears and place it in the outside entry way to the front door.
  2. Scatter the teddy bears contributed by guests around the shower place.
  3. Tie different colored bows around their necks and attach colorful balloons to their wrists. And group them on chairs, on window sills, in baskets, and on tables. Then attach them with flowers such as daisies or chrysanthemums for a teddy bear baby shower.
  4. Some "beary" cute scene-setting for teddy bear baby shower can include honey jars scattered around the shower area and buzzing paper bees hanging from the ceiling(with clear fishing line).
  5. For the table decoration, use care bear tablecloths, napkins and placecards. Or go to a fabric store and buy enough teddy bear fabric to make a tablecloth especially for the shower.
  6. Place a bunch of neon color plush bears or any other small stuffed animals (such as ducks, lambs, kittens, butterflies, and puppies) in baby itmes such as a bassinet, stroller, or a crib. Arrange them in a circle around the shower gift table or use them as a centerpiece. And put diapers on some teddy bears using large colorful diaper pins to fasten them.
  7. You can also cut out different sized teddy bears, punched holes in the top and hang them from the ceiling with finshing line. Or even draw some paw prints a few steps on the pathway before the front door, using colored chalk.
  8. To create a more caring-and-colorful teddy bear baby shower effect, drap streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. Place two different colored streamers back to back and twist them a unique look. They also look terrific hanging from doorframes or cascading vertically down walls.

Also, make sure you take a look at these awesome teddy bear baby shower decorations:

Baby Blocks Boy It's A Boy Blue Latex Balloons It's A Girl Pink Latex Balloons

Baby Cake Supreme (Bear)


It's A Boy Blue Latex Balloons


It's A Girl Pink Latex Balloons





Teddy Bear Baby Shower Foods and Drinks


Teddy Bear Shaped Cookies - Let those teddy graham bear shaped cookies go wild at the Shower. They are extremely versatile and because they are so small, you can put them anywhere that you want some "beary" cool embellishments. Buy a store bought cake and add a bunch of teddy bear grahams all over to customize the look.

Gummy Bears - Gummy bears are another cool addition to the fare for a teddy bear baby shower. You can use them to dress up the tables by stacking them on skewers or tossing a bunch of them in crystal bowls for guests to nosh on during the shower. Because they are bright and colorful, gummy bears can add a burst of life to any buffet table. They are even nicer when wrapped in toile or festive clear plastic wrap. You could even put them in wine glasses to use as an edible favor.

Other Creative Food Ideas

  • Bear claws, which are enormous cream filled pastries, make a fun statement when included on the pastry table at a teddy bear baby shower.
  • Take creativity to new heights by serving gourmet coffee drinks, and turning the top froth of the drink into a picture of a bear! Guests won’t want to drink it for fear that they’ll mess up their frothy coffee bear. But, not only will it be yummy, it will be extremely cool!
  • Make a "baby bear bowtie" pasta salad. Use your favorite pasta salad recipe, but replace the regular pasta with bowtie pasta noodles. Serve in bear themed bowls, that feature a baby bear wearing a bowtie! It is a totally wonderful way to have a little pasta fun!
  • Serve ginger "beer", which is a non-alcoholic Caribbean styled ginger ale drink. Decorate the bottles with bears and change the name to "Ginger Bear"! This sweet drink could be a perfect compliment to your menu and would work well with a coed shower audience. Guys will love the play on words and the snappiness of this cool drink.
  • Bring on the "bearies"...awberries, that is! Max out straw-"beary" shortcake by using the strawberries to create bear faces all over it. Then, compliment this special cake with straw-"beary" smoothies! This combination will add more yum to your menu than you could ever have imagined!


Teddy Bear Baby Shower Drinks

Here are some drinks for "bear" lovers:

  • Coffee
  • Lemonade
  • Apple cider
  • Berry and Honey Tea: Pour the honey, orange juice concentrate and frozen strawberries into your blender and blend on slow until it is well mixed. Add this to the ice tea in a punch bowl. Serve the tea over ice and add fresh strawberries if desired. (This recipe makes 8 servings and can be doubled or tripled, depending on how many guests will be present.)




Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:


How Many Honey Bees - One of the "beary" cool ideas is having guests guess how many "bees" in a baby bottle. To do this, fill a baby bottle with yellow jelly beans and add a few black ones. Shake the bottle to make sure that not all of the black jelly beans(the honey bees) can be seen and keep track of how many black jelly beans are in the baby bottle. The guest whose guess is the closest wins a prize - a big stuffed teddy bear!

Baby Diapering Race - For this game, you will need one large teddy bear, a cloth diaper and two diaper pins, a pair of mittens, and a stopwatch or timer. Your guests take turns diapering the doll or the teddy bear but they are wearing mittens! If the diaper falls off when the doll or the teddy bear is held up and shaken, then that guest is disqualified from the game. The guest with the fast diapering time wins the game.

Busy Mom - Experienced mothers will have an advantage in this teddy bear baby shower game. You may even want to test dads to see how well they can care for a fussy baby and still do the chores. The materials for this game are stuffed teddy bear, a cordless or cellular phone, baby or doll clothes, clothes pins, and a clothes line that is held by two people or tied up someplace. Each guest takes a turn holding the teddy bear in one arm, while taking on the phone and hanging up the baby clothes. The person who hangs the most clothes in one minute without dropping the teddy bear wins.

A Berry Good Time - Bear like berries, so why not have strawberries as part of your entertaining? Seperate your guests into two teams and have them form a straight line across the shower area from the mom-to-be. Blindfold the first person and give each team a teapoon. They have to carry pints of strawberries and place them in a bowl that the mom-to-be is holding without dropping it. The first team to get all of their berries in the bowl wins a prize - Oh, have all the guests get to enjoy the strawberries!




Teddy Bear Baby Shower Gifts

Challenge guests to give gifts that either are bare essentials/necessities or are bear related, such as baby bottles, diapers, wipes, bath toys and hooded bath towels. Sometimes, buy mom-to-be a "teddy to wear after baby's arrival is one of the perfect gift ideas.

Here is the coolest collectoin of teddy bear gifts for new baby:

Pull-string Musical Teddy Bear (Blue) Silver-plated Bear Cup, Spoon & Fork Set in Wooden Gift Box Home from the Hospital Personalized Gift Set - Boy

Pull-string Musical Teddy Bear (Blue)


Silver-plated Bear Gift Box


l Personalized Gift Set - Boy



Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors

If you're looking for something that edible, the "beary" cute favor ideas are bear shaped cookies, chocolates or candies wrapped in cellophane and tie with a pink or blue ribbon.

Oh, how about give each guest something to "hibernate" if your Shower is in winter? Any small bath products like bath salts, aromatherapy body lotions, bath oils work perfectly. Or even give various tea, mint or tea light candles will all make the winter months fly by.

If the teddy bear baby shower is in summer, the guests will enjoy instant ice, flavor tea bags or packages of lemonade crystals, or even small bear garden ornaments all are wonderful favor ideas.

You can also check out these cute favors designed with teddy bear theme:

Teddy Bear Cupcake Candle Party Favor It's A Boy Blue Latex Balloons It's A Girl Pink Latex Balloons

Teddy Bear Cupcake Candle Favor


It's Baby Shower Bookmark


Pewter Finish Baby Photo Album





Share Your Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Our website receive awesome ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find more creative inspirations:


If you've just thrown a teddy bear baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Shower ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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