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Baby Shower Tea Party Idea

Do you need any tea party idea so that the mom-to-be can feel a little more laid-back and quiet? So that she can stay with a small group of people to celebrate her little one with white linens, porcelain cups and crystal glasses. Ooh, and those cucumber sandwiches and small cakes for an elegant affair!

If you're looking for the best deal on tea party supplies, no need to search browse around forever. Just compare the baby tea brewing, modern floral or damask Shower kits below which cover everything you need:

>> Tea Party Baby Shower Supplies

Tea Party Baby Shower


Tea Party Idea and Plan

In fact, tea party is a timeless choice for any baby shower for Mom - dont' you agree that tea party has been the most popular theme for any ladies-only party since your childhood?

Ok, time to brew those tea-rrific Shower ideas to your table. You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the links or drop down list below:




Tea Party Invitations

Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations

Any whimsical, floral greeting cards or postcards will make perfect invitations.

One of more crafty baby shower ideas is buying or making invitations by yourself. Cut teapot or teacup shape out of cardstock. Then cut the same shapes out of flowered gift-wrap, making a slit in the middle of the teapot shape. Then, glue the gift-wrap on top of the cardstock and slip a tea bag inside as if it were steeping in the cup.

Here is an tea party invitation for you to learn from.

If the baby shower has a nursery theme separate from the tea party, blend them together! A more unqiue tea party idea is to create a invitation using an image representing the Shower themes, such as:

  1. A teddy bear wear frilly hats and sit a table adorned with teapot, cups and treats.
  2. Little girls dressed in Mommy's high heels, feather and flower adorned hats.
  3. For a spring or summer time shower, add whimsical garden applique, such as dragonflies, butterflies or flowers.
  4. A pretty teapot or teacup along with a hat or whilte gloves.


Tea Baby Shower Decorations

Tea Party Baby Shower Decorations

>> More Tea Party Shower Decorations & Supplies

Tea Party Idea - Tea Service: Pretty quality teapots can be found in antique shops, flea markets, thrift shores and departments stores. But before you go out for your tea service, remember this: the most charming option is using a mismatched tea set - if you plan to serve several different kinds of tea, you'll be be using different tea pots anyway! A lovely tea party idea is having each guest bring a different teacup to drink from. Before leaving, wash and pack all the cups. Present them to the mom-to-be as gifts.

Tea Party Idea - Tea Tablesetting: For the serving area, create a backdrop using either antique looking wallpaper or gift wrap. This will instantly give your décor a real classic "afternoon tea" feel. Plus, it will grab your guests' attention as they savor the food that has been presented. It's a simple little way to decorate, but it could have a huge impact on how the overall buffet is received.

More about how to decorate your table:

  • One of the cutest ideas is to accent your tea party tablesetting by a fresh flowral centerpiece of white and purple iris and a few pink roses.
  • Another sweet tea party idea is a berry theme. Fill a large crystal bowl full of ripe fresh strawberries or raspberries garnish with some tiny mint leaves or flower buds. Bowls of whipped cream, sour cream, and brown sugar will ensure that the berries are enjoyed by all of your guests.
  • Fill every corner of every table with beautiful china! From pretty plates to perfect porcelain teacups, offering a bevy of gorgeous dishes will turn any tea-inspired baby shower into an affair to remember. If you don't own fine china, and can't get anyone to lend you theirs, go hunting at your local thrift stores. You will likely find plenty to choose from. Remember, when it comes to china for a tea party, all of the pieces do not have to be perfectly matched. Actually, using a variety of coordinating pieces with complimentary colors will add more panache to your overall look, and it won't make things feel so "matchy-matchy".

Other Baby Shower Ideas for A Crea"tea"ing Decoration

  1. Decorate the walls with teapots, cteacups or spoons
  2. Hang pastel-colored streamers and balloons from the ceiling and walls
  3. Use white or floral linens
  4. Make a floral tablecloth by purchasing a yard of floral calico and trimming any frayed edges
  5. Plently of fresh flowers grouped in white or crystal teapots, bowls, baskets and vases
  6. White roses ties with lavender chiffon and silver ribbon

A good idea is to hold some tealights on your table.

"Teariffic" Chair:You can make any chair feel like a throne when you accentuate it with a satin sash and chair cover. If you are expecting a large crowd, then you may want to go for the disposable chair covers. However, if you will only have a few guests at the baby shower, opt for a more upscale look with a damask chair cover. These can be found at just about any retailer that sells home goods.Place the chair cover on any chair. They don't have to be formal dining chairs. Chair covers will beautify even metal or plastic buffet chairs. Then, wrap the chair with the satin sash. Don't feel compelled to only select one color. Just like your china, you can have several different colors at play to give the Shower a more vibrant look and feel.

Flowers: Decorate the place with flowers! Each table should have a bounty of flowers on it. You can even add more flower power by giving out corsages that guests can wear on their wrists or that can be pinned. Bring in more floral flavor by encouraging guests to wear hats with flowers in them. If they don't have fancy hats of their own, provide them with hats. Those hats can also be used as decoration. Simply place them on tacks or non-damaging hooks around the room. When guests arrive, have them select the hat that best suits their style or mood. Your decoration will then transition from just a wall hanging to another opportunity for some baby shower fun!


Baby Shower Tea Party Games

Tea Party Baby Shower Games

Baby Tea-shirt: One of the cutest baby shower ideas to make keepsakes for baby and the parents-to-be. Prepare several baby t-shirts and at least three different fabric paints. It’s not necessary to have one t-shirt per guest. Guests can pair up to create one t-shirt. Have guests arrive earlier than the parents-to-be and get creative with the t-shirts. When the parents-to-be arrive, present them with the baby t-shirts.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Hold on to your seats, this tea party idea is incredibly hysterical because it's just so eat-drink-gross! Before the baby shower, prepare one diaper for each guest with a small scoop of ice cream in it. Keep the diapers in the fridge until you’re ready to play, it gives the ice cream a chance to soften a little. Have the guests all sit at the table, with their hands behind their back. So far they don’t know what’s coming... Bring out the diapers and place one in front of each guest. Tell them that on your mark they are to open the diaper, and eat what’s inside! Yes, they actually have to eat it to win. This is so gross that it’s hysterical to see the looks on the guests’ faces when you tell them to eat it. Be sure to have your camera ready! You can also try the printable 5 Minutes Recipe game.

Tea Party Idea - Have Fun With Lucky Teacup: This baby shower idea doesn’t require skill, only luck! Mark one teacup with a sticker on the bottom before the start of the baby shower. At some point during the tea party, announce that whoever has the sticker on the bottom of their teacup is the winner. Variation - Lollipop Pic: Same tea party idea applies, the winner has to pick the lucky lollipop. Stand the lollipops upright in a cup, and the person to pick the one with a colored dot on the bottom of the stick wins!

Sip and See: Invite guests to "sip" tea and "see" the baby after it's born! Simple games that don't take away from "oohing" and "ahhing" the new baby are recommended.


Baby Shower Tea Party Idea for Food


Teapot and Teacup Shaped Cake

Here is a cake picture from Linda's tear party Shower.

Baby Shower Tea Party CakeThere are no more tea-rrific baby shower ideas than making a teapot shaped cake and teacup cakes using Pyrex bowls and and cupcake pan.

After you finish the baking, cover cakes by buttercream.

Then use fondant for the spout and handle on the tea pot, the round handle on the top of the teapot and handles on the tea cups. Make flowers in advance from royal icing and attached them using buttercream.

Then resemble the tea in the cups by using buttercream tinted brown.

You can customize the tea party idea to fit any style of tea set imaginable - use all fondant for a whimsical appearance, or flowers for a dainty appearance. The ideas are endless.

Angels' Food Cake: Instead of making it from scratch, purchase an angels food cake. Cut into three layers. Smooth on a mixture of sweetened whipped cream and your favorite fruit compote between each layer. Then, decorate with melons balls or a coordinating fruit that will go along well with the compote. Delicious, easy, and totally perfect for a tea party!

Stylish Baby Shower Menu: Nothing says "chic" like using these tea party idea. It will give the event a feeling of class and will definitely appeal to each "lady" that attends.To pull it off with style, opt for a truly traditional British tea party menu. The fare for the day could include afternoon tea "staples" like scones, which are similar to biscuits. Go for a fruit scone or even cinnamon variety. Scones will then be served with a tasty heavy type of cream or you can serve them with sweetened cream cheese. Whichever you opt for, the European clotted cream or the cream cheese, guests will enjoy them immensely!

Fill in with Fruit: Your buffet will look awesome with addition of lots of fruit! Fruit adds color and, of course, sweetens any atmosphere with its array of shapes and sizes. Be sure to select fruit that is in season because there is nothing worse than biting into fruit that is bitter! Yuck! Nobody will enjoy that and that bitterness could add a damper on your event. A great fruit spread will also entice your guests to munch even if they are not necessarily looking to have a full meal, and it can be a part of a baby shower that takes place at any time of the day. Fruit is universal across cultures, and the more, the better!

Fancy Finger Sandwiches: No tea-based event would be complete with an array of finger sandwiches. Of course, if you have budgetary constraints, finger sandwiches can be a very economical food for a baby shower. But, if you want to really do some fancy "sandwich making", there are plenty of ways to turn simple bread and fillings into delicacies. To add a bit of poshness to the menu, use thinly sliced multigrain breads that add texture to the buffet. Grained breads feature seeds make sandwiches more interest. Instead of using plain turkey or lettuce, go for a more upscale filling such as salmon or cucumbers. Cut the sandwiches very small so that they are not more than two or three bites each and arrange them so that they look fabulous!

Tea Party Idea - Baby Shower Favor

Tea Party Baby Shower Favors

>> More Tea Party Baby Shower Favors

Tea Ball Infuser: One of the most practical, yet ultra funky Shower favor is the tea ball infuser. There's something really chic about using a tea ball infuser with exotic loose teas. Not only can you construct your own to customize the exact look that you want for your event, but you can purchase these handy little tea tools in all sorts of sweet styles or with little dangling charms on them. Whatever you choose, your guests will love this favor. Package them with sugar cane on a stick that looks like rock candy. These will make an amazing favor!

Creative Tea Sampler Favors: Most will expect a little bundle of tea bags or a little box of teas. Surprise them all by putting yours in something like a small piece of crystal, which is always a gift that can be appreciated. Place loose tea in small lip-balm sized cans or containers. Then, wrap them with different brown textured paper or fabric. Place them in a box and wrap as if they were a box of chocolates! Guests will fall in love with these tasty teas just by looking at them.

More Tea Party Favor Ideas: A tiny picture frame or silver spoon slipped inside tulle or a satin pouch are wonderful ideas for shower favors. And here's a twist on the cigar handouts when announcing a new baby: Instead of cigars, tightly wrap loose tea in plastic wrap to resemble a cigar shape. Buy gold stickers and write what kind of tea it is on the sticker and place on the wrapped tea. These would make cute favors.


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Tea Party Idea - Baby Shower Gift

You can purchase whimsical or floral stationery sheets and punch a hole in the top center of each sheet. Give each guest a sheet and have them write their best advices about being a mother and sign their names. When all are completed, stack them together and run a ribbon through the hole to bind them all together into a gift for the new mom.

Also checkout these baby shower gifts that designed for tea lovers:



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If you've just thrown a tea party Shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us. Have Fun!



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