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Printable Baby Shower Games

You're Just 10 Minutes Away From Hosting an Unforgettable Baby Shower!

Coolest Baby Shower in 7 Days

No matter what kind of printable baby shower games you're going to play with, which ones of all the printable games you've heard of are the most popular?

Let me put it like was a different spin to the baby shower old school same old boring games. I found the best place bargain on the internet for printable baby shower party games. For $19.95, you get 75 printable games like Baby Bingo, Who Knows Mommy & Daddy, Things In The Mommy's Purse and so much more!

And they're doing nothing but creating hundreds of printable games and ideas for you to entertain your guests.

I can always get inspired from getting instant access to printable game cards and more than 250 baby shower game ideas in their 101 And Then Some! Baby Shower Games eBook.

Here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:

I highly recommend their DELUXE Printable Baby Shower Games. Remember that you can also custom-tailor game ideas and baby shower activities from any theme to fit your Shower theme.

And remember:

*Your creativity is the
most important ingredient*


Over 75 Printable Baby Shower Games!

You'll find that each printable game card contains one game card, one answer card, and printing instructions - very professionally organized.

75 Printable Baby Shower Games Collection

Reg Price: $ 24.95
Sale Price: $ 19.95
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For example, when we use their famous Baby Bingo & Gift Bingo Game Cards, it is oh-so-practical since we can type the mom-to-be' name and baby items into customize game and call card, and click the "Make Card" button to view and print the first card. Then follow an online instruction to scramble the words and print more cards for each guest.

We even find many creative ideas while reading the online instruction: Players listen for you to call words, then mark their squares. Use M&M's, candies, pennies, or even a pencil to mark squares - this gives me lots of hint to set my imagination free.

Another reason why we love their printable baby shower games because anyone can login from any computer using personal email and password (or course the people you trust). You can simply set the printing margins to 0.50" on each side, turn off your header and footer, and there you can have a very beautiful printing as many copies as you want!

You don't need any special software. It means you home computer running Windows and web browser is fairly enough to use their service.

Your Chance To Get The Best Offer for Printable Games!

By only $ 19.95, you'll have full access to over 225 of the lastest baby shower games, ideas and activities, which include:

  • Over 75 Custom-Designed Print & Play Game Cards
  • Unlimited Game Print-outs From Any Computer
  • Complete Planning Library with Step-by-Step Guides, eBooks, and Checklists
  • Best of the Web Free Printables - Invitations, Banners, NameTags, ThankYou Cards and More!
  • Tips on Everything From Saving Money to Decorating to Hosting Over 80 Guests
  • 24 x 7 Immediate Access - and it Doesn't Matter if it's 2 A.M. !!
  • Full 1-Year Membership Access - Including any New Game Cards
  • Free Bonus: Over 100 Easy Shower Recipes for Appetizers & Salads - Most with 4 Steps or Less.




Top 3 Best Printbale Baby Shower Games

Below are their top 3 best printable games of all times, starting with number 3...

Pregnancy - How Sweet It Is Pregnancy - How Sweet It Is!
If you've ever known what candy bars have to do with pregnancy, it's all in the name, and a whole lot! Let your guests find out just how much candy bars and pregnancy have in common as they race to match the pregnancy word with the candy name. Includes things like Contractions (Whoppers) and Hospital Bill (Pay Day).


Celebrity Moms & Dads Celebrity Moms & Dads
This game will have your guests trying to figure out Who's Who of all the stars, and their babies too! It's a great ice-breaker really gets your guests mingling and talking on which Famous Mom they have by asking other guests yes and no questions. (It’s always fun to put the mother-to-be’s own name on her back!)


Gift Bingo Game Baby Bingo & Gift Bingo Game Cards
The hands-down favorite classic printable baby shower game that guests love it so much, they won't want to stop with one winner. So have multiple prizes ready. :-)


For more information of these COOL printable baby shower games, continue to read here.



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