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Who doesn’t think their daughter is a princess?

Most proud parents can’t stop doting over their little angels once they arrive and treat them like royalty so it only makes sense to choose a princess baby shower theme for the celebration of the big event.

Of course, a theme of royal proportions requires some creative planning.

Here are a few girl baby shower ideas that might help you throw a fantastic party.



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Princess Baby Shower Invitations

Fairytale Princess Personalized Invitation

An early part of the party preparation process is choosing the perfect invitations. You’ll need to send these out at least four weeks in advance so everyone can make plans to attend. 

You want to choose invites in keeping with the princess baby shower theme, such as the Fairytale princess personalized invitation featuring a princess, a castle, and her crown or you could choose Snow white invitations in honor of one of the most famous princesses ever.

Regardless of the invitations you choose, be sure to include RSVP information on the invitation so you can get an accurate account of who will be attending. Otherwise, planning for refreshments and party favors might be difficult.


Princess Baby Shower Decorations

Many of the most creative girl baby shower ideas you’ll need will involve decorations. You need to spruce up the location of the event so it will dazzle your guests, as well as the future parents. As always, your decorations need to stay consistent with the princess baby shower theme. Let’s look at a few ideas:

Princess Baby Shower Theme
  • Use Fairytale princess table covers at least on the main tables. If your budget is tight, use plain pink, purple, green, and yellow paper tablecloths on the other tables. In the centers of those other tables, place a Fairytale princess centerpiece.
  • Tie balloons to the chair backs. If your budget permits, choose high quality foil or Mylar balloons for each guest. The Glitter princess balloons and the Princess crown jumbo foil balloon are both good choices. You good also save these balloons for reserved seating, such as for the parents and maybe grandparents. On the other chairs, tie inexpensive Pink latex balloons.
  • Princess Baby Shower Theme
  • Decorate the walls with a scene fit for royalty. The 5 foot high castle can be placed on a wall in the party room using adhesive. You could place it on the first wall guests see as they enter the room or behind the guests of honor.
  • If you want something to really make an impression or if the parents are fans of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you could have a standing belle greeting the guests as they enter. The cardboard standing figure is over five feet tall.

    The parents could even take her home for the baby’s nursery or play room after the celebration. You could even have guests sign her to make her an even more special keepsake.
  • Speaking of keepsakes that make an impression and add to your decorations, if the new parents have already selected a name for their princess then consider a Personalized kid’s room sign. The signs come in princess designs and are personalized with the baby’s name. The sign could be placed on the wall at the party location and could be a gift for the parents.

Remember that you don’t want to overdo the decorations. You want enough to illustrate the princess baby shower theme, however.


Princess Baby Shower Foods

You may think that refreshments are one area that doesn’t require many creative girl baby shower ideas. However, you don’t just want to pick up a cake and toss it out on the table after all the work you’ve done to keep everything consistent with the shower’s theme. The following suggestions can help.

Princess Baby Shower Theme
  • Serve cupcakes. These small treats can be made in different flavors with colorful icing. They can be purchased from bake shops or made at home relatively easily.

    Plus, you can give them some royal style by serving them on a pink Princess cupcake stand and decorating each one with crown-shaped Princess candles.
  • Bake a cake fit for a princess to travel in. Instead of serving a plain sheet cake, purchase a Coach cake pan and serve a cake shaped like a carriage. You can frost and decorate the cake in the colors of your choosing. You could also choose the Enchanted castle cake pan. If you plan on having many guests, you could even make one of each design.
  • Princess Baby Shower Theme
  • Serve chips or pretzels in a royal bowl. With all of the sweets on the menu, guests might appreciate something salty to cleanse their palate. You can serve these types of foods in Disney princess large serving bowls.
  • Don’t forget the mints. Another tasty treat for showers are the sweet mints. Princess sweet mints would be perfectly matched to the princess baby shower theme.


No matter what you are going to be serving you’ll also need napkins, plates, and cups. To make things easier on you purchase these items in a set such as the New little princess party Pack. The pack is available for 8 or 16 guests but extras can be purchased separately.


Princess Shower Thank You Cards

Princess Baby Shower Theme

To show guests you appreciated them coming to the event or to tell anyone who helped make the celebration a success thanks, you can wrap things up with thank you cards that match the princess baby shower theme.

The Fairytale princess thank you notes, for example, feature the frog prince who needs to be kissed. The cards would be the perfect ending to a perfect party.



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