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Planning A Baby Shower Has Never Been So Easy with...

"Plan the Coolest Shower in 7 Days" eCourse

Coolest Baby Shower in 7 DaysPlanning a baby shower? No Hassle, No Need to Scratch Your Hair Again!

After going through this "Plan the Coolest Baby Shower in 7 Days" e-course, you'll be mastering all the exciting, fun and innovative ways to make sure your Shower a huge success!

You may ask me, "Why this ecourse is necessary while I'm also reading your website? And what's the difference between them?"

Good question.

Imagine a perfect baby shower.

Imagine every single moment that the soon-to-be-parents and guests will remember for years to come.

And all these wonderful things could happen without reading every single word on my website.

I'm not saying the site is not good enough, otherwise you won't ask me the question above, right?

But if you like to...

Let Me Help You Brainstorm Your Baby Shower Followed By a Series Of Shower Theme Planners at Any Pace...

It's time to start the e-course right now!

The secret of this ecourse is to help you throw a fun and exciting baby shower for someone you truly care about so that the parents-to-be and their families will remember for years and years to come.

You'll learn some fresh new ideas that you won't find on my website.

And you don't even need to think about how that planning a baby shower can bring out the kid in you again.

Though it does happen every time when you read and use what I teach you in this e-Course.

And you can save your time and energy so that you can truly enjoy the whole baby shower from start to finish: Only 20 minutes a day, you'll be able to learn how these wonderful tips and ideas themselves create an oh-so-cute and oh-so-practical baby shower in flair and style.

How to Download the FREE eCourse

After you receive our welcome email, you'll able to visit the back issues of Celebration Planet.

Use the password in the Celebration Planet issue 003 (we published it in June 1st, 2006 , which title is "How To Throw A Baby Shower For Expecting Daddies") to access the download page.

If you already know the password, click here now for FREE and UNLIMITED access to the 7 day ecourse and free printable baby shower games.

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Once signed up, I'll send you an email with the link to the back-issues of PartyAtom newsletter. The password to access the download page is in the 3rd issue of 2006. We guarantee we will never sell or give your email address to anyone.



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