Perfect Lullaby CD Gift

by Tim
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Here is the album cover

Here is the album cover

Hi, I'm a professional singer, and a few years back, when I was singing on a recording session in Los Angeles, I was assigned a piece featuring a male quartet. Once we four singers heard our "sound," we knew we should do something professional with it.

Lo and behold, one of the guys reported his wife was expecting; so we created a recording of lullabies-- just four male voices, no instruments-- and have since made this CD available at The album is called "All Through The Night: a cappella lullabies" and the direct link is

Here is why this recording makes the perfect baby shower gift:

1. It really works! Babies and parents alike are soothed by the gentle harmonies. Many adult listeners have written us to say they listen to the CD at the end of a hectic day.

2. It adds a male dimension to the mix-- both at the Baby Shower itself and whenever it is played.

3. It outlasts most other baby shower gifts-- while clothing and diapers and other baby products are important, this unique gift is something the family will enjoy for years to come!

We hope you will check out this recording. You can also download single tracks at itunes, Napster, Rhapsody and others... just search for the album by name, "All Through the Night: a cappella lullabies"

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