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Owl Baby Shower

One of my favorite new party ideas is an owl baby shower. This adorable theme lends itself well to baby boys or girls, which makes it a hoot even if the baby's gender is a surprise. It's also packed with opportunities for standout new games and decorations, including exciting new ways to welcome baby. Perfect for the whole family or an absolute hit with just the girls, this is one party idea destined to become a classic. Ready to get started? Some of my favorite ideas for owl themed baby showers are listed below! >> Owl Shower Supplies

Owl Baby Shower


Owl Baby Shower Plan



Owl Baby Shower Invite

Owl Baby Shower Invite

Take a break from the traditional blue and pink baby shower hues and add energy with brightly colored orange and green Whimsical Hoot Owl Shower invitations. Resembling a learning flash card, these cute invitations capture the heart of childhood with their wide-eyed, wizened owl star. With endless ways to personalized, these owl baby shower invitations are the perfect way to get out the news about your party.

Want something different? Capture guests' attention and start a new trend with Custom Gift Tag Stickers featuring an adorable owl on a branch teeming with blossoms. Bright green in color, these creative invitations give you the chance to get your message across in style. Consider sending these owl baby shower invites attached to small gifts—snack-sized bags of nuts, mints, or candies—for an unexpected delivery guests will really love.

Expecting a baby girl? Owl Family Shower Invitations in soft pink are an absolutely precious way to spread the word. More traditional in style, these invites feature two proud owl parents with their baby in a cradle below. Announcing a growing family couldn’t be any cuter than with these pink owl shower invitations.



Owl Baby Shower Decorations

Owl Baby Shower Decorations

Simplify setting the table with the Owl Look Whooo's Having a Baby table wear bundle. With all the napkins, plates, and cups needed for up to 32 guests, it's the easy way to provide perfectly coordinated settings whether you deliver tableside or offer a buffet. Excess pieces can be used as décor—for example, string extra plates—either individually or in groups of varying heights—from the ceiling to create hanging decorations

Look up for this next essential idea for owl baby shower decorations, because it wouldn't be a party without owl balloons! Create "treetop" clusters to add a whole new layer of décor to your event, or leave balloons loose to fly freely—an alternative that will provide endless entertainment to any young children in attendance. Add cutout leaves to the strings for an added effect.

Your table wouldn't be set without a focal point, and an Owl shower centerpiece is ideal for the job. It adds height and interest, all while matching the owl theme in adorable style. For a bit more variety, take the topper—which can be personalized—off the stand and use it to hold potted plants or even miniature trees. There's no better compliment to your theme! The topper can also be used as a gift box for party favors, or add something extra special for the mom-to-be.

It wouldn't be a party without a banner there to announce the event! The forest friends banner features ample room for personalization. Hang it outside to help guests find the party, then bring it in and create an incredible keepsake by allowing shower friends to write their well wishes directly on the banner. These sentiments can be hung in the nursery, leaving no doubt how well-loved and anticipated baby's arrival was.

Look Whooo's Having a Baby Name Tag Stickers have multiple uses. If the shower is large or will bring together groups of friends who don't know one another, name tags are a must for introductions. They can also be used to label food items on the buffet or as place cards for seated dining. Another clever use? Label cups so guests won't lose track of their drinks.


Owl Baby Shower Cakes and Cookies

Owl Baby Shower Cupcakes

You don't have to be an expert baker to create exciting baby shower owl cakes. One quick and easy idea is to make cupcakes with owl faces. Miniature sandwich cookies make perfect eyes, and the rest is as easy as a simple outline with a beak. Choose icing colors to match your party theme. Using two different flavors of cupcakes? Let the icing color tell guests which flavor cake is underneath—for example, use orange icing over chocolate cake and blue over vanilla.

If you're a bit more crafty, you can create amazing cakes with fondant. Buy pre-colored icing and roll it out into a thin sheet. Then use cookie cutters to create the desired shapes and layer them for a 3D effect. If you can't find owl shaped cookie cutters, get creative with round and heart shapes. These adorable primitive shapes are perfect for owl themed baby showers. Look for alphabet cookie cutters so the lettering matches the décor, and you have an instantly created cake with professional flair.


Owl Baby Shower Games

Look Whoo's Having a Baby Name Tag StickersName tags have another great use! Write one baby item on each tag, then affix one to each guest's back. Throughout the party, they can ask other guests questions about the item such as "Does it go in the baby's mouth?" or "Can it be worn?" The first to figure out his or her item wins. Big guest list? Offer first, second, and third place prizes.

Going along with the tree theme, offer pre-cut leaves to guests to "decorate" with guesses for the baby's date, time of birth, and weight. Although no one "wins" this game in the traditional sense—at least not until the baby is born and the answers are known—these leaves make a wonderful keepsake. They're also likely to spark lively conversation and generate plenty of excitement as the big day nears.

Make a play on the "Whooo" theme by challenging guests to come up with baby items with Os in their names. Score one point for each word with one O and three points for a word with two or more Os. Provide guests a time limit to write down as many words as possible, then have a blast determining the winner. This game is perfect for teamwork, so encourage guests to work together.



Owl Baby Shower Favors

Owl Baby Shower Favors

Make any favor pop with Look Whooo's Having a Baby personalized favor boxes with matching name tags. Not only will these adorable boxes hold almost any small gift, but they also double as décor. Arrange them on a table to add to the ambiance, then send them home packed with candies, mints, soaps, or the goodies of your choice.

Are there children in attendance? Owl Sticker Sheets are a hoot! Kids will have a blast with these little mementoes, which will make the shower a memorable event for even the smallest members of baby's welcoming committee.

For a classic gift that never goes out of style, welcome a baby girl with pink personalized mint tins. Add your own message to these reusable tins to commemorate the date, keeping mom and baby close to guests long after the party ends.

If you prefer to reach out to your guests' crafty side, consider the American Girl Crafts Owl Sewing Kit. These owl baby shower favors double as a party activity in which guests can tuck notes and encouragement for mom or baby. Alternatively, these adorable owls function as cases for handheld electronics like cell phones and cameras.





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