My Wife Make A Good Living At Doing What She Most Enjoy...Would You Want To Know How She Did It? Our Secret !


I'm Qing, the owner of

Our Secret

This is my "boss" Danny and I (she insisted to exchange T-shirt with me when my wife Cindy took the photo for us).

To be honest, I couldn't imagine that, one day, I'll become a baby shower junky.

Geeze, I won't tell my story to my friends. I can smell their reaction to what I've done, "What? This is too girly, buddy?".

If it wasn't for Cindy and Danny, I won't be doing this.

Our Secret

Anyway, who cares?

They'll be surprised if they know I and Cindy turn her personal hobby into a highly profitable business on our own without any web designer and programmer. And we didn't use any "Guru" technology, SEO secrets or pay advertisement to drive traffic. By only spending 1~2 hours per week on this site, we're getting a stable increasing traffic.

Don't think we have some "secrets" that you dont' know. In fact, there is no "secrets". We simply doing the things in real and simple ways. And this baby shower site itself is a living proof that what I'm about tell you really works.

Ok, so you want to know more, huh?

In One Word...Site Build It!

In more than one word? What I want to tell you is:

  • How a guy who knows nothing about baby shower turned into a baby shower junky...and finally create one of the best baby shower sites (this is important and I'll tell you later).
  • How Sitesell helped Cindy and I (two internet amateurs) create a content website into a highly profitable source of income.
  • How we followed a simple but powerful process, called "C-T-P-M", to make our dream true.

Ok, ok, I'll tell you how much we can earn from this site. First, here's a short video clip that explains it all in just 2 1/2 minutes...

If we can make a good living from our website...ANYONE CAN!

Our story continues here...

This is not a story only about how Cindy and I turn this small content site into a high traffic and highly ranked source of passive income in 18 months.

More important, it's about how a simple process help I balance my family life and business...and help my wife make a good living at doing what she enjoy the most!

Back to 2000, I was working as a product engineer in a big digital media company in Shanghai, China. I like the job, the pay was OK.

Our Secret

Five years later, after becoming a dad and being promoted to senior product manager, I'd built a solid business network in the industry, working very hard when my wife was home to look after Danny.

It was ok for a while, but I found we were rarely together as a family the way things were and time spent with my daughter was almost non-existent.

Something had to change.

Of course, quitting my day job was not a good idea. I worked so hard just because I wanted to provide a good living for my family.

So I started thinking about how to make some extra good income without taking a second job. This way, I'll be able to find a balance between my business life and family life.

I was dreaming about living a life like this dad who watchs his son grow (And Dance!)

Very soon, I was running into some "Get Rich Quick" programs. Some of them are quite tempting and they are sold at high price or monthly membership fee. However, I didn't buy any of them. I thought I was kind of skeptic or a person without "millionare mindset".

Today, I feel so fortunate that I didn't join those GRQ programs. Otherwise, I won't be able to enjoy my family life as I am doing.

The greatest company is built for giving benefits to people, but not just make money.

I didn't stop my research. Until one night, I I stumbled upon a free 5 day email course, called Affiliate Master course. The course promised to help people learn how to make passive income through affiliate program while at doing what they most enjoy. It really ticled my hope to create a passive income and build a long term online business.

And it's FREE, what the heck!

I signed up and immediately I received the first installment to start the course. I can't explain to you what the course had brought to me just in one word. I know it may sounds too much dramatic, but...

The Decision To Sign Up The Course Is The Turning Point Of My Life!

During the study, I started to understand how people use the internet and I learned how to run a successful affilitate business. Surprise to me, the course didn't mention anything about advanced Net technology or cool design.

It provided many prooves that the success of building affiliate business online is nothing to do with technie things or fancy looking.

The course simply boils down a process that I can use every day:

If I want to build a long term affiliate business online, simply focus on creating great content and helping people find what they want. There is no rocket science, no secrets, just the common sense.

You see, all the greatest websites are all played under the same principle. Yahoo!, Google, eBay or Amazon, you name it.

I'm not gonna to create a huge portal site only my own, I can't.

But the Affiliate Master course taught me what I can is to find what I enjoy the most and build a theme content site around it. Then make money through affiliate programs. This made me exciting.

After I finished the course, I started considering how to use what I learned to setup my own affiliate business using a niche content site.

In those days, I always received valueable information from Dr. Ken Evoy. I learned a lot more from him and I regarded Ken as my virtual mentor in internet business. Ken is a successful enterprenuer and he has helped many people make a difference in their lives. His company has a flagship product, called Site Build It!.

Site Build It! (SBI!) sells itself as an all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, site-promoting suite of tools. It supposedly eliminates all the confusing technical complexities and exhausting manual labor involved in building and promoting a site, and leaves you with the fun part - creating content.

And the price is reasonable for people like me.

After read some stories from successful Site Build It! owners, I told Cindy that I want to try this product and make some extra good money that she could use for a more comfortable life. She loved the idea but was in doubt how to start a business without selling any hard good.

I know it's time for her to learn what I've learned from Ken. So I printed out the PDF version of the course and told Cindy that she can read it just work-at-her-own-space. It's no good for her health to devote large blocks of time to it since she were busy in taking care of Danny.

I wasn't sure how much Cindy can digest from the course. I even thought about explaining the most important concept in the course to her.

However, my day job getting more and more intense, I barely having bloks of time to teach her. "Anyway, she had the experiences of business development before she quit the job, I hope she can understand." I thought.

But, the result was beyond my expectation.

Another one week past and it was a saturday night. When I was doing my homework in affiliate marketting, Cindy walked to me and said, "Qing, I want to build an affiliate business with you. I really want to start it now!"

"Really? You want to do this? And with me? ", I couldn't believe my ears.

"Of course! Look, you rarely spend time with me. I think this is something that we can have fun together. And we can also make some extra money, right?" Cindy said.

There is nothing better than building an online business with my wife together, especially when I still had a intense day job.

"Oh, my dear. This is great!" I couldn't stop and laughed, "How about we pick up a idea from what we enjoy the most? We must build the business around what we love, so our passion will lead us to the success!" I said.

I admit, at that moment, I really had no idea which topic I should go for. If you ask me what I love to do, I could end up with a list of 2~3 pages of paper. Fortunatelly, a simple and powerful tool, called Choose It!, helped me get out of the mind boggling. I finished the brainstorming with my top 3 hobbies. This is a very interesting tool that it can even help you decide what to eat for lunch.

Then, I continued to use the second tool, called Search It!, to measure the demand and supply for theme-related information on the internet.

However, it turned out that the three "passion topics" were lots more supply than demand. Though I were a little disappointed, I'm glad that I stopped my "business dreams" about those topics. If I would have build a site around any of those topics, I'd probably still be working on a site with no good targeted traffic.

No good targeted traffic = no good money.

In the following weeks, I were struggling in finding a high demand/low supply topics that I love. I asked Cindy help me to come up with a concept from my passion list. A few days later, I flew to Singapore for business meeting. The schedule was tight and I had no time on brainstroming my site. I hoped Cindy could find something different as she's been good at digging ideas.

Then something dramatically came to me.

The night before I came back to Shanghai, I got a phone call from Cindy.

"Qing, I find a topic that I love so much, and I'm sure we will make a successful site around it!", Cindy was so exciting in the phone.

"Really? What is it?" I couldn't wait the answer.

"How about baby shower?" Cindy replied.

"What? Baby Shower? I know nothing about it!", I was a bit surprise.

"But we both love theme parties! I've participating several baby shower last years. You know my sister asked me to throw a baby shower for her 2 months later. Not including lots of my friends who're planning to have a baby will invite us to their parties too. So we'll be in the baby shower biz whether we want to or not for the next 3-4 years," Sinday said, "Is that you tell me we should build a business at doing what we enjoy the most? And the research result tells me it is a profitable niche, I really want to do this!"


That's was an AHA moment for me.

She was probably right.

We do love theme parties and Cindy was the one who can always contribute creative ideas. Our goal was to build an online business that would generate an good extra income. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy. The lesson that I learned in the 5 Day FREE email course is any successful online business needs passion and great content, and made sense in economics. But it didn't have to be my personal hobby.

It seems we might be on to something.

So I told Cindy we can start it right away after I back to Shanghai. To my surprise, Cindy said that she decided save the money for her expensive birthday gift so that we can use it to build our business.

What can I say? She is really the best woman in my life, and...

The Money We Spend On Site Build It! Turned Out To Be The Very Best Investment We Have Ever Made!

Very soon, we were on the journey of building the baby shower site.

Since I was still working in the day, Cindy took care of the article writing, ezine editing and replying emails from visitors. She is so good at baby shower planning and I have no worry about original content. The only learning curve is how to write content that make the visitors trust us and presell our merchants. Thanks to Dr. Ken Evoy's Make Your Content Presell!, it is by far the very best book on writing (not just Netwriting but virtually any sort of marketing-oriented writing) we've ever read.

It's written so easily to understand, as if you're sitting on your sofa with your old friend Ken, having a chat over a cup of coffee. This gave us a lot of chance to find new inpiration. And it's FREE for each Site Build It! owner.

Cindy was working with a lot of fun when she wrote the content followed the book. Actually, she's in falling love with the concept of writing from her most enjoy.

Then in the night and weekend, I integrated her articles into optimized web content from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center. )

My experiences of using Site Build It! can be explained through a short video here...

Site Build It! Removes The Technical Barrier Of Any Niche Content Site... So We Can Focus On Building A Successful Affiliate Business

There are two ways makes money:

1. Google Adsense- No brainer this is the easiest monetization for info-publisher like us.

2. Affiliate Marketting- We privide suggestion as to where to buy quality baby shower or party products. Since we put our hear into helping people find what they want and we only pick up those highly qualified merchants, visitors like our recommendation. And we earn a commision every time a visitor clicks over from our site to our affiliate merchants and buy anything they want.

Well, everything sounds perfect, right?

However, here is the most important thing that I learned in the 18 months...

Succuess Doesn't Come Overnight... You Need Persevere And Persist To Win A Long Term Business

At the beginning, we got nearly zero traffic for months.

We create content, content, content. But nothing happens.

Sometimes, Cindy and I felt like losers. We even doubt if it worth of our 20 hours' work per week. Somehow, we started wondering if there is some way to speed up the process. Thanks for the support from many friends (SBI owners of course) in the SBI! forum, finally, we didn't distract our attention to those GRQ programs again.

I invite you to give this forum a try. Use our domain name ( as user name and password, you can login to the SBI! forum at This is one of the best small business forums I've ever known. You'll in love with many great posts by Dr. Ken Evoy and SBI! owners that they boils down the near-infinite Net marketing and e-business noise into "only what you really need to know."

We understand the underline C-T-P-M process does work. The only thing we need is following the process, and being persevere and persist.

We "Keep on keepin' on!" continue creating high quality contents and getting some good inbound links day in and day out. Cindy keep writing on different topics about baby shower from fun ideas, gift suggestion, party decoration to entertaiment tips. I use Search It! to search where I can get inbound links from related directories, websits and blogs. Value Exchange is a free service, it automatically help us establish a valuable online network.

Everyday, I researched the news about baby shower on Google. In order to understand the niche market, I also read lots of ezines and RSS feeds about baby showers and theme parties. In no time, I became a baby shower junky!

Our Secret

In Janurary 2006, just 6 months after starting the small site and during a month in which many people are out for vacation, this site generated a Net profit of almost $500! The site was visited by 350 visitors/day from 47 different coutries in average and we had close to 400 subscribers to our Celebration Planet newsletter. (Oh yeah, and during Janurary I was also on vacation for a whole no-job week of hiking while our site continued to work as usual.)

In March 2007, traffic was up to 1000 visitors/day in average and commission was up to $1500. Since then stats have been continuously increasing and Cindy only work 1~2 hours per week on the site. So...we did it!

Here is a short video that interprets how SBI has set us free and changed our life:...

As for Cindy. She's having more time in planning baby showers for her friends (and friends of friends too). I'm glad to see she can really enjoy what she loves. This is a on-going hobby for her and it will keep making her a good source of income.

And I've found the balance between my business and family. I can enjoy my family life a lot more than I can imagine. I've also started a second site about one of my top passions ( I'll let you know a bit later).

If you want to make your dream come true with your family, now it's time to stop dreaming and start reading this 5 day FREE Affiliate Master course.

Enjoy the reading!

P.S. If you prefer print it out as a book you can read by lying on your sofa, you can download the PDF version from here.

P.P.S. Or , and type "MASTERS" in the subject area.

Our Secret





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