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Discover Inspiration in Nature Elements for Your Baby Shower

The elements of nature can add joyful feelings to your baby shower event. Let your creativity shine by using elements such as water, fire, and natural flowers to the décor.

Water creates a feeling of tranquility and balance.

By adding the water element to your event, you will create a more peaceful and cooperative environment for everyone. There are many different ways that you can add water to your party. Water fountains can be rented and placed in the center of the cold cuts and finger foods tables. A beautiful idea that is simple to do is to fill several glass vases with shiny stones, seashells and water and spread them throughout various areas of the party.

In some cases you can add a few drops of food coloring to the water so that it will match the color palette that you have chosen for your shower. For example, if you’re having a Noah’s ark shower, you can add light blue food coloring to the water and place a floating Noah’s ark toy or candle in the water bowl. This looks great on foods’ tables.

Make sure that the colors compliment each other when creating your decoratives so that they don’t look tacky. Prefer delicate tones over strong ones. Whatever theme you have chosen for your shower, you can always adorn the guests’ tables with a glass bowl filled with water and floating candles and flowers. If you’re having a sea theme or a mermaid theme you can even use aquariums to decorate the tables. Floating mermaids can be placed in crystal bowls filled with water. Even if you’re not using a sea related theme, water is always an inspiring touch to your event. Here are some centerpieces for more ideas.

Fire creates a mysterious and exciting feeling.

If your baby shower will be in the evening time, you can have a row of torches embellishing the entrance way. These will have to be rented and strategically placed in the front of the party. If you have a swimming pool, you can place torches in it and surround them with floating flower arrangements.

One of the most beautiful items to decorate a table is a multi-level candle holder. If you can’t find one at an affordable price, you can also rent one. Place your candles and embellish the candle holder with matching flowers and satin bows. Surround the flower centerpieces on your guests’ tables with tiny candles for a sophisticated look.

Flowers transform your baby shower into a delightful event.

Make your party feel magical by using a variety of colors and types of flowers. Pink roses, lilac hydrangeas, champagne tulips, yellow irises, and light blue carnations are all beautiful choices for you to use. No matter what kind of shower you’re planning, there are always flowers that match perfectly. For example; if you’re throwing a monkey theme shower, you could use yellow daffodils and white lilies. Place them in porcelain vases with Victorian patterns for a delicate look. When creating bouquets, remember that they don’t have to match perfectly but they shouldn’t clash when you take a step back and observe them at a small distance.

Another cool idea is to create a flower arch at the entrance way of your party. Flower garlands can be placed above doors and windows. Natural flowers with ribbons can also be used as napkin holders. Surround your cupcake trays with flowers too.

In the end, the 'mommy to be' will certainly appreciate all of the effort that went into planning and creating such a pleasant environment for the baby shower. By paying attention to unique details you will make your event a treasured memory for everyone involved.

image credits:[email protected]//CC BY 2.0


Eren Mckay, owner of EmbracingHome.comEren Mckay is a work at home mommy to 3 boys.

She loves to share party themes and help others come up with fun ideas to plan their baby showers. If you would like to know more about the resources that she has created you can go to:



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