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List of Baby Shower Games for Girl

List of Baby Shower Games - Girl Theme

We have the coolest list of baby shower games for girl. If you want that Shower to be better than good (even great), you'll need the right mix of foods, friends and awesome games. So, they're having a girl? Well, the family-to-be will be tickled pink with these games. Everybody there will be able to jump right into the time of their lives. Scroll down this page and read all the games.




Any Mommy Wore And Mommy Wore
Once upon a time, the mom-to-be was also a girl, this And Mommy Wore game is the NO.1 choice if you're hosting a girl-only party for hours of laugh and sweet memory.


Baby Food Game

Baby food games are always a lot of fun and, of course, will be a little bit messy. Another great game for those expecting a little girl is the "Baby Food Recipe" contest. Perfect, because little girls are mostly expected to learn to cook as they grow, so this is a contest to see which guest will best help to prepare her.

  • Get a bunch of jars of baby food. Be sure to include fruits, vegetables, meats, and starches. All of the major food groups.
  • Set up a panel of "judges" that will actually have to taste these infantile concoctions.
  • Have the guests create recipes by mixing the different baby foods. But, they have to prepare a full 3 course meal (appetizer, entrée, dessert)!
  • Let the judges declare the winner!

IMPORTANT: None of these recipes should require any cooking. I would definitely be sure touse different brands of baby food. Don't forget to bring plenty of spoons, in case other guests want to try out the recipes, too, and lots of recipe cards to writing down the recipes that actually taste good.

This will be a lot of fun for your guests and the parents-to-be might end up getting lots of cool recipes that their little baby girl will eat up!

Here is a list of baby shower games that match the pink theme party.




Baby Name Game

Girl Baby Shower Name Scramble Games

Jilvin, Marcol, or little Stephnick, anyone? I get a good laugh just thinking about the namesthat will come from this game. In Baby Name Scramble, the guests are giving agame board that features the baby's parents' names.

Guests are given a few minutes to come up with as many names as they can by using the letters from the parents'names. It could be interesting to see if the parents pick any of the creative names that come from this game.

Creating Cutie Couture

All divas need a wardrobe that they can flaunt. I love this game because people can turn up their creativity and get their hands totally dirty as they create the cutest, most fashion forward onesies.

  • Give guests a plain onesie and set up a table with loads of fabric scraps, embellishments, fabric paint, and anything that will make for a catwalk worthy onesie.
  • Your guest will not have to sew, so, be sure to give them fabric glue or liquid stitches.
  • Have baby dolls that they can put their creations on and have a "fashion show".
  • Take a vote on the CUTEST COUTURE onesie. Give a crown to the "winner designer"!


IMPORTANT: Their creation HAS to stay together. If it falls apart, it is disqualified from the judging. The best part is that the mom-to-be gets to keep the final products, and use the ones that will make their little sweetie look the cutest and most perfectly couture!




Printable Games for Girls Shower

Here is a list of baby shower games that you can buy and print out right away:

  • Baby Shower Gift Bingo
  • Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun
  • A to Z Baby Name Race
  • Finish Grandma's Sentence
  • Girl or Boy? Quiz

75 printable baby shower game ideas: Get More Information Here


Our Top List of Baby Shower Games



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