It's A Girl Cake

by S.S.

Okay, so my third godchild was on the way and as the best friend, once again I was "required" to throw the new mommy-to-be a baby shower.

I had been to many baby showers and have always found something at each one that I have liked and adapted to make my own. At the last shower I went too everyone was talking about the new Diaper Cakes and how cute they were.

No one had seen one in person yet though. So for my friends baby shower I decided to try to make one. I found easy diaper cake instructions on a website but I did a few things different to personalize it.

I used a large paper tube instead of a lotion bottle. Since the tube was hollow I placed rolled up bibs inside of it with cute sayings on them, pacifiers, a few baby toys, and six of the sock roses of different colors. I also found pink ribbon at the craft store that said "It's a girl" on it. I cut the ribbon apart to have each letter by itself. I put a hole on each side of the letters and put stretchy string through them (which you couldn't see in the front of the letter) and used it on the middle tier to wrap it instead of a rubber band or just ribbon. I used pink lacy ribbon that was the same color on the other tiers. I also placed looney tune stuffed animals around it to fit the theme of the shower. When my best friend saw the diaper cake she cried (hormones I'm sure, :)because it was so adorable.

My diaper cake recieved tons of compliments on pulling off it. After my best friend got home she decided to unwrap the cake to see how I put it together when she found the extra gifts in the middle she called me to tell me how much she appreciated it. She also said that since this is her last child, she will remember this baby shower for ever.

Now I get calls from time to time from other friends to make the cakes. I don't charge anything for them as long as they buy the supplies. I just consider it as my gift to the mother-to-be besides all the other stuff I buy if I'm invited to the shower also. I'm not a very crafty person but I am baby crazy so being able to do this for my friends makes the time worth while. I don't have a picture of my three tier master piece from my best friends baby shower because my youngest son took it and lost it.

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