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Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors

We recommend the inexpensive baby shower favors on this page. Why? With all of the costs that go into planning a fantastic baby shower, hosts need to stick to a budget, especially when it comes to the favors. A favor costing $3 might sound like a bargain but if you have 30 guests coming you are looking at a $90 bill. Luckily, we know what are adorable without draining your budget.

The Baby Theme

Baby Shower BookMark

Most hosts want their shower favors to coordinate with the theme. To cut costs, baby-related items make a great theme and can provide numerous options for favors. For example, the Baby Shower Bookmark comes in teddy bear or baby shapes and costs $1.25 each or less if you buy in bulk. Each bookmark is silver and over five inches tall. Plus, they arrive wrapped and ready to give the guests.

While on the subject of teddy bears and babies, another example of inexpensive baby shower favors are the Teddy Bear Rocking Horse Photo Stands. These adorable bears can double as place card holders which will save you from having to spend extra money on those, too.  They work well for bear-themed showers, as well.

If you’re worried that guests might think your favors are cheap, you’d be surprised at how elegant some of the most affordable baby shower favors can be. The Mini Crystal Baby Bottle Key Chain is a perfect example. These cost less than $2 each but come beautifully packaged. Their crystal and silver design also make them appear much more expensive than they are. Guests will love them, and they fit perfectly into many different baby-related themes.


Personalizing on a Dime

Personalized Jelly Belly Bags

Personalize the Shower favors is a great idea, but many hosts don’t think it’s possible if they have a tight budget. That’s simply not the case. For $1.50 or less each, you can give your guests Personalized Jelly Belly Bags.

Personalized Baby Shower Lollipop

The bags can be customized with one of several different designs and up to three lines of text. Each bag also comes with the jelly beans. If you like the idea of an edible favor, you could also consider the Personalized Baby Shower Lollipop for just a little bit more money.

Another option is the Personalized Bottle Water choice. You can purchase the bottles of water including the labels already attached for around $35 for 24 bottles. Another option is to purchase your own bottles of water and the personalized labels for just $10 per sheet.

At $2 each, the Personalized Pocket Notebook Favors are a bit pricier but they are also practical and popular with guests. You can choose from more than a dozen icons and colors for the notebooks, and you can add a message to them for your guests. As with any of these inexpensive baby shower favors, the more you buy the lower the price is going to be for each of them.


Other Adorable and Affordable Options

Saving money doesn’t have to ruin your shower’s theme either. Here are a couple of examples of inexpensive baby shower favors for some of the most popular themes.

Flower Theme: If you’re throwing an eco-friendly, garden, or flower themed shower, these Plantable Seed Place Cards are a good option. They cost $16.50 for a set of 12, double as place cards for your guests, and can be planted so they grow into a living keepsake of the event. They also come in several designs.

Love and Heart Theme: Hearts are another popular theme for showers. The Mini Vanilla Heart Candle Tins is an ideal choice. They cost $1.25 each but smell amazing. If you have the shower at night, you could even invite the guests to light them during the party.

For almost any shower theme, these Photo Glass Coasters would be a perfect choice. Guests can add their own pictures to this set of 2 coasters which cost under $2. They are a creative option for any host’s budget.



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