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Hawaiian Luau Baby ShowerLuau Ideas For Baby Showers

Looking for fun, relaxed ideas for baby showers? You come to the right place. The luau theme ideas below are fairly easy to put family members together to celebrate the baby-to-come at a hot summer day.

ALOHA! Before you get into the fun "hulala" baby shower ideas, just compare between the two packs below which cover pretty much all the Luau Shower items you'll need:


You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:


Luau Baby Shower Invitations

Hawaiian luau shower is all about fun "hulala", so let the guests know that they won't miss it!

Tiki Time InvitationsYou can use these tiki time invitations or pick up any tropical, beach, luau or tiki themed cliparts from the internet as the front of your invitation. Before sending out, toss some Palm tree confetti into the envelopes.

A cool luau idea for invitations is to cut out pineapple shape from yellow construction paper, and have the crease run down the middle to fold the invitations in half. Then draw brown criss-cross marks on one side, cut out leaves shape from green tissue paper, and complete the pineapple invitations.

If you don't want to get too serious, simply purchase some tropical island postcards and glue a small paper umbrella(pink or blue) to the front.

Use your imagination! One of the perfect luau ideas for baby showers is laminating your invitations to ensure they're waterproof. Roll the invitations up, and put them into baby bottles filled halfway with water(drop a few blue food coloring), some sand and miniature shells.

In your invitation, encourage guests to come dressed in luau party style. Don't forget prepare a few hawaiian luau shirts and skirts for unprepared guests. Write something like:

"ALOHA! You're invited to join our beautiful hawaiian/luau/tiki island baby shower for Parents' Names. Your flight schedule is Shower Date and Time, the destination is Shower Place. Speak out hawaiian baby anme meaning and your dress code to RSVP!".

Don't forget the check out these creative ready-made Luau Shower invitations and thank you cards:

Luau - Squiggle Shaped Baby Shower Invitations Luau Squiggle Shaped Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Luau Squiggle Shaped Invitations


Luau Vellum Overlay Invitation





Luau Decoration Ideas for Baby Showers

Why follow the traditional rules? Unleash your creativity and transform your backyard pool or ballroom into a tropical paradise!

Get all kinds of hawaiian luau party items ready for your Shower decorations, such as tiki torches, grass skirts, flower leis, ukuleles, fresh flowers, and bright, paper lanterns.

Wanna Nookie CostumeHave your guests wear the coolest wanna nookie costume and give each person a flower lei as they walk in.

Find the long butcher paper on a roll, draw (or have your kids, nieces, or nephews help you draw) a life-size palm tree and hang it for decoration. You can even buy fake palm trees or rent real ones from a tree nursery.

For centerpieces, try dolphin stuffed animals, exotic flowers in a vase, whole pineapples, and Hawaiian straw hats with flowers set on the brim. Or get a bunch of clear goldfish bowls and floating flowers on the surface of the water.

Need some simple but spectacular ideas for baby showers? Then try decorate with watermelon!

  • Watermelon Vase - Cut a slice off the buttom that the watermelon can be able to stand evenly. Next, cut a slice off the top of it and scoop out the watermelon, and serve at your shower. After the watermelon is hollow, insert a tall galss or container filled with water and your favorite flowers and greenery.
  • Watermelon Baby Carriages - This is one of the coolest ideas for baby showers, and always a big hit at the shower! They're just so darn cute! And your guests are going to hesitate before digging into your beautiful Baby Carriage for fruit salad, so you might want to make an extra bowl to set out beside the carriage. However, it's just not possible to describe how to make it, so I just found the complete guide online from

And stock up on tapes of Hawaiian and Polynesian music, and let the shower festivities begin.

Luau - Personalized Baby Shower Centerpieces Luau - 12 Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers Hula Girl - 35

Luau Personalized Centerpieces


Luau Shower Cupcake Wrappers


Hula Girl Super Shaped Mylar Balloon


  Baby Shower Tableware Supplies  

Solid Brown Tableware







Hawaiian Theme Baby Shower Foods


"Pig with Apple-in-mouth" Cake - Who says that you have to have a "real" pig on the table for a luau? Try a much "sweeter" version by offering your guests a "pig with apple-in-mouth" cake instead! This yummy alternative is sure to be a crowd pleaser and will totally be an unexpected addition to the festivities.

Beach Cake - Create a beach scene with "sandy cakes", which are cupcakes that are made to look like they are topped with sand. Start with either store-bought cupcakes or make your own. Then, top with icing that is tinted tan (a combination of yellow and brown). Then, cover in crushed graham or vanilla wafers. Place them together on the table to give a 3-dimensional look.

Fish Shaped Foods - Something fishy could be just the right addition to the luau fare for the day. One of the coolest ideas for baby showers includes cutting tuna fish sandwiches into fish shapes. It's a new twist on an old classic. Another option is to use fish nuggets on the buffet table at the party. Fish nuggets are really delicious and because they are small, they make the perfect finger food.

Pineapple Rings - Dried pineapple rings will add a delicious and decorative flavor to your dessert table. You could even take things farther by hanging them over the table or stringing them together for guests to grab and enjoy! Of course, fresh pineapple is one of those perfect ideas for baby showers that are island focused because pineapple would likely be plentiful and a natural part of native fare. Plus, pineapple is like a naturally sweet dessert that can be coated with shredded coconut, grilled, or drizzled with honey for a more decadent flavor!

Kebab it! - People love kebabs! There's something fun and cool about eating off of sticks that people just can't get enough of. You can put just about anything on a skewer and guests will completely be delighted. A meaty and flavorful option include grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, and grilled shrimp, garnished with cherry or grape tomatoes…pretty and so decadent! Another kebab option is the dessert kebab that would satisfy any sweet tooth with a combination of donut holes, gummy candy, and fresh fruit. These will add tons of color and excitement to your dessert table and your overall menu for the shower.


More Food Ideas For Baby Showers

  • Fruit salad in a cutout watermelon
  • BBQ sausage with Polynesian sauce
  • Tropical pizza served in cold
  • Tripical Fruit Salsa
  • Coconut shrimp
  • Pineapple boat salad - tuna or chicken salad in hollowed out half-cut pinapple.

Tropical Drink Ideas for Baby Showers

  • Fruit iced tea
  • Hauoli Island Punch: Mix your favorite juice (cranberry, orange, apple, Dole's pineapple) and ginger ale together in a large punch bowl. Add and carbonated soft-drink just prior to serving.
  • Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie: Combine crushed pineapple, Dole's pineapple juice, vanilla ice-cream, banana, frozen strawberry in a blender. Add ice cubes last. Cover and blend until smooth.

Serve these fancy drinks with the umbrellas in them.




Luau Game Ideas for Baby Showers

Here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:


Pin The Flame - Your guests will have a "hot" time when they have to pin the flame on the tiki torch! Played just like "pin the tail on the donkey", this game uses a paper "flame" and tiki torch. You will need a blindfold to keep guests from peeping while they try their hand at pinning on that flame!

Floating Flower Game - Floating flowers become the center of attention when guests are challenged to try to scoop up as many as possible in a set period of time. Provide guests with mesh nets and let the flower scooping begin! You may need to provide each participant with a little pail to collect there flower loot during the game. The person that collects the most flowers wins the game!

What Tiki God Know About Your Baby - Find out what the Tiki gods have to say about the baby that's on the way when you add them into the game list. One of the coolest ideas for baby showers is to offer the guests tiki god cups in a different colors. Every 15 minutes or so, call out a color. The people holding that color tiki god cup must give a prediction about either the baby or the parents. For example, someone might say, in a silly tiki god type of voice, "Your baby will have ears like his or her father!" Encourage the guests to get creative and let the silly predictions roll like the tide.

Tips for coed showers: Instead of giving flower leis, present your male guests shell necklaces to take home.




Luau Baby Shower Favors

You can chose any small party favors related to tropical hawaiian theme, such as handmade Leis, fish shaped cookie, miniature tikis and tiki molded candles, Hawaiian beach shirt candles, shell Leis or Dolphin & Whale soap. Also, try these personalized island sun mint tins.

Here are some very cute Luau favor ideas for baby shower ideas:

  Luau - Candle Tin Personalized Baby Shower Favors  

Luau - Candle Tin Personalized Favors






Share Your Luau Ideas for Baby Showers

Our website receive creative ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a look at other visitors' ideas for baby showers and you're sure to find lots more creative inspirations:

If you've just thrown a luau shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.




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