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Winter & Christmas Baby ShowerWinter Ideas for Baby Showers

Looking for ideas for baby showers if the baby arrives in a winter holiday season? Ho! Ho! Ho! It's fun and beautiful to twist Christmas party ideas into the celebration for mom-to-be's pregnancy if you just let the imagination flow.

When you search christmas baby shower supplies, there are tons and it may get utterly confusing trying to choose. Save time and start your search at these awesome Shower items for Christmas season:


If you're looking for just an idea ( such as an invitation design, table decoration or just the games) and not a complete theme, choose from the drop-down list below and you'll be taken to the appropriate category:



Winter Baby Showers Invitations

The winter shower invitation can be in the shape of winter items, such as snowman, snowflake, christmas tree, igloo, etc. And print plenty of baby cliparts on the cardborad cut out from these shapes. Then enclose snow-like confetti.

Penguin Style invitation

I love the design of Penguin Style card.

Another cool ideas for baby showers is to draw (or find pictures and clipart) of snomwen. Print out the mom's photo and cut out her face, and then place it on the body of a snowman. Have other snowmen in the picture, and the invitation can read: "Guess which snowman is getting pregancy?"


Sock Baby Invitation

One of the cutest Christmas ideas for baby showers. Use a white sock, add twig arms and a little hat for a snowman invitation. Have each sock represent a different milestone in baby's life to make milestone babies. Attach a tag to each baby for baby's "firsts": "birthday", "haircut", "tooth", "word", "step", and "day of preschool". Make and decorate a can for each milestone baby. Ask guests bring their invitation to your Shower and display babies in child's room - as she gets older remove and frame tags to keep a record of the firsts and the kid can play with the sock babies.

Or you can stuff colored toddler sock with poly fill up to point where cuff begins (here is where you tie off with ribbon). Then pull down sock cuff over the top of the stuffed section to form a hat, and glue a pom pom onto the tip. Tie another piece of ribbon halfway down the stuffed section to form head and boy. You can also add a face with fabric paint, and attach a tag onto the ribbon that includes Shower details. Now, cover outside of chip can with construction paper to write address of guest. Finally, place the invitation into chip can and attach tape-secured lid.

You can also write like this:

"Ho! Ho! Ho! A holiday delivery is on the way...but it's coming by stork - not Santa's sleigh! Instead of the traditional red and green, at the [parent's name] home, there is pink(blue)[baby's name] to be seen! So make sure you all come and join us yourselves."


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Winter Baby Shower Decorations

White, blue, pink and silver make a gorgeous color scheme for the Christmas shower.

Start your decorations from hanging little snowflakes from the ribbons around white umbrella. Enhance the cold celestial effect by using plenty of white flowers, strings of white Christmas lights, new age music, and the scents of frankincense and myrrh.

One of the very special christmas ideas for baby showers is to decorate your party area with ceramic angles, angels in snowshakers, feathers, cotton batten, and stars made out of aluminum foil. You can also decorate several small Christmas trees in Blue and Pink lights and hang small baby items like rattles, small stuffed animals, bottles, etc., along with snowflakes.

Baby Candle Forest Centerpiece

Baby Powder Scented CandlesWhat is the most important thing for a Christmas season? The snow of course.

Here are some wonderful Christmas ideas for baby showers that use three baby powder scented candles, holiday greens, and fluffy snow combine in a tabletop "candle forest".

Arrange 3 baby candles on a tray or platter and tuck springs of holiday greens between the candles. Then place a few branches of artificial holiday berries in the greens. And sprinkle a few handsful of artifical snow to hide greenery branch ends and risers.

Tips: If you like to use more odd number of baby candles, also use small bowls turned upside down to serve as risers for shorter candles.


Other Winter Decoration Ideas for Baby Showers

  • Decorate the guest tables with two tier Christmas baby cakes, including a handsewn receiving blanket, a embroidered burpcloth, 10-15 Christmas toys, booties, socks, and a bottle.
  • Buy a couple of Christmas lights and string them along the walls, then turn off the room light to create a cozy atmosphere for your Shower place.
  • Poinsettias and wreaths are relatively cheap and make beautiful and festive decorations.
  • Attach baby candles to the inside of clear jars with a few drops of wax. This way if they get accidentally knocked over, they won't set your place on fire.
  • Buy a few bags of candy wrapped in Christmas colors, pour them into large bowls, and you get edible Christmas decorations-the best kind.
  • Have all the guests wrap the Baby Shower Gifts with Christmas wrap and have fun with some 'gift-wrapped' games!



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Winter Baby Shower Games

You'll soon learn how to have all the guests wrap the gifts with Christmas wrap and have fun with these 'gift-wrapped' games.

I will also show you how to have fun with your foods.

  • Pass the Box: A funny idea that you never know who's going to be the winner. Begin the game from wrapping a baby gift in layers and layers of gift wrap, the more the better. Like musical chairs, guests will pass the box until the music stops. When the music stops, the guest holding the gift gets to open it. But there's a catch! He or she only gets to unwrap one layer! Then the music starts and the gift gets passed around again and again until the last layer of wrapping is taken off. Whoever removes the last wrap gets to keep the gift. If you want everyone to have a chance to unwrap, try using 2 gifts, and start one on each side of the room.
  • Name that White Stuff: You might not think this game has a lot to do with babies, but think again! Many baby products start out in a form of white powder, so this game is all about those products, with a few non-baby items put in to throw guests off track. Put 5 - 10 different white substances in Ziploc bags, like flour, powdered milk, and baby powder. Be sure to number the bags so you can keep track of the right answers. Guests will try to correctly guess as many as they can, by writing their answers on a piece of paper. The guest with the most correct, wins!
  • Autographed Umbrella: There's no other ideas for baby shower than this one to to capture all the guests names on a personalized memento for Mom and Dad. Add a bit of lace to the edges of a child's white umbrella and gather together fabric paint or permanent marker for guests to use. Write the Shower date on the white umbrella and let guests sign their names.
  • A Winter Fashion Wear: It's all about speed on this game, and even the guys will get into it. Winter clothes are great ideas because you have so many clothing items to choose from. For instance, you can have a hat, mittens, sweater, jacket, ear muffs and snow boots. The items seem simple enough to put on, but when you're racing against the clock, it's amazing how hard it really is! Have your guests divide into two teams because this is a relay race. On your mark, each team will have one person race to put on every clothing item that you have set in front of them-on top of their existing winter clothes. Then that person will race to a chair and back, and take the same clothes off so the next team member can do the same. The first team to have all members get dressed and run the relay, wins.



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Winter Baby Shower Foods

When looking for fun ideas for baby showers that take place during the colder months, it's generally safe to expect to do something with some kind of snow involved! Snow is the perfect winter compliment, even if you are in a warmer climate area. Snow just adds a "coolness" to your Shower and here are some cool ideas:

  • Consider serving pretty snowflake cookies! Start with either store bought cookies and decorate them with white, glistening edible glitter or using icing and a snow stencil, or bake them from scratch using snowflake cookie cutters or baking molds. Both ways will produce gorgeous cookies that will melt in the guests' mouths like snow!
  • Frothy drinks can be made to look wintery with the addition of vanilla or the white ice cream of your choice, and shredded coconut. For a cold drink option, mix ginger ale soda or a club soda with a white ice cream to create a chilly punch. Of course, you can never go wrong by prefilling the cups with the punch and topping with mounds of whipped cream! A warmer option is to go for hot chocolate that takes on a different flavor…coconut! Use a little coconut milk when making the hot chocolate, top with whipped cream and shredded coconut. Yum!! Of course, if coconut is more exotic than you want to go with your hot chocolate, opt for traditional marshmallows. But, be sure that each cup is brimming with those delicious white fluffy treats!


Warm baby blanket treats - This idea may be in order for a winter shower. Start with soft lady finger cookies. Push an almond or a round little nut about a ¼ of the way down the cookie. Decorate with a sweet little icing bow, heart, or other baby-like design to look like the baby is wrapped in a blanket! You can even add a little face on the almond along with a curly-q to look like hair. These will be simply darling additions, and remind the mom-to-be to keep her little one soft and warm during the colder season!

The Food Table - Create a table display full of the tastiest little snowbabies that any of your guests have ever set their eyes on. You can use either cake balls that you make on your own or store made donut holes. Cover them in white icing and coconut to look like snowballs. Stack two on top of each other and secure with a toothpick to connect the top to the bottom. Pipe icing or use fruit leather to create a diaper on each bottom, and little faces on the top one. Wrap a strip of fruit leather around each neck to look like a scarf. Then, add a candy carrot to each for authentic "snowbaby" nose!



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Winter Baby Shower Favors


For favors, you can send guest off with little angel and snowflake ornaments with pink and blue ribbons. Other winter shower favors include:

  • Little milk bottle snowmen - It will make a big impression at a shower. They make one of the cutest favors that you may have at your event. You will need old fashioned milk bottles for the bodies, small round Styrofoam balls for the heads, strips of fabric for the scarves, and white colored gourmet coffee and tea creamers. Fill each old fashioned milk bottle with creamer and seal. Hot glue the Styrofoam ball onto the bottle to make the head and face. Decorate with permanent marker or other embellishments to make the face. Wrap the fabric around the "neck" where the bottle and head meet, and fasten with a drop of glue! Be sure to provide a little tag or label for your guests identifying the type of creamer and to remind them to refrigerate. You can also fill the bottles with white candies.
  • Lip balm or lip gloss - This idea makes a totally appropriate favor for the colder months. You can purchase custom printed lip gloss or you can use a generic tube of lip gloss or balm and add your own label to them commemorating the shower. Either way, your guests will find the favors cute, useful, and right on time.

Have fun!



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