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Baby Shower For Chinese FamilyHow To Throw A Baby Shower
around Chinese Tradition or Asian Theme

How to throw a baby shower if the soon-to-be-mommy is Chinese or other countries from Asia? An "East meets West" baby shower? Uh...asian amercian, fusion or not. What ever you call it, let's have some extra speical fun created from two different cultures.

NOTE: Before understand how to throw a baby shower for Chinese parents-to-be, talk to their family and learn the Chinese customs and traditions. If her family is not available, you can also find useful ideas that came to mind .

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Chinese Baby Shower Invitations

Red Egg InvitationIn China, it is customary to celebrate a new arrival in the family by holding a "Red Egg and Ginger Party," when the child is between one to three months old.

You can purchase this red egg invitation.

If you want to respect their traditions, a chinese baby calendar can help you a lot to make an appropriate schedule before you get started with the rest of this page of "How to throw a baby shower".

You can still go for a normal Shower before the big day, here are some creative chinese Shower invitations that all the guests can't wait for attending your party.



Asian Baby Shower Decorations

How to Throw A Baby Shower with Asian or Zen Party Atmosphere? Go the extra mile to make sure that everything is great for their guests, including the decorations.

Use Take-out Cartons - A super fun and simple decoration idea is to use tons of take-out cartons everywhere! These containers come in paper, plastic, and even silk-covered versions in just about every color imaginable. So, you are sure to find just the right accent or complimentary color for your event. Pop some flowers and gather them with ribbons, and have balloons floating above them to create a really sweet centerpiece.

"Fairly" Dragon - Even though people sometimes think of dragons as scary things, they can be softened up for a baby shower fairly easily. Go with cute looking dragons that don't "snarl", but rather "puff" happiness. Dragons can be used as main additions on the walls or in corners to hold up banners and streamers. They will also make cute accents for the buffet table. Choose dragons that are in soft pastel colors or go with a more traditional red for a more authentically Asian look.

Fortune Cookies - Fill your party space with paper "fortune cookies"! Use paper baking cups, in whatever colors you desire, fill them with funny or wild paper fortunes, then, fold and secure them with a drop of glue. These non-fattening treats will have guests smiling and they will make wonderful decorations for the baby shower.

Real Bamboo Decoration - There is something that's calming and serene about bamboo. Use real bamboo or bamboo pictures to anchor your other decorations. Bamboo can come in bright greens or pretty gold tones. You can also find tons of funky bamboo utensils that will make your buffet table look absolutely gorgeous. Also, go for the chic bamboo trays and serving utensils for a more complete look.

Asian Fans - A good idea is using a Chinese takeout box and asian silk hand fans to decorate your table. Expect tons of "fan"-fare when you incorporate those beautiful Asian fans into your décor. Fans come in so many different colors and many even feature pretty Asian inspired writing that can totally transform your space. Plus, fans are so much fun to have around! Your guests won't be able to keep their hands off of these awesome additions. Fans can also be arranged to make all types of patterns, so the color combinations are limitless!

Here are some great decoration ideas that fit for a Asian theme shower:

Chinese Lantern Centerpiece Red Asian Patterned Gossamer

Chinese Lantern Centerpiece

$15.99 each

Red Asian Patterned Gossamer

$19.99 roll



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How to Throw A Baby Shower with Chinese Recipes

Uh, here are some very delicious chinese recipes to serve the soont-to-be-mommy and the guests as well.

  • Fortune cookies are a staple food for any and all events that are to have an Asian flare to them. Today, there are so many wonderful and creative options when it comes to fortune cookies that there is something available for every possible look, color scheme, and entertaining need. From custom fortunes to custom colored cookies to massive fortune cookies that are as big as cakes, the possibilities are endless. Plus, they are just fun to crack open which is one reason that people love them!
  • Try a new twist on traditional eggrolls. If you don't want to go totally traditional, make them yourself and include the tastes that you want in them. The shells are available in most supermarkets. Simply fill them, fry or bake, and you'll have your own custom Chinese-style rolls. You can give the rolls a more chic taste by making them with steak or an exotic poultry.
  • Singapore slings (virgin ones, of course!) should definitely be on the drink menu for the shower. This delicious drink combines lime juice, cherry juice, and soda water for a very sweet treat that your guests will absolutely adore. Top the drink with a Maraschino cherry.
  • A cheap, yet delicious addition to your menu is rice, which is a very traditionally Asian food. But, don't just throw some rice in a bowl, make it more exciting by offering a number of different types of rice dishes. Set them side by side on the buffet. Guests will love having a broader selection of rices to choose from for their meal. Offer fried rice with vegetables, which will add loads of color to your table, yellow rice with meat, and of course, white rice. Your guests will need chopsticks to fully enjoy their rice during this Shower.
  • Put noodles on the menu! Noodles are easy to make, fun to eat, and they can come in so many different varieties. From fried noodles to noodles in soups to delicious lo mein dishes, noodles are a quintessential Asian dish that could really put a true Asian twist on your event. Also, noodles are very filling and it doesn't take much for guests to be satisfied when enjoying them.

Background Info: Fish symbolizes surplus and a good beginning and end in the new year. A child holding an oversized fish and lotus flower is a favorite picture during Chinese New Year.

You can add a touch of toile to an Asian Luncheon with charming blue & white Chinoiserie servingware. More formal than plain paper goods, but without the fuss of breakable china. Serve delicate canapes and crustless finger sandwiches with crispy salads. For dessert, I suggest green tea ice cream and buttery dipping biscuits.

Don't forget to check out these delicious Chinese recipes and cooking tips from a Master Chef with 40 years cooking practice.

Chinese Etiquette for Dinner - When a baby is born, the happy father will send red boiled eggs to announce the news. Eggs with a black pointed end and dots in an even number such as six or eight, indicates a boy's birth; those without a black point and in an odd number like a five or seven will say the baby is a girl.


How To Throw A Baby Shower with Creative Games

Come here to learn more about some cool game ideas.

Also here's an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:



Asian Theme Baby Shower Favors

How to throw a baby shower when you need a few creative favors?

Asian Brocade Favor PursesGive your guests the gift of good fortune while making the most of your decorations with these fabulous multi-purpose Asian brocade favor purses.

Here are some asian theme favors that you can use at a special celebration for a Chinese parents-to-be (or adoptive parents of chinese babies):

* Pink Asian Silk Hand Fan

* Blue Asain Silk Hand Fan




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Share Your Asian Theme Baby Shower

Our website receive creative ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Take a look at other visitors' Chinese or Asian theme Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding ideas of how to throw a baby shower:

If you've just thrown an Asian them shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us. No matter simple or creative, have lots of FUN!



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