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Baby Shower For AdoptionHow To Plan A Baby Shower For Adoption

How to plan a baby shower for adoption? Let me tell you the answers about how to turn a long standing US tradition into a wonderful theme based shower for adoptive parents and their adopted baby.

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Adoption Baby Shower Etiquette

Consult, Consult and Consult!

Why consultation is so important? Because there are many differences you should consider when attempting to throw a baby shower for adoption.

  • First of all, the age of the adopted child is very important. Your friends may have adopted a infant, but other couples may have adopted a older child or even a teenager. And the answer of "how to plan a baby shower" varies in big differences from adopting a infant to adopting a 5 year old. So don't get it wrong!
  • And for the shower timing, check with the adoptive parents to see when the child is to arrive. It is always good that the new parents can give you their ideal timing for the party, whether before or after the child is adopted. The shower timing for a newborn's arrival could be before or after the big day. But if the child is older than 2-3 years old, you should have the shower after the arrival and treat the event much like a birthday party. This also give the guests a chance to introduce the child to their extended family and friends.


Adoption Baby Shower Invitations

If the family is adopting a child from another country or culture, presenting this great news with invitations that reflect that country or culture could really get everybody excited about the child's arrival. For example, if the child has an Asian background, the invitations could also have an Asian flair to them, featuring various bits of Asian culture such as symbolic dragons or temples. Another option for incorporating the child's culture or background into the invitations is to have it in the colors of that country's flag!

More tips for families that are adopting:

  • Instead of traditional wording for the invitations, you may want to use phrases such as "Welcome Home" or even announce that "The Adoption Is Final". Either way, you will be tailoring the invitations to their particular family situation.
  • Be sure that the invitation is exciting and really drives the point of celebrating their new addition. You may want to opt for bright colors and fonts that are fun and are almost like eye candy.
  • Make an invitation which looks like a mini photo album and features photos of the entire new family! This could be wonderful for all that are involved in the family's life whether they choose to attend the baby shower or not. It would serve as both an announcement and invitation. Plus, those that attend the Shower will know, immediately, who the beautiful new addition is, whether the child is a newborn or a wee bit older.
  • Be sure to include the adopted child's size and age information so that guests can buy the right items. This will make the gift opening more wonderful for the family.

Here is a quick guide for adoption shower invitations.

Using a baby's voice to write baby poems is always a perfect idea for any kind of shower invitations, such as the geen screaming card.

Also check out these cute and printed invitations & baby annoucements:

Framed Friends: Ballet A Baby is Brewing (Caucasian) - Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape Baby Outburst

Framed Friends: Ballet

A Baby is Brewing (Caucasian) Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Helicopter Duo: Sky Martini



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Adoption Baby Shower Theme

Like most types of party, adoption shower don't have to be extra special. And since all babies need "baby stuff", a baby-item-related shower is enough for celebrating the new family memeber, like a diaper party.

A few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Check out my complete collection of Shower themes (To help you know more about how to plan a baby shower, I write some suggestion at the beginning.)
  2. Click on over to this site with over 96 Baby Shower Themes (Phew! How easy to find out how to plan a baby shower).
  3. Definitely don't have a Surprise Shower the day the parents bring their new baby home. If I were you, I will give the new parents an ample amount of time to adjust to their new little one and enjoy the big day that they've been waiting for so long.
  4. If the new child is older than 2-3 years old? Maybe you should call the party something else, like Kid Shower. :-) Since it's a party for a kid, just mix any theme based birthday party idea into your shower planning.

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Adoption Baby Shower Games

Adopting a child is a pretty incredible event, and Mom and Dad deserve a shower to celebrate! Help them enjoy it with games made especially for an adoption shower.


Fast and Fun Facts - Adoptive families have an added element of interest to their lives because, in many cases, the adopted child will hail from "somewhere". So, play a game of "fast and fun facts" about that child's homeland or state of birth. This will be both entertaining and educational.

You can either ask questions and see if the guests can answer them, or you can actually just present the facts using items relative to the information that's being presented. For example, if the child was born in New York, you may simply give a guest an apple and ask them the significance or what it could mean.


How Many Candies in The Globe - For an international adoption, get a clear globe. Fill it with baby themed candy. Count the pieces. Then, have the guests guess to find out how many pieces of candy are in the globe. The person that guesses the closest number wins the globe or another prize.


Baby Bucks - Give each participant a random amount of play money or allow them to grab a bit of money. Then, provide a bunch of baby items. There should be a mix of high end items and basic items that one can find at a discount retailer. Each item will have a dollar amount assigned to it, but the guests will not know it. They will simply know that they must use their "Baby Bucks" to get them. Guests are then given a list of items that they must buy using their baby bucks. The person that is able to buy all of the items with their baby bucks wins a prize.


Foreign Language "Baby" - Have a ball learning how to say the word "baby" in a variety of languages. Give your guests cards with the word baby written in other languages. Have them guess which language is spelling represents. Then, with a little help from online sources, learn how to actually say the word "baby" in those languages. It will be a great time had by all as guests try to pronounce the word. This would make a perfect game for those that have gone through an international adoption. You could even give prizes for those that say the word most correct on their first try or before they hear the formal pronunciation.

Recommended Printable Games:


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Adoption Baby Shower Gifts

The age of the adopted child is also very important for picking up the suitable gifts.

Imagine that how embarrass you will be if you give a rc car as the gift for a newborn to play? And buying diapers and rattles for a 5-year-old kid is not helpful to the new Mom and Dad.

So get the right answer for yourself before the gift purchasing:

  • Setup a gift registry at any retailer that has a baby registry for the Shower. Or use the online registry services such as Amazon or Target. So every guest can follow the guideline to purchase the gifts.
  • Basic baby necessities are good for infant, such as diapers and feeding items. If you plan to buy some clothing for the baby, you'd better ask for the right size for the infant from the new Mom.
  • If you've just become the second mommy or daddy of a Chinese adopted baby, you may want to explain why Chinese tradition and culture evolved to encompass such a rich, passionate past to your new child. But how to get started? No worry, here is a great gift for Chinese adopted children to enjoy learning about China's land and peoplethrough delightful music, fun facts and beautiful drawings.
  • A very special case is whether the new Mom is willing to bottle feeding the baby (so, gifts of baby formula is an option)or she plan to have a breastfeed? Though it is rare, some adoptive mothers are able to breastfeed their infants and they decide to do that. So why not pick up gifts that can help her breastfeed the adopted baby and encourage a longer breastfeeding relationship?

Here are some creative new baby gifts for people who don't know how to plan a baby shower for adoption:


Mr. Sock T. Pus - Blue Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks - Baby Shower Gifts

Mr. Sock T. Pus - Blue Plush Octopus with 4 Pairs of Socks


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