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How To Make A Diaper Cake in 30 Minutes

Do you want to know how to make a diaper cake in 30 minutes? Your answers might be:

  1. I'm not a do-it-yourself type, making a cake seems to be a pro's job.
  2. It's a very time-consuming job if I only have a few days to prepare the baby shower. I'd rather buy personalized baby gift baskets.
  3. Make a diaper cake??!! It's boring to make one on my own.
  4. It would be helpful if someone can provide me useful instructions for diaper cakes!

In this article, I will explain how creative people like yourself follow a baby diaper cake video training program that help them make their first cake in 30 minutes. (NOTE: There is not un-spoken secrets in this instruction for diaper cakes. If there is something you call it "secret", mines simply is: Learn Learn Learn and Practice Practice Practice.)

For people who want to read before watching the video, I'm giving you a short and easy "How to Make A Diaper Cake " guide below.




Before You Start

Firstly, close your eye and imagine the moment that every guest look at your cake and "WOW". And you find the mom-to-be's eyes are full of joy and delight because of your lovely creation.

Are you feeling great now? All of the above will come to be true once you know how to make a diaper cake.

I must tell you - Every One Can Make A Diaper Cake! Even if you didn't know what is an oven for. :-)

Secondly, you should decide the types of the baby shower. Will it be a baby shower for ladies only or a coed baby shower? If you are throwing a baby shower for twins, you'd better make two small cakes in stead of that bigger one.

Ok, ready? Let's start the instructions for making a diaper cake.


Step 1: Prepare The Ingredients

There are many ways to prepare your cakes' ingredients, no wrong and no right, just follow your feeling about that special moment when you step into the shower with your special gift.

Before start the practical part of my instructions on how to make a diaper cake, the following is the basic shopping list you might consider:

  • The main ingredient of your cake. You need to buy 45-55 medium-sized disposable diapers. Make sure you purchase some extras as diapers are always brand vary in size. If you can use them all for the cake, great! If you can't, give the extras to the mommy as diapers are never too many for the new baby
  • The base of your cake. You need to buy a 15"-17" platter. I suggest you chose one made with disposable cardboard. Mental or any other stiff materials are also ok.
  • The "candle" of your diaper cake. You need to buy a tall baby bottle and fill it with wrapped candies and chocolates. I will tell you later about how you will use it for the fun part of the "baking".
  • The ribbons. You need a 8-10 feet of 1" wide ribbon and approximately 60-80 feet of narrow ribbon. You'll use narrow ribbon(1 feet per diaper)to tie each diaper into a roll. The wide one is used to finish the cake.
  • The decorations for your cake. Buy any baby necessity you like to give as gifts, such as pacifiers,travel shampoos,baby booties,rattles,combs,brushes,etc.

Mics items: Adhesive tape(regular or double-sideed), Pins, Scissors, Cellophane,etc


For example, here is the Harley Davidson Princess diaper cake designed by Jonathan Payton from Texas:

Harley Davidson Diaper Cake

She said, "Does every diaper cake have to be a 3 - tiered 'cake'??? Not this one! Creativeness at its best... think outside the box and have the most unique diaper cake anyone has ever seen!"

Her cake ingredients:

  • 1 Teddy Bear
  • 36 Infant Diapers (Wheels)
  • 1 Dishwasher Basket (engine)
  • ~ String (Wrap around diapers holding them together)
  • 4 Receiving Blankets (Handlebars/Frame and Headband)
  • 3 Burp Rags (Tire Covers and Wrap Bottle)
  • 1 Pair of Socks (Handlebar Grips)
  • 5 Links (Earrings, Bracelet and secured hands to handlebar)
  • 1 Bottle (Headlight)



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Step 2: Rolling the "Ingredients"

Before rolling each diaper, you should cut the narrow ribbon into short strips(1 feet each strip).

Then roll them up...

1) Open each diaper and roll it up. If you want the printed decoration to show on the cake, you can roll it up like a jelly roll. If not, roll the diaper with the decoration on the inside.

2) Use the ribbon strip to tie each rolled diaper.


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Step 3: Assemble the Tiers

You're going to make a 3 tier diaper cake.

Exciting? Wait a moment.

This is the most time-consuming part, I suggest you have someone to help you if possible. It'll speed up your process and fun.

Let's begin with the -

Top Tier.

* Make the "candle" - Filled the baby bottle with wrapped chocolate and candies, as many as you can

* Stand 5-6 diapers and tie them around the bottle. Use a narrow ribbon length tightly secure them together.

* Check them around to see if anything is wrong and finish the firt tier.

The Middle Tier

*Make a small cirle by standing 5-8 diapers tied. Tie them all with ribbon. Take another 13-17 diapers around the small circle. Secure them with a ribbon.

* Check and finish the second tier.

The Third and Largest One

* Repeat what you've done for the middle tier with about 30 diapers.

* Check and finish the bottom tier.

Congratulations, almost finished, keep going!


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Final Step: Finish the Diaper Cake


Pile Up the Tiers

* Secure the last tier to the patter. Use the adhesive tape to tack the diapers to the platter. ( Dont' use so much tape that the mom-to-be won't be able disassemble the diapers).

* Place the middle tier on top of the bottom layer similarly.

* Place the "candle" tier(the smallest one)on the top and secure it as you did the other tiers.


Decorating Your Diaper Cake

Now we come to the funniest part of my diaper cake instructions:

  • Attach all the baby accessories(pacifiers, bibs, etc) and other decorating itmes(baby sock roses, lace,etc)with pins, ribbon or tapes around the cake.
  • Use extra ribbon to keep them from falling off.
  • Finally, you should place the diaper cake at the centper of a large sheet of cellophane. Gather the cellophane together around the cake, bunch it and secure the top with a wonderful bow.

Before the guests use your homemade diaper cake for other funny activities, don't forget taking a photo of your masterpiece!

For example, here is how Tammy Lively (Herrin, IL) assembled her Pretty Princess diaper cake:

Pretty Princess Diaper Cake

This diaper cake was made for her 2nd grandbaby. She made a basic 3 tier diaper cake. To decorate it she used 4 receiving blankets, 4 korker hair clips, a crown & wand.

She used a pink feather boa on top of each tier. She also attached a pair of shoes with a safety pin to one of the receiving blankets. She added lime green butterflies and the lime green "fluff" around the bottom is a hand tied tutu that she made for the baby. She also printed out a princess carraige & personalized it with the baby's name & birth year. Then just added ribbons & bows to decorate until she was happy with the results.

The parents were thrilled!



Try this baby diaper cake instructions with trainning video so you can also create gorgeous diaper gifts in 30 minutes.



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