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Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Homemade baby shower invitations give you the freedom to be creative and to make something special for the event. You might even be surprised at how easy and fun homemade invitations can be. Still curious? Here are a few examples to give your some inspirations.

Winnie the Pooh Invitation

Winnie the Pooh invitation would fit in so well with any genger neutral baby shower. You can add an extra special personal touch to the cards that the new mother will appreciate.

And it is not that hard to do.

With all of the cute Disney scrapbook supplies on the market, you can easily find Winnie the Pooh themed card stock and supplies. Be sure that you get some great Winnie the Pooh paper, as well as some that matches the coloring on it.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations

The first thing: decide how large your homemade baby shower invitations should be. The normal card size is 4x6. If if you want to fold your cards over, cut them 8x6.

Once you have cut the base for your cards all the right size that you need, it will be time to decorate and personalize the invitations.

Stencils are wonderful for making a fancy font. Your homemade baby shower invitations will have "You Are Invited To a Baby Shower" written on the front of them. However, you can put whatever phrase that you like there.


On the inside of the cards, it is very important that you list these things as baby shower sayings:

  • The name of the new mom
  • The sex of the baby she is having (if known)
  • Where the baby shower will be held
  • The time of the baby shower
  • Any other important information that you need to let the guests know

Don't forget to add embellishments to your Winnie the Pooh invitations. Stickers, trinkets, glitter, puff paint, and so much more can be added to the adorable invitations. You can put them on the baby shower gifts and food tables or even put one in a frame and make it look as if it were part of the decorations.



Baby Caterpillar Invitation

Here is another cute idea of homemade baby shower invitations: Adorable Caterpillar!

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations Clip


Choose a color for the body. Match the color to your baby shower decorations. Then purchase cardstock paper in that shade. You should figure 2 to 3 sheets of paper for each invitation.

Then cut the paper into four circles of equal size.

Next, choose another color paper. This color should be light enough so printed words are clearly visible. Yellow, light green, pastel pink, and similar shades are all good choices. Print the messages on each part of the caterpillar's body but leave plenty of space around the message so you can cut out another circle. Attach the printed circles to the larger circles using a glue stick. Let them dry.

Finish the caterpillar's face with eyes, eyeballs, a mouth, and antennae cut from different colored paper and also attached using a glue stick.

The final step, attach the four circles together to form the caterpillar's body. Use a hole punch and brass fasteners to hook the circles together. Using the fasteners lets the body segments move so you can fold it up and fit it into an envelope.

I suggest you use this idea for a boy baby shower.



Real Diaper Invitation

Although the homemade baby shower invitations above are unique and fun, they usually still arrive in a boring envelope. Here's an idea that can ensure you are grabbing guests' attention when they receive the invitation in their mailbox. The best part of the idea: it works with any baby shower theme!

Baby Shower Invitations

Let's look at what you need for these homemade baby shower invitations:

Pick up a box or two of newborn-baby size disposable diapers. Plain ones work the best. You'll need one diaper for every invitation. Buy clear labels which can be printed at home. You'll need two address label size stickers for each invitation, plus a larger round sticker for the front.

Print your message, such as "You're Invited," on the larger label and print out the return address labels and the labels for each recipient's address.

Buy cardstock paper and create a simple invitation with the details about the shower.

Next, put the invitation inside the diaper. You can seal it with ribbon, staples, or any other type of fastener that will look nice. Attach the labels to the appropriate spots on the diaper and take to your local post office.

Now don't be surprised if you get some funny looks at the post office for trying to mail diapers, but don't let it discourage you. The reactions of your guests will be worth it!

Tips: You can have the diaper invitation match your theme by having the "theme-matched" small item as the pin to open the diaper. For example, here is a real story of how a diaper invitation got alot of calls on how adorable and unique they were for a butterfly themed baby shower.



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