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Baby Shower Game Ideas Submitted by Visitors

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Baby Bottle Chug  starstarstarstarstar
When I helped to throw my friend's baby shower a few years ago, one of the most fun games was the baby bottle chug! You just have to make sure to open ...

Plunger and Toilet Paper Game  starstarstarstarstar
You divide the guests in teams of two. It's better to have people that do not know each other teamed up. One person holds the plunger between their legs ...

Babies, Butts and Balloons!  starstarstarstarstar
We had a baby shower for our neice, lots of the guest were over 40 and not so active as the young people. Anyway, we filled 50 or so balloons, first having ...

Baby Hunt  starstarstarstarstar
A great baby shower game to play is baby by hunt. Just like an easter egg hunt only everyone is looking for babies hidden in odd places.

Guests calculate ...

Onesies to Remember  starstarstar
I think the best baby shower game is to have everyone at the shower decorate a onesie.

You just simply hand out onesies & sharpie permanent makers ...

Coolest Baby Shower Activity  Not rated yet
Since everything has really been done and redone, me and my friend came up with the perfect fun activity for a baby shower which is everyone coming in ...

Pin The Sperm On The Egg  Not rated yet
What a great game! It was a hit at our baby shower! The dad's enjoyed it too! We found the game at The game was delivered ...

Match the Baby Picture Game  Not rated yet
I have all the guest bring an infant photo of themself and then I put up a polaroid of them now and have each quest match the adult pictures that I have ...

The Person Who Brings The Most Diapers Wins All  Not rated yet
At our last baby shower we told the guests whomever brings tbhe most diapers wins all. I came out with a bottle of ALL laundry detergent. Everyone had ...

Fun Baby Shower Games  Not rated yet
For my baby shower I didn't want to have the usual shower games so we tried to come up with some different ones.

1. pass the baby~ like musical chairs ...

The Needle Test  Not rated yet
Rachel doesn't know what she is having so we did the needle test to see if it's a boy or a girl... the first time we did it, it was a boy, the second time ...

Baby Shower Name Game  Not rated yet
Everyone knows there are some times when you need to fill some time. Basically, stalling. I think one of the best (and fun) ways to do this is........ Have ...

Dress Up Mommy Game  Not rated yet
My sister's baby shower was awesome. She invited all her friends. They did a contest of who could win win the cocacola drinking contest. Her male friend ...

Guess Mommy's Tummy Size  Not rated yet
This popular game is played at just about every baby shower. The materials for this game consist of string or yarn and scissors. What you do is have everyone ...

Lemon Dance  Not rated yet
a guy and girl puts a lemon or a lime between their foreheads and start dancing(any song). there will be a lot of lemons or limes falling. but the couple ...

Gift Grabber  Not rated yet
Wrap a gift and set it into view. Tell your guests that as you read the verses, if it describes them, they are to be the first to grab the gift.

There ...

The He Game  Not rated yet
Name as many words as you can think of that begin with he:

1. he_________

2. he_________

3. he_________

4. he_________

5. he_________

baby uh ohs   Not rated yet
Ok, what you do is get baby dolls that make noise and you get real diapers plus pudding and water and yellow food coloring.

The kids and laides will ...

Guess The Baby Gender  Not rated yet
Even though I didn't have a baby shower as I live in a different state than my family due to military, we are doing a virtual games for baby shower called ...

Break Your Water  Not rated yet
The baby shower game is called "Break Your Water". The way its played is depending on how many people are coming, go to a craft store in your area and ...

Who's that Baby  Not rated yet
The baby shower game I plan to implement for my daughter's shower this fall will be to ask all those that are invited to send or e-mail to me a picture ...

Game For A Name  Not rated yet
A baby shower game to play is for everyone to write down name ideas on a piece of paper and give to the mom to be.

We did this for my grandson and ...

Dirty Diaper Guessing Game  Not rated yet
For my baby shower game , we had 10 diapers filled with misc mini candybars. I had my shower in the back yard it was hot the candy melted. Who ever got ...

Baby Shower T-Shirt Design  Not rated yet
My eldest daughter and I had a baby shower game for my youngest daughter this past summer. I held it at a local Italian restaurant in an area just off ...

Making Onesies  Not rated yet
The photo above is about my boyfriend making an onesie that says "always listen to daddy"...the beginning of the onesie war!

I had a baby shower and ...

The Baby Know It All Game  Not rated yet
Have the mother ask the list of questions below to her guests. The guest who answers the most correctly wins these games for baby shower .

What is ...

Baby Scrapbook Game  Not rated yet
I'm having all the guests bring a picture of themselves to the baby shower so that everyone can make a page in the baby scrapbook .

I'm also having ...

Baby Food Taste Testing  Not rated yet
I have to tell you about a baby shower game we played when I hosted my best friend's Shower 4 years ago.

It was so much fun! I highly recommend it!...

Baby Name Game  Not rated yet
Ok, you get some clothespins and attach a baby item to each one. You want to use something kind of light and small, such as a bottle, or pacifier, or ...

I Can Do That Behind My Back  Not rated yet
For this game , I prepared a table with baby dolls and a disposable diaper for each player. Have the players take a position at the table with a baby ...

Little Tiny Babies  Not rated yet
A cute baby shower game is get some little tiny babies, (You can usually find them at party supply stores.)

Get some small clear plastic cups, and ...

Baby Shapes  Not rated yet
Everyone gets their own piece of paper and a pen of pencil, then they go around the room and write down what items resembal baby shower gifts (ex. light ...

Baby Lunch Game  Not rated yet
In this baby shower game you have small diapers with brown to yellow household ingredients in them- Mustard, coffee, cocoa, etc. The guest have to figure ...

Game for Baby Shower: Iron Chef Poop Edition  Not rated yet
So you think you've got a sweet tooth? It's time to prove if you are as good at tasting things as you think you are, when you play this game for baby ...

How much TP  Not rated yet
Here is how we have fun in our baby shower game . Have rolls of toilet paper. Go around the room and have each person take the amount of toilet paper ...

Shake, Rattle, & Roll  Not rated yet
Party in my crib!! Mom used to love to baby shower party and is now settling down so it would be neat to envision her new baby as a party animal!

Invite ...

Sibling Celebration  Not rated yet
I have 2 other children that love to give away their money to help the family. So we decided to have a 1st start piggy bank jar at the baby shower.

The ...

Fun Baby Shower Game  Not rated yet
Here is the story about my fun baby shower game . I'm not very fond of baby showers in general, so when my cousin asked me to do hers, I wanted something ...


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