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Froggy Baby Shower ThemeCoolest Frog Baby Shower

Plan a frog baby shower? Wow, that's kind of party Toadily Awesome! But finding out the best idea is a painful process... Fortunately I've done the job for you. Jump over with me to the coolest collection of un-Frog-ettable baby shower ideas for a special family-to-be!

If you want to find out where to pick up those inexpensive froggy baby shower supplies, here is a list of the coolest "Frog Supplies" that cover pretty much everything you need:


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Frog Baby Shower Invitations

There are several ways to go with your froggy invitations. You can buy them, or make your own, or even send guests Ecards.

Cute Frog Invitation Idea - Here is one of the cutest froggy baby shower invitation ideas, especially for the second(third or beyond) mom's baby shower. Dress the big brother/sister up in a frog costume, then take their photo, print it out and add some wording like:

"Oh, my new little brother/sister
is coming to our POND
and he/she is the reason
you celebrate today!
So he/she thinks you all
from the bottom of his/her heart
for helping
my Mom and Dad give him/her
A Great Jump to Start!"


Have Your Invitation Froggy:
  • You can check local scrapbook stores or finestationery stores for frog themed papers to print your own unique baby shower invitations. If you can't, try green polks dots or other fun patterns.
  • If you want to put a frog picture onto your invitations, thank your cards and envelopes, there are lots of creative frog graphics you can use on the internet.
  • Another frog baby shower idea is to cut card stock into frog shapes and tie a blue ribbon around the frog's neck for a baby boy's invitation, or put pink ribbon for a bow on the top of the frog's head for a baby girl's invitation.
  • You can also use a small toy frog attached to a lily pad shaped paper invitation or even use a sharpie pen to write invitation wording onto a frog balloon.
  • Or make frog theme invitation.


Don't forget to check out these cute and printed frog baby shower invitations:

Happy Frog : White Fanciful Friends : Charcoal Froggy Fun : White

Happy Frog : White


Fanciful Friends : Charcoal


Froggy Fun : White





Frog Baby Shower Decorations

Use blue and green streamers for the frog theme party.

Sign on front door or gate that says "Hop on in and Celebrate our Baby Frog!", and convert your yard into a frog pond with big cattails, tall grasses and lily pads.

You could use an inflatable pool for the pond and fill it with plastic toy frogs. You can even encourage everyone (even grandparents) to bring their own toy frogs and join the fun. For an instant decoration, attach dark green helium filled balloons to each guest's frog.

A wonderful frog baby shower idea is to place some motion sensitive frogs around your shower place - as they croak when people walk by. You can find them at your garden centers or stores.

For the table, you can bring rose candles to make pretty centerpieces for favors for your frog baby shower. Also create a lovely happy party setting with bunglie plush frog and green and blue tassel trim set pattern. A frog theme baby diaper cake can be double duty as your table centerpiece. Then play some natural music like The Frogs of Summer? It will surely strengthen the mood of your baby shower!

Don't forget to check out these creative froggy Shower decoration ideas:

Lime Green Round Tablecover - Baby Shower Party Supplies Froggy Frog Balloon - 27 inch Balloon Froggie Fun Giant Wall Decals

Froggy Frog Print with Signature Mat


Froggy Frog Balloon - 27 inch Balloon


Froggie Fun Giant Wall Decals


  12 Pack Helium Quality 11 inch Latex Balloons  

Froggy Frog Water Bottle Labels






Frog Baby Shower Foods

Here is my favorite menu for a frog theme baby shower:

  • Vegetable salad
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Cheese Dip
  • Deep Fried Potato Skins
  • Chicken Wings
  • Egg Rolls
  • Burger/Sandwich
  • Chili Bow
  • Onion Soup


"Just Rib-It" - What's the best way to say "rib-it"? With delicious ribs, of course! Ribs are great baby shower food because they are small and easy to handle. Plus, they are always fun to eat. Make them a part of the frog baby shower that you host by having a little section with a sign that reads, "Just Rib-It", and guests are sure to get a good laugh while they enjoy the fare for the event.


Frog Cupcakes - Let the little green froggy invasion begin with cute frog cupcakes. To add drama to your spread, set the cupcakes on a blue gelatin pound with fondant or candy leather liypads. That way, not only are the "frogs" edible, but also the pond and lily pads! There are so many different ways to make frog cupcakes, including using little fondant or candy frogs that are placed on top of regular frosted cupcakes, or by making the actual top of the cupcake into a silly frog face. Find a look that you really like and go for that! If you decide to make the cupcakes yourself, you may have a ball with it.


Green Salad - You will need gobs of green to bring a frog baby shower to life. So, what's greener than salad?? Make a couple of different pretty salad for your event. But, to give them a nicer look, have them pre-measured and placed in salad bowls. You could even add a dash of zaniness to them by making little green tadpoles out of green peppers or cucumbers. These salad bowls may seem too cute for guests to eat once you embellish them a bit!


Frog Baby Shower Games

Tips: Any frog theme or small animal related topic can be your inspiration for a frog baby shower! Here is an excellent selection of printable games you can buy and print out right away:

Animal Babies Match - This printable game will have guests race to finish first as they match each animal name with it's Baby name. Know more about this Animal Babies Match game.

Mommy Baby - Before the shower, prepare a multiple choice questionnaire of 15 to 20animal moms & babies.

  1. Some tricky ones to include are: Kangaroo=joey; Swan = cygnet; Elephant=calf; Shark = cub; Goat = kid;Zebra = foal; Frog = Tadpole; Fish = Fry; Turkey = pullet; Antelope = calf; Goose = gosling; Seal = pup; Doe = fawn.
  2. Be creative when making up the multiple choice answers -- eg. Shark: a)pup b) cub c) guppy d) tadpole -- so that the participants really have to think.
  3. You can also throw in a couple of easy ones (cat = kitten; dog = puppy) so that no one feels too badly if they don't know a lot of them.
  4. And remember to keep an answer sheet somewhere for yourself. The winner is the person who answers the most correctly.


Frog Funniest Trivia - Here is another cool frog party game idea to get your guests talk and mingle together. You need prepare some frog themed papers and print only the answers onto the paper. Then give each guest an answer sheet and keep a question-to-answer sheet in your hand but make sure your guests can't see it. Separate the guests into two teams and tell them to answer your questions by choosing any answer from their answer sheet. Some of these questions and answers are really funny, like "Q. Why are frogs good at baseball? A. Because they catch a lot of fly balls."

Baby Hop - This is a relay race, but this time you're hopping like a frog! Divide guests into teams, and set up an obstacle a few yards away. The first team to have each person hop to the obstacle and back, wins. Want more more craziness? No problems! Use pairs of two guests. Tie their ankles to each other and have them completed against other pairs to see who is the fastest!

Also check out these printable animal games:

Animal Babies Match Noah's Ark Mom & Dad Animal Names

Animal Babies Match


Noah's Ark


Mom & Dad Animal Names


  Family Ties

Family Ties





Frog Baby Shower Favors

Check the bath shop for frog shaped bath oils, plastic tub toy frogs and frog bath fizzies. If you have a digital camera and printer, you can take photos of the guests with their toy frogs. Print out the pictures by the end of the shower and hand out as lovable gifts.

Another cute frog baby shower favor is to give each guest a Chocolate Philosopher Frog, which is a 4-inch tall milk chocolate frog sits on a white chocolate lily pad, and comes in a clear gift bag tied with a yellow ribbon at the top.

Here are some cute Shower favors:

Froggy Frog Soaps - Personalized Baby Shower Favors Leap Frog Brownie Favors Froggy Frog - Body Butter Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Froggy Frog Candy Bar


Leap Frog Brownie Favors


Froggy Frog Body Butter Favors






Share Your Frog Baby Ideas

Our website receive free baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a look at other people's frog baby shower photos and tips, and you're sure to find lots more inspirations:

Froggy Frog Soaps - Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Baby Frog Diaper Cake submitted by Lana Muhanna


If you've just thrown a frog baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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