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Free Printable Baby Shower Games - Download, Print and Play

We created this entire collection of free printable baby shower games for you! And we've used each of these game ideas during all the baby showes we attended. Each game is full of creativity and surely proven to be fun-and-useful. Now, you can start using them for your next Shower! Only subscribers of PartyAtom newsletter can download these games, click here to know how.


Baby Crib Sheet- size 67kB

baby crib sheet

Have every guest writes three facts about their babyhood, such as how much they weighed at birth, maybe they refused a pacifier, etc. Ask players not to share or discuss their information during the game. When all the facts are done, guests should draw a big T under their facts, and write “Guess″ on the left side of the T and “Guesser″ on the other side. Collect the crib sheets, post them on a wall. Have everyone read over these facts and write the name of person they think that baby grew up to be (under Guess) and put their own name on the “Guesser″ side. The game emcee then reads off the three facts page by page and the player being described should identify her/himself - so the emcee can put check marks for each correct Guesser. The player with the most correct answers wins.


Draw The Baby- size 37KB

draw the baby

This silly game will get everyone laughing as they evaluate their own artistic skills. It will also give you an idea of who really has a baby on the mind! Give each guest a printout below and a crayon. Instruct them to put the Paper (or a paper plate) on their head and draw a baby. When everyone is done, the parents-to-be get to decide which she likes the best. The best artist wins a little gift.

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Disney Stars Crossword Game- size 70KB

disney starts crossword

The Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be are going to need to freshen up on their Disney movies and all the lovable Disney characters, too. Now, help them out with your Disney Stars crossword: These free baby shower games have the middle level of difficulty.


Baby Proof Game- size 51KB

baby proof

Before the baby shower, collect small objects you wouldn't want a baby to pick up (such as a nail) and baby safety items (such as outlet cover). Get half a dozen plastic Easter eggs and place only one baby-hazardous item or baby safety item in each egg. Try to pick at least 10 different objects that will fit in these eggs, the more the better. When you're ready to play, give each guest pen and paper, then have players pass around the eggs and try to determine what's inside each egg without opening it. Give them 5 minutes to get their eggs on. When time's up, open these eggs and reveal its contents. Whoever has the most matching items on their lists wins.


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family name

Family Name- size 67KB
Three's a crowd, but do you call a bunch of geese? This game tests your ability to name groups of animals. Examples: a herd of cattle, a pod or school of whales. Read off a type of creature and your pack should yell out answers. The guest with the first correct answer gets a penny and who collect the most pennies wins. The easier way to pay: display the group names in alphabetical order for players to choose from. Many people like these free printable baby shower games.

Guys & Dolls- size 63KB

Guys Dolls

What better entertainment at a Coed Baby Shower than a ‘Battle of the Sexes’!

Prepare some questions before the shower and make sure they're sexist! You can have the guests split into two teams..Guys & Dolls. Start by asking a male related question to Dolls team and give them a minute to answer. If they get the question wrong, or can't answer, let the Guys answer for 1/2 point. Then do the same for the Guys. Be sure to keep score!

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Movie Game- size 108KB

Movie Game

How much time do you spend at the movies or watching TV? The more the better for this game! Race against the clock and rack your brain to fill-in-the-blanks for these movie titles and TV shows all about babies, children, and families. The answers for the following questions are: Spy, Three, Baby, Man, Girls, Mr., Karate, Addams, Brady, Family, Married, Having, Baby, Family, Robinson, Baby-sitters, Baby, My, Kids.

Noah Ark Twins - size 70KB

Noah Ark

Noah’s Ark is a great theme if the parents-to-be are having twins. Even if the new parents aren’t having twins, Noah’s Ark took two of everything, guests will still enjoy this pea pod game. Have guests race to write an animal for each letter of the alphabet, but can you name 2 animals for every letter of the alphabet, the first one finished wins. Maybe. Have the first person finished read her or his answers aloud and let the other guests judge for acceptable animal names.

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Baby Parts Of Whole- size 60KB

Baby Parts Of Whole

Name the boy part that fills out a proverb. Most correct answers win. Hand out copies of the sample quiz below or foot your own. Another twist is to challenge guests to name baby parts that are also parts of something nonliving. For example, baby has an arm and so des a chair. More combos: shoe = heel, clock = hands, and potato = eyes, etc. Here are the answers of the sample quiz below: 1. skin, 2. hand, 3. foot, 4. feet, 5. cheek, 6. heart, 7. eye, heart, 8. mouth, 9. bones, 10. heart, stomach, 11. nose, face, 12. hands.

Baby Present Bingo- size 37KB

Baby Present Bingo

How original are your guests at gift-giving ideas? You will find out with this fun variation of traditional Bingo. You can use cute baby stickers to help mark winning squares so that the markers don’t slide off of people’s laps as they play. In advance, print out the Bingo board with “BABY″ as the center square below. (Leave all the other squares blank.) As guests arrive and before the expectant parents open their gifts, have each guest fill the squares by writing down specific descriptions of what presents they will get. Then as the gifts are opened, any correct answers get a sticker on the square. The winner is the first person to get and shout “BINGO.″

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Sports Betting- size 51KB

sports betting

I’ll bet you don’t know what team this famous athlete plays for! Again, this is a game that the guys can get into.A lot more baby showers are including men, and you don’t want to invite them just so they can be left out of all the fun.

Prepare a list ahead of time and have guests match the athlete with his or her team. Or, depending on the sports knowledge of the crowd, just have them match the player to the sport. If these are too easy for your guests, try breaking them into two teams and having one team name a player and the other team try to name the player’s sports team. For some added complication, have each guest name a Sports Newscasters!

Baby Toyland- size 103KB

Baby Toyland

Cut out ten pictures total of baby’s playthings, well-known and less-known ones. Tape the pictures to individual pieces of paper and umber each item. Keep an answer key of names to each toy. To play, players guess the name of each toy by writing down their answers on a piece of paper. Read off your answer key for playmates to check their answers. Whoever correctly identifies the most toys wins.

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Who Is Mamma- size 66KB

Who Is Mamma

Want to test how well your guests can match an adult animal to its infant form? OK! Create a game sheet like below with a list of animal babies on one column and then randomly list their adult form on another column. Make as many copies as you have guests. Then pass out the game sheet, your momma matchers have one minute to draw lines matching the baby to its mummy. Here is a variation to involve the guys: see who can list the most animal mascots from college sports. Then next to each mascot, list what that animal’s baby would be!


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