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Free Baby Shower Game Ideas - "East Meets West" Fun

Chinese or Asian Baby Shower Game Ideas

Looking for free baby shower game ideas that bring some "East Meets West" fun? We'll share with you some of the coolest chinese baby shower games and entertaining ideas.


Printable Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Adoption Game Mad Lib Fun



Baby shower Mad Lib Fun is a super creative game for mom who are adopting.



Chopstick And Pacifier

One of the most popluar free baby shower game ideas with chinese twist. The guests have to use chopsticks to pass the pacifier! Split your guests into 2 teams and each team member has his/her own chopstick. Start a pacifier at one end of the team and have them pass the pacifier from chopstick to helping hands touching the pacifier, and no dropping the pacifier or it starts at the beginning again!



Who Tells Baby's Fortune?

Chinese families tell the baby's fortune on his or her birthday-or rather, let the baby tell its own fortune. They sit the baby among some objects, like coins, a doll, or a book, and watch to see what the baby grabs. A baby that grabs a coin might become rich; a baby that grabs a book might become a teacher.

But this time, let's have the soon-to-be-parents to tell the fortune. Blindfold the new mom or dad and lay out a variety of objects around him or her. Have fun telling his or her fortune by the objects he or she picks. Some suggestions:

* pen-will become a writer or journalist
* book-will become a teacher/scholar
* thread-clothing designer/tailor
* videocassette-film producer kitchen
* utensil-chef
* computer disk-programmer




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More Free Baby Shower Game Ideas with Chinese Traditions


Karaoke Lunch Entertainment

What is the most popular family activity in China? Karaoke! But you may have no idea how funny it is when you have guests sing for their dinner at a baby shower. Whether it´s a whole song, or just a few lines, make everyone participate by not letting them eat unless they sing. Everybody knows children´s lullabies, but you can also include songs with Baby in the title like `Achtung Baby´ by U2.



Red Packet Name Game

For a celebration for a chinese newborn, the red packets (in Catonese, called Laisee) are red-colored envelopes with money (bills or coins) are given as baby shower gifts, which called “lucky money″.

But have you ever looked closely at a dollar bill to see what’s written on it? This time, your guests are about to!

Start from making a list of several baby items, or even baby names ahead of time, and be sure to have each guestbring a one-dollar bill to the Shower. Have guests compete to spell the word by finding each letter on a dollar bill. At the end of the game, the dollars can be put into a big red envelop as "lucky money" gift or added to baby’s piggy bank.



Name That Balloon

At a Shower, the first thing a Chinese family must do is to pick a name for the baby. It's up to the family to decide if the given name at the party will be the child's formal name or a "milk name" (the nickname used until the child starts school,or even up until marriage).

Here is one of free baby shower game ideas that best for parents-to-be that have already chosen baby names, or are deciding among a few names.

Before the Shower, write baby names on separate pieces of paper, but only write the correct baby name on one. Fold up the pieces of paper and put one name in each balloon and inflate the balloon. During the Shower, inform guests that only one balloon holds the name of the baby, and they need to find it. But the only way to find the name is to pop the balloon! For more comedy, make the guests sit on the balloons to pop them.

* Helium balloons is another option, just attach the name to the string where it’s tied to the balloon. Separate the balloons and let them float to the ceiling before playing. Guests will have to pull them down to check the name on the balloon. This gets especially confusing (and fun) when the balloons float back to the ceiling and you don’t know which ones you’ve already checked.


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