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Floating Candle Centerpiece

A floating candle centerpiece is a great way to add a touch of class and whimsy to your gathering or celebration.These delicate confections that mix fire and water are a spectacular way to grab the eye at any gathering. On this page, we will show you how to make your baby shower table decoration special with candles.

Baby shower centerpieces are especially lovely and they can be wonderfully personalized, making them more intimate than a simple bouquet of flowers.

The first thing to look at when considering a floating candle centerpiece is the container.

While you could use anything that will hold water, there are many containers that will enhance the beauty of your candle centerpiece and you can find many containers that are designed to do just that.

A broad shallow glass bowl will let you have several baby shower floating candles and while that effect can be striking, so can a narrower glass where the candles float above trinkets that have been dropped into the bottom.

One of the delightful choices you have before you, should you decide on a floating candle centerpiece is the type of candle you use.

floating candle centerpieceThe candles that are appropriate for this display come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors and when you start looking around, you will be impressed by the variety that is available. You can customize your display quickly.

For instance, for a bridal shower, you may wish to have delicate pink and white candles shaped like roses. For a romantic night with your significant other, you can spice things up with red, cinnamon-scented candles. The variations are almost endless!

To get a full effect, you can also line the bottom of the container with various objects that will set off the display.

One striking option is the addition of polished glass pebbles, which are sometimes used in floral displays and aquariums. Experiment with contrasting and matching pebbles for different effects. You can also put your baby shower favors in the water, matching them to the theme of your party.

Consider baby shower centerpieces. There is a lot you can do with this, as it has a theme where you can be creative.

Look around for a good container.

There are etched glass bowls which come with heart and teddy bear designs. You can even have these customized to commemorate the date. You can throw all sorts of fun little toys into the bottom of the container. A few suggestions might include jacks or small plastic animals.

The floating candle centerpieces are a great place to personalize the display.

If you know whether the child in question will be a boy or a girl, you can get baby shower floating candles in blue or pink. In that vein, you can choose any colors that say childhood to you, whether those are pastel greens or summery yellows. Some shapes you might want to consider are floating turtles, cars, flowers, even kittens. These are all ways to make your baby shower centerpiece memorable and special.

We've handpicked up some creative floating candles below for you to compare...



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