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Nicolette's Diaper Baby Shower

Diaper Baby-Shower Ideas Submitted by Nicolette from Forest Lake, MN

My baby shower was on a warm September day and my Aunts did the coolest thing to throw a Shower for me.

They made personalized onesies for my daughter, and there was a prize for the most creative: My aunt got onesies of various sizes and some fabric paint. She made a makeshift clothes line in between two trees and set up a table in the yard with the onesies and supplies.

As each person made their own personal creations, they hung them up with clothes pins onto the line. This way each onesie would be proudly displayed, plus it helped with the drying time.

One tip she gave me was that insead of spending so much money on new shirts, you can pick up several from yard sales and the thrift store to use. That was the most helpful gift I have ever seen!

My daughter is 15 months, and she still has plenty of unworn shirts to wear.

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