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Diaper Party Ideas
For Those Oohs And Aahs!

Do you know why diaper party is one of the timeless baby shower ideas for mom?

Diapers are absolute necessities for the new parents, you call it.

I heard, at some diaper baby showers, the new mom will be amazingly supplied with diapers and other diapering stuff for as long as 12 months - WOW, what a lucky family!

You will soon find yourself have been "Diaper-ed" by variety of diaper baby shower ideas out there.

Be creative!

Don't plan your diaper baby shower the same old way as your mom did long time ago when you were the arrival little one. Oh, don't forget the new daddy if you can find some special diapered and guy-friendly ideas.

Let's go...


~ Baby Shower Ideas For Diaper Party ~


A very unique diaper's party idea is to have the mother-to-be tickled and your guests thrilled about a unique shower with these simple, stylish, modern baby shower invitatons (no rubber ducks here).

Make your own diaper invitation.

Cut out triangles from pink or blue construction paper. Or cute a piece of paper into a square, fold it in half to make a triangle. Write the diaper's party invitation wording on one side of the triangle and fold the bottom corner up and then the sides to create a diaper.

Then add a baby diaper pin, which you can purchase at any baby store, to hold the triangles.

You can invite each guest to bring a package of disposable diapers to the diaper's party. Don't forget to assign a diaper size for each guest on the baby shower invitation.

Here is a diaper party invitation verse you can use.

"To add a little extra glee
and help the parents-to-be,
Please bring a little extra
from the heart.
An unwrapped pack of diapers ( ___ size),
To give them a good start!"

But why not unleash your imagination for more creative diaper baby shower ideas? I could not help keep telling you two cute diaper's party invitation designs below...

diaper Party

Baby Things

diaper Party

Baby Gear Cream


Here is another idea for you.

In the baby shower invitation, tell your guests that there would be a raffle for a wonderful gift basket that anyone would love. One of the guests will win a beautiful baby shower gift basket as the prize. The price for each entry is one small pack of baby diapers.

You can encourage guests to buy tickets as many as they need so they could enter as many times as they like. And then, guess what happened? The mom-to-be may not need to buy diapers for a really long time! ;-)

~ Baby Shower Ideas For Diaper Party ~


When you're decorating the diaper baby shower, use baby diapers as many as you can.

Use rainbow with lots of white as your diaper's party theme color. Spread white linens on the guests' table with mutli-color confetti , and place bunch of tulips. Then pin diapers onto several teddy bears and place around the room.

Use little plastic babies on baby shower cakes, cupcakes or scattered on the buffet table, fun and precious

If you know baby's name, write each letter of the name on a diaper, and hang them on a clothesline in the room.

Tie the pearl balloons to different changing table supplies like lotion, powder and baby wipes as the party of diaper centerpiece.

Diaper Cakes

diaper Party

Other than being great gifts, the diaper cakes are also timeless practical centerpieces at the diaper baby shower.

You can bring a multi-tier diaper cake(2,3 even 4 tiers)to the party. Make sure it's already filled with all kinds of useful baby items,such as diapers (a key ingredient), bibs, bottles, pacifiers, shoes, socks, etc.

There are hundreds of different theme diaper cakes you can chose. For a diaper party, you can choose a baby shower diaper cake.

Diaper Wreath

Diaper wreath can also make a great centerpiece. Read this step by step instruction about how to combine a wreath with the newborn diapers and baby items into a delightful decoration. The expecting parents can use the baby items later or the diaper wreath could decorate the door to the baby's nursery room.

Click here for more diaper-party ideas, foods, games for baby shower...

~ Baby Shower Ideas For Diaper Party ~



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