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Coolest Diaper Baby Showers

Do you know why diaper baby showers are timeless classic theme for baby shower? Diapers are absolute necessities for the new parents, you call it. I heard, at some cute baby shower parties, the new mom will be amazingly supplied with diapers and other diapering stuff for as long as 12 months - WOW, what a lucky family!

Diaper also means "parenthood", here is the coolest collection of baby shower kits that cover pretty much everything you need:


Don't plan your diaper party the same old way as your mom did long time ago when you were the arrival little one. Oh, don't forget the new daddy if you can find some special diapered and guy-friendly ideas. Scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the image or drop down list below:


Diaper Baby Shower Invitations

A very unique diaper Shower idea is to have the mother-to-be tickled and your guests thrilled about a unique shower with these simple, stylish, modern baby shower invitatons.

Make your own diaper invitation

  1. Cut out triangles from pink or blue construction paper. Or cute a piece of paper into a square, fold it in half to make a triangle. Write the diaper's party invitation wording on one side of the triangle and fold the bottom corner up and then the sides to create a diaper.
  2. Then add a baby diaper pin, which you can purchase at any baby store, to hold the triangles.
  3. You can invite each guest to bring a package of disposable diapers to the diaper's party. Don't forget to assign a diaper size for each guest on the baby shower invitation.
  4. Here is a baby shower invitation verse you can use: "To add a little extra glee and help the parents-to-be, Please bring a little extra from the heart. An unwrapped pack of diapers ( ___ size), To give them a good start!"

Another cute invitation idea - In the baby shower invitation, tell your guests that there would be a raffle for a wonderful gift basket that anyone would love. One of the guests will win a beautiful baby shower gift basket as the prize. The price for each entry is one small pack of baby diapers. You can encourage guests to buy tickets as many as they need so they could enter as many times as they like. And then, guess what happened? The mom-to-be may not need to buy diapers for a really long time! ;-)

Why not unleash your imagination for more creative diaper theme baby shower invitations? Here are some cute and printed card designs:

Baby Things: Red Lantern In Step: Lapis Special Gear: Lightest Turquoise

Baby Things: Red Lantern

$0.99 each

Baby Gear: Begonia

$0.99 each

Special Gear: Lightest Turquoise

$0.99 each




Diaper Baby Shower Decorations

When you're decorating the diaper baby showers, use baby diapers as many as you can.

Use rainbow with lots of white as your diaper's party theme color. Spread white linens on the guests' table with mutli color baby things confetti, and place bunch of tulips. Then pin diapers onto several teddy bears and place around the room.

Use little plastic babies on baby shower cakes, cupcakes or scattered on the buffet table, fun and precious

If you know baby's name, write each letter of the name on a diaper, and hang them on a clothesline in the room.

Tie the pearl balloons to different changing table supplies like lotion, powder and baby wipes as the party of diaper centerpiece.

diaper PartyDiaper Cakes as Baby Shower Centerpieces

Other than being great gifts, the diaper cakes are also timeless practical centerpieces at the diaper baby shower.

You can bring a multi-tier diaper cake(2,3 even 4 tiers)to the party.

There are hundreds of different theme diaper cakes you can chose. For a diaper party, you can choose a baby shower diaper cake.

Diaper Wreath

Diaper wreath can also make a great centerpiece. Read this quick guide of rubber ducky baby shower that teach you how to combine a wreath with the newborn diapers and baby items into a delightful decoration. The expecting parents can use the baby items later or the diaper wreath could decorate the door to the baby's nursery room.

Click here for more baby gear shaped decoration kits:

Diaper Game Baby Things Embossed Confetti Baby Things 4 Piece Cake Set

Diaper Game


Baby Things Embossed Confetti


Baby Things 4 Piece Cake Set

$3.99 set/4




Diaper Baby Shower Games

Raising Baby - Have guests measure up what the Mom and Dad-to-be will be studing up on what to expect as Baby grows through his first year. Let every one compete to match each activity with Baby's age in months. More about the Raising Baby game.

Yummy Diaper Race - This "delicious" game is one of the funniest ideas for diaper baby-showers. Before you start playing, place one small scoop of Rocky Road ice cream in diaper and close diaper neatly(one per guess). Make sure you have all the guests sit around a table facing each other. Tell guests that they can't touch diapers until you signal. After that, you can come out with tray filled with cute little diapers and place them in front of each guest. When each guest has the diaper, count 1-2-3, and every one must open their diapers at the same time. On the count of 3, every one must place the hand behind their backs. The first one who eats all the ice cream, must stand up and raise the hand. Bon Appetite, that's the winner!

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle - Who would have thought that guests would be hoping to be the recipient of a "dirty diaper"? That's exactly what will happen when you have a dirty diaper raffle. Create a bunch of "diapers" using sheets of white paper. "Dirty up" enough diapers, by putting a spot of brown using either chocolate or a crayon on them, equaling the number of prizes that you will offer. Place all of the diapers, clean and "dirty" In 2-3 diapers in a little laundry bag. Guests will pick. If they get a dirty diaper, they win a prize. It will be funny to see them getting all excited wishing for a "dirty" diaper!

Diaper Duty Relay - This is a wacky game that will get your guests moving and doing! Have guests split into teams. Then, give each a stack of napkins, pins, and chocolate kisses. Each team has to assemble as many "dirty" diapers as they can in a set amount of time. One person will fold and pin the diaper, while another will fill it with "doo" (chocolate chip or kiss-type candy), and then they must be placed in a basket for collecting. You can either have the team that finishes the stack first win or the team that completes the most diapers will win. Either way, expect plenty of laughs and "dirty" diapers!

Don't forget to check out these cute and printable baby shower games for diaper party:

Baby Shower Fundamentals Babies Are Made Of...

Baby Shower Fundamentals


Babies Are Made Of...


Things In Mommy's Purse Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

Things In Mommy's Purse


Baby Shower Raffle Tickets





Diaper Baby Shower Foods


Pizza Pocket Pampers

This idea will skyrocket diaper baby showers from a cute little affair to a delicious event that your guests will be glad that they attended!

Start with prepackaged pizza dough rolls or even pre-cut refrigerated crescent rolls. Lay them out in the shape of diapers and then fill with a dollop of pizza sauce, mozzarella and provolone or mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and the meats or pizza toppings of your choice.

Then, fold them over to look like little diapers. Wet and seal the center with a little water and/or butter. Bake in the oven until golden brown. Try not to use too much sauce or it will end up too wet. Guests may want the recipe after the event is over, and they won't be able to get enough of those little "diapers" pizzas!


Sweet Diaper Pancake Sandwiches

This is an awesome addition to a baby shower brunch!

Start with your favorite pancake recipe and prepare using either a metal diaper shaped cookie cutter that can be used on a griddle or in a pan, or prepare the pancakes, and cut into diaper shapes AFTER they've been made. Using two diaper pancakes, place yummy toppings such as a fruit compote, nut spread, or chocolate and peanut butter combination in between the two pancakes. Garnish with a fruit leather bow to make them look even cuter!



Diaper Baby Shower Gifts

My Little Tag-A-Long - My Little Tag-A-Long? - It is the most unique diaper bag on the market. You can attach it to baby strollers, shopping carts, folding chairs and more. It has eight interior pockets, two exterior pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and is available in a variety of prints. ( See

Daddy's Diaper Duty Device - It's an ideal baby shower gift for the dad-to-be on diaper party. Practical, tasteful, and useful, yet will add that touch of humor. The Daddy's diaper duty device comes equipped with: It's perfect for Dad's, because this clever device (tool belt) has all the "tools" needed to handle the all important diapering duty. All Dad's "tools" are neatly tucked in a specially designed waist apron. This fun gift for Dad comes complete with instructions in the form of a cute poem.



Diaper Baby Shower Favors

Celebrate baby's arrival with crisp, clear cello bags you fill with a fortune cookies. Or send guests off with milk chocolate baby booties, and dark chocolate rattle. They are tied off with organza ribbon and you can specify the ribbon color you like.

Here are more favor ideas for diaper baby showers

  • Go nuts with cute baby diaper favors that double as little cups! Using a pretty, sturdy fabric, cut little "diapers" and secure them with a baby safety pin. Place a small piece of plastic wrap or toile in the diaper. Fill it with nuts, candy, or fruit bits. Your baby shower guests will eat these up! Cute and functional, they can take a diaper home with them as a reminder of the day's event.
  • Give them something to change! Start with a real small change purse, which is the actual gift. Decorate it to look like a diaper by covering it with a bit of fabric, safety pins, and ribbons. Everyone will be amazed when they unwrap the diaper to find the cute change purse that they can use long after the baby shower is over. This is a very creative shower favor that will be a winner at any shower event!
  • Spoil your guests with some really "smelly" diapers. Only, this time, instead of the poopy diapers that one might expect, these diapers will be absolutely fragrant because they will be sachets. You can either make them yourself using cardstock or even diaper shaped cut outs, and filling them with fragrant sachet beads. Or you can purchase sachets and simply wrap them to look like diapers. You can't go wrong with these sweet and smelly baby diaper favors!

Dont' forget to check out these cute favor ideas I've ever known for diaper baby showers:


Diaper Stacker Sachets Babies with Pink Diapers (12 count)

Diaper Stacker Sachets

$20.00 each.

Babies with Pink Diapers (12 count)





Share Your Diaper Baby Showers

Christy's Diaper Shower

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Diaper Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding cute baby shower ideas:

* Erin's Diaper Shower

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If you've just thrown diaper baby showers, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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