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Cute Baby Shower Ideas - Turtle Theme

Turtle Baby Shower Cake

For cute baby shower ideas that are also unique, and you can't beat a turtle shower for a twist on the usual. With a cool collection of turtle themed party gear, you can easily plan for baby boys or girls simply by adding pink or blue to the turtle's natural hues. >> Turtle Baby Shower Supplies


As a bonus, the turtle's shape naturally mimics that of baby on board, so if the mom to be is willing, painting her belly in the spirit of a turtle shell is sure to bring a big laugh before the party's over. And if mom isn't up for it, why not ask the guests to do the same? Either way, I think the big reveal will be the funniest moment of any baby shower. If you want to plan an original, I don't think reptiles have ever been so adorable!

Turtle Baby Shower


Turtle Baby Shower Plan


Turtle Baby Shower Invitations

Turtle Baby Shower Invitations

Little Shell Invitations: Encourage guests out of their shell and come to the party with adorable turtle shower invitations.  With a simple turtle theme in your choice of pink or blue paired - each tortoise profile paired with earthy brown - they're the perfect complement to nearly any décor upon which you expand the tortoise theme.


Turtles Paradise Invitations: To incorporate a retro feel, check out the "And Baby Makes 3" Three Turtles invite. With a neutral background, these delightful turtles pop old school with a paisley and pastel vibe. When you want a traditional invitation with a bit of a unique vibe, this easily personalized card—suitable for baby boys or girls—belongs at the top of your list of turtle invitations for baby shower.

Shell Filled Turtle Invitation: Bright and playful, shell-filled turtle shower invitations make a brilliant companion to bold décor and a festive atmosphere. Featuring hues of orange, green, pink,  and red, this design explodes from the moment it leaves the envelope. Guests can't help feeling like they'll have a good time, and you can feel good about sending this one, as it's made from 100% recycled paper.


Mr. Turtle Invitation: Go totally tortoise with shell-shocked Mr. Turtle invitations! Not only are they too cute for words with their bright colors and adorable turtle faces, but they also come ready for you to fill in the details yourself—a bonus if you're planning a last minute party.


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Turtle Baby Shower Decorations

Turtle Baby Shower Decorations


Turtle Yard Sign: Kick off your turtle theme decorations and welcome guests at all once with a Mr. Turtle Yard Sign. Featuring a swimming turtle with a blue and white polka dot background, it's a can't-miss party accessory. Why make your guests look for the place when you can announce it in such adorable style? The sign makes a great keepsake, and is also an awesome way to announce the baby's name.


Mr Turtle Confetti: It wouldn't be a party without confetti, and the popular Mr. Turtle motif allows plenty of decorating opportunity. Use it in stemmed glasses as table décor, or make a centerpiece by scattering it along a table top. It also adds sparkle to the gift table or buffet - two places around which the party is sure to thrive.


Turtle Cone Hat: If you're expecting young children to your shower, Mr. Turtle Cone Hats will be an irresistible part of the fun. No little ones on the guest list? Use the party hats as containers for finger foods like popcorn, pretzels, or mints. To stick with the turtle theme, find green candies and mix with pink for a baby girl or blue for a baby boy.

Polka Dots Balloon: It wouldn't be a party without balloons, so don't forget to stock up on Blue and Green Polka Dot Latex Balloons! No helium needed—simply hang them in bunches from the ceiling or line the center of the table for a festive centerpiece and table runner in one. Expecting a girl? Add pink balloons to the mix. The blue balloons can signify the sky or water, while pink and green are bunched together for feminine turtle fun.


Turtle Dessert Plates: Plates aren't just for the food table. They're also an excellent all around essential part of your turtle baby shower decorations. In addition to holding food, Mr. Turtle plates can be placed on the wall to add visual interest. Or, place two back to back and hang from the ceiling for yet another décor dimension.



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Turtle Baby Shower Treats

Personalized cookies: These are cute baby shower ideas that don't require hours in the kitchen. Choose your theme or your colors for a sweet treat made just for your favorite mom-to-be, then turn your focus back to the party.

If it wouldn't be a party without cake, you're in luck - a turtle cake is something even a novice can master! Start with a round layer cake, which you can leave flat on top or use a knife to trim into a rounded shape. Use fondant or buttercream icing to coat the cake, then add the shell in your choice of colors. One easy trick is to cover the entire cake in green, then cut pink or blue shapes out of fondant and simply place them on the cake to create the shell pattern. A ball of fondant with facial features added will add personality—just place it on one side of the cake for a turtle head peeking from under the shell.



Turtle Baby Shower Games

Who Said That: For a game that doubles as  a keepsake for the mom-to-be, cut a large turtle shape from poster board in a darker color. Then craft smaller pieces of the shell for guests to write their best piece of parenting advice, then affix to the turtle. Have someone read each piece of advice out loud without giving away its author and ask guests to guess who said what. An ice breaker, this game is guaranteed to get the party started and provide lots of laughs.

Pin the Shell on Turtle: In a twist on pin the party classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, play Pin the Shell on the Turtle. Rather than having one spot on which to place the piece of shell, have every guest add their piece while blindfolded. The piece on the shell area touching the fewest other pieces—the most unique placement - wins.

New Mom's Challenge: Want more group fun? In honor of the turtle's hard shell, ask guests to write down their greatest or hardest parenting challenges. Put each slip of paper into a bowl, then pass the bowl around so everyone can draw a new slip. Then, each guest should come up with his or her own solution to the issue at hand. This game is sure to bring laughs as well as valuable advice for the parents-to-be.


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Turlte Baby Shower Favors

Turtle Baby Shower Favors

Turtle Bubbles: Who doesn't love bubbles? Turtle bubbles will make a big splash in your collection of cute baby shower ideas. Kids love them and adults never out grow them. Bubbles are the perfect way to bring the magic of childhood to a party celebrating the newest little one in your life. Have extra—you'll need them!

Turtle Cupcake Favor: For an extra sweet treat, consider Mr. Turtle cupcake boxes. If you've kept the gender a surprise, you can make this party gift twice as favorable by using food coloring inside the cake to reveal the baby's gender. Prefer another gift? Boxes are excellent for candles or fragile gifts that need to be handled with care.

Personalized Baby Turtle Gift Box: Have another gift in mind? Every party favor looks fabulous in Baby Turtle Personalized Gift Boxes.  In neutral tones suitable for celebrations of baby boys or baby girls, these gift bags measure a generous 4.75" x 7" to hold goodies of every kind. From candies to soaps or lotions, this elegant presentation is Tortilly Adorable!


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