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Creative Birth Announcements - Share Your Creativity And Help Other Parents

If you're interested in developing your own creative birth announcements, you don’t have to look far for some great ideas to help you get started. And it can be lots of fun! You can see a couple of ideas below but if you've got some unique baby announcement photos and design ideas to share, we'd love for you to send them over via this form.


Dry Embossing & Simple Elegance

For those of us who aren’t exceptional when it comes to doing crafts, we need things to be simple when it comes to the creative birth announcements we want to make. Here’s a great picture of one such announcement:

birth announcements

The card itself is adorable but basic, except for the added touch of the dry embossing of the new baby’s name seen in the center of the stationery.

To make this card, you would first need some plain white cardstock paper. Print the message you want on the paper first but leave an area open for the name. If you want to dry embossing which creates the elevated pattern seen here then you’ll need a stencil, a stylus (a special took for dry embossing available in most craft stores), masking tape, and a light box.

The light box illuminates the lines of the stencil under the paper so you can easily go over it with the stylus. Use the masking tape to keep your stencil in place beneath the paper.

After you finish dry embossing, you can hot melt glue the card stock paper onto a colored sheet of heavy paper and add the bow in a matching color of your choice.

Tips from Scrapbooking

If you want some other great ideas for creative birth announcements, you should talk to folks who do scrapbooking and browse the selection of scrapbooking materials available in your local craft store. The homemade birth announcement below is a good example of a card that uses some of these ideas.

creative birth announcements

Although beneath the decorations is just folded white cardstock paper folded in half with text printed inside, the outside looks like a professional announcement.

To achieve this look, you would need some scrapbooking supplies: decorative paper, glue runner, and decorative hole punches. Sections of the decorative paper, which is sold by the sheet in craft stores, is cut and glued to the cardstock paper with the glue runner. The decorative frogs pictured here were punched out of green paper using the decorative hole punch then glued to the front of the card.

These creative birth announcements illustrate a few great ideas you could use. Don’t be shy about sharing the results with us and other new parents looking for clever and original ideas.


What Is The Cutest Photo Birth Annoucement You've Made?

Have you made any creative birth announcement? What is your special announcement making TALE that can show your creativity and personal touch with new baby's photo? I would love to hear all about your special idea!

Enter the Title of Your Birth Announcement (ex, "Pink Little Ribbon")

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