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Creative Baby Shower Decorations - Girl Theme

On this page, you will find the most creative baby shower decorations and products for welcoming a little girl. If you know the new parents will have a new baby girl, simply choose a theme that fit the mom's style and budget. We will help you brainstorm ideas for creative decorations.



Little Ladybug Theme

Ladybugs symbolize newness so they are a great choice for a shower theme, especially if you’re looking for girl baby shower decorations. For example, you can hang up the Sweet Baby Pink Ladybug Garland in the party location. The garland works well in doorways or you can hang it on the wall where guests can see it immediately as they enter.

You can also decorate the chairs, tables, and other location spots with decorative balloons. Although you can use inexpensive latex balloons in complimentary colors, you can also choose LadyBug Foil Balloons.

You can also find LadyBug centerpieces that can be used on all of the tables or on a main table.

Because ladybugs love flowers and gardens, you can also expand your theme to include those elements, as well. You could place Miniature Favor Pails on the tables for each guest then fill them up with something special, such as candies, mints, or nuts.

They could also double as balloon weights. Remember you are wanting creative baby shower decorations so taking something like the pail and using it for multiple purposes is a great example of being clever and budget conscious.


Pretty in Pink Theme

Because pink is a common theme for these showers, girl baby shower decorations in that color are not too difficult to come by. How you use them is what makes the difference between ordinary and creative baby shower decorations.

If you have several tables for guests, you can purchase It’s a Girl Danglers and hang one over the center of each table. The danglers can also be used in doorways or entryways, especially if you want an easy way to guide guests to the correct location for the party. Yu can also alternative between those danglers and the It's a Girl Printed Dangling Cutouts with baby footprints on them.

Another option is to pick decorate the table with 5 inch Pink Fillable Baby Bottles. These bottles are not the same kinds you would use with a real baby, however, so you do have the option of purchasing those as well.

Because the bottles are see-through you can add pink mints or candy to each one. You could also use the filled bottles as weights for decorative balloons, such as inexpensive pink latex balloons or the Heart Mylar Balloon.

The balloon bouquets could make lovely centerpieces or you could choose the Carters Baby Girl Decorating Set. The set includes a larger pink floral centerpiece, two smaller ones that are not pink, and a dozen foil hearts that can be spread across the table.

You could purchase multiple sets and use them on the guests’ tables or you could use this to decorate the mom-to-be’s table or the refreshment table.


Other Themes for Girl Baby Shower Decorations

If you’re looking for creative baby shower decorations, you could also consider some other themes that would work nicely for showers meant for little girls.

For example, the New Little Princess Deluxe Party Kit includes everything you need for throwing the party, including a New Little Princess Tablecloth and a It’s a Girl Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece. You also get crepe paper so you can decorate the other tables, the stair rails, and other areas of the party location.

Another cute themed gift pack that comes with some cute girl baby shower decorations is the Queen of the Jungle Deluxe Party Kit. The kit includes brown, green, and pink latex balloons to match the theme’s color, plus an adorable Baby Shower Pink Balloon and a Queen of the Jungle Centerpiece.

No matter what theme you use the key to a great party is taking the time to carefully choose creative baby shower decorations.





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