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Couple Baby Shower at 4th of July

Summer begins with 4th of July for many of us, are you arranging a couple baby shower around the big day? The barbecue, the baseball, the camp, it's all about the American freedoms! So have a barbecue shower and invite the guys, too - They will love to grill up the next courses as you play some of these summer-time fun games.

I've searched through all the baby shower supplies and hand-picked the coolest items for July 4th couple baby shower. You'll find the coolest baby shower supply perfectly designed for the most patriotic baby shower you've ever imagined. Know more about it.

Ok,time to gather the most patriotic couples baby shower ideas in this summer day, let's go...


Couple Baby Shower Invitations

Couple Baby shower

There are many places to pick up star-shaped, flag or fireworks printed invitations. Any cute invitation with the American flag on the front is just fine.

But the extreme fun only comes from your own handmade baby shower invites. Here is a patrioholic baby shower invitation idea for you.

Take some Elmer's glue and drip and ziazag it across the front of plain white cardboard (cut out in any shape like diaper and baby bottle). Then shape some red, white,and blue glitter all over the front of the cut-out cardboard. Now, have one of the male guests be the chef of your barbecue, and take a photograph of him, with apron and hat, holding an American flag next to the barbecue. Then adhere this to the front of the almost-done-invitation.

If you want to setup a more cute baby shower mood, you can also use the Baby Bunch cards or Bright Red baby shower invitation.




Couple Baby Shower Decorations with 4th of July Spirit


You can use paper sheeting from party stores in red, white and blue for the table setting, and use red-checkered table covers.

Place red, white, and blue latex balloon bouquets around the shower room, and add a All American teddy bear to each bunch. Get your guests in the mood to shake their maracas with fiesta tissue garland hung over doorway and windows.

Or hang red, white and blue umbrellas from the celling with streamers(in the same colors)falling from it, spreading across the room, and attaching to the corners of the celling.

The shower hostess can even wear a statue of liberty costume and direct guests right into the fun!

Couple Baby Shower Special Touches For The Table Setting

Use anything that reminds you of American.

Apple pie, Coca-Cola, baseball and tie some bright helium filled balloons to it. Or even prepare lots of red, white, and blue flowers tied with bandanas.

For the dinnerware, use plain white dishes or the Ice Cream party set. It will practically sparkle against your patriotic color scheme or navy or red dishes for even more color on your summer BBQ table.

And dont' forget to fill some baby bottles and food jars with red, white, and blue candy or flags wrapped chocolate.

But nothing can be more applealing than having stars and stripes baby items on a couple baby shower 's gift table - A Superstar Cake for the new little patriot!

Here you'll find the perfect cake pan, table ware, soap favor and other decoration ideas for the most patriotic couple baby shower you've ever imagined.

Welcome From The White House?

Here is a super special touch with a Presidential Welcome right from the White House! It's completely free, just send Baby's name, address information and date of birth to: White House GreetingsWashington, DC 20500.






Couple Baby Shower Foods



Just like the coolest sparklers, make star shaped glittery crispy rice treat pops. These are both easy and fun to make, and they will add so much excitement to your baby shower buffet table.

Start with either a store-bought crispy rice treat, or make your own using your favorite recipe. Cut the treats into star-shapes using a cookie cutter or a with a stencil and butter knife. Decorate with iridescent or glitter sprinkles or candy beads. Push a stick in the middle to create the pop!



Barbecue is a great go-to menu for a baby shower that happens during the summer months, and is fabulous for an event such as a couple baby shower that has co-ed attendees. Go for quick, finger foods such as barbecue chicken wingettes, which can be easily broiled in the oven and doused in barbecue sauce for a tasty treat.

Another option is barbecue ribs! People love them and they can be purchased in the supermarket meat section now, fully cooked with sauce, that you just heat and eat. No need to labor over the grill to get smoky, tender ribs if you just don't have the time.


Independence Day Punch

Ice cream punch is a very popular and delicious drink for summer baby showers, especially around the 4th of July. Mix your favorite sherbet with your favorite soda for this frothy drink.

Before the event, using a star shaped ice cube tray, fill it with whipped cream, and freeze. The finished product will be yummy whipped cream stars that you can add to your punch. Your guests will love this drink and with the stars floating in it, they may want to get plenty of refills because the drink will also be fun!




Couple Baby Shower Games


Are You Ready Mom? Are You Ready Dad?

Watch couples scramble - and squirm - as they race to be the first with all the correct answers the basic questions of pregnancy and labor. Know more about this game.


Watermelon Relay Races

This is a crazy twist that give everyone the chance to feel like they're pregnant!

Divide the guests into two teams, have them race to a pre-determined obstacle, and backagain. The twist is...they will be carrying a watermelon in an overthe-shoulder strap!

Try to find watermelons close the amount of weight the mother-to-be is carrying. Plus, blankets or bed sheets work just as well if you don't have any over-the-shoulder straps.

The mother-to-be can even race, but she doesn't need the watermelon. :-)


Dad's 5 Minute Cookbook

Have all the guests bring at least one dinner recipe to the couple baby shower. The recipes need to have very few ingredients and should only take five minutes to prepare.

After the guests arrive, put the recipes into a book and present it to new Dad. He is really going to enjoy this gift!


Bottoms Up!

This one's for the men! Ooh, now they're expecting for the next couple baby shower!

Fill several baby bottles with beer and give one to each male guest. On your mark, it's Bottoms Up!

They have 30 seconds to drink from the bottle - through the nipple. The first to finish is the winner. The men will have fun with this one, especially when they realize drinking from a bottle is not as easy as they think!

Of course this can be done with the women, too! Remember to make mom-to-be's with a non-alcoholic beverage like apple juice.



Couple Baby Shower Favors

Use red, white, and blue candy necklaces as a tasty favor, it's a special way to remember our wonderful country. Also try this wonderful ice cream towl.

Be creative! You can even have dad-to-be carry a watermelon in the arm stand with his wife(she's carring the baby-to-come), together with shower hosttess holding a flag next to the barbecue. Take a photograph for your three and give each guest a copy, with a slogan like this:

"Thank you for coming at this big daythe freedom is ringing...and Baby Name will be born in USA!God please bless American."




Share Your Couple Baby Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

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If you've just thrown a couple baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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