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If you want to make your baby shower a total success, then you should plan some games for your family and friends to have fun and bond. Games bring people together and make everyone feel welcomed. In this article, I'll be giving you 4 cool ideas to help you have an entertaining event.

1- Can't Say the Word "Baby" Game

Coolest Baby Shower Ideas Game This game creates a fun environment throughout the entire party. Guests receive a toy pacifier necklace and the simple instructions to the game (printed out) at the entrance way of the shower. You can make the necklace by simply threading a toy pacifier onto string and tying the ends. Make sure to have more than enough pacifier necklaces so that everyone gets one at the beginning of the event.

The rules of the game are that every time a guest says the word baby, the person nearest that catches them saying it gets to ask for their pacifier necklace. The fun thing about this game is that even if you lose your necklace, you can still try to get one by catching someone else saying the word baby. Determine a set time when this game will be over so that the necklaces can be counted. The person with the most necklaces wins the grand prize.

2- The ABCs Baby Names Game

Whatever theme you've decided to have for your baby shower, this game will fit in perfectly. To make it prettier and combine more with your shower, hand out stationary paper in the baby shower theme that you've chosen. For example; if you've decided to have a rubber duck baby shower, hand out duck stationary.

Once you've handed out the stationary that matches your theme, tell guests to write out all of the letters of the alphabet and leave a blank space next to each one. When you blow the whistle, they will write a baby name that starts with each letter. The person that finishes all of the letters first, wins the game. If you want to make this game easier you can choose only certain letters instead of the entire alphabet.

3- Guess the Cookies in the Cookie Jar

Fill a glass jar with cookies in your chosen baby shower theme. For example, if you're throwing a lady bug baby shower, you can use ladybug sugar cookies decorating each one with icing. If you don't have the time to make themed cookies, then simply make chocolate chip cookies and decorate the outside of the jar in the colors that match your baby shower. Use ribbons and checkered cloth for the lid. When guests arrive, they will each write down their name and the number that they guess on a list that will be placed next to the jar. The person that gets closer to the actual number of cookies in the jar wins. A variation of this game would be to use jelly beans, M&Ms or buttons; however those will take longer for you to count than the cookies.

4- Balloon Fly Swatter Race

For this game, each guest will need a balloon and a fly swatter. They will line up at one end of the room. A large cardboard box needs to be placed on the other side of the room. When the leader says “go”, each player will need to fill the balloon, tie it and then use the fly swatter to swat the balloon to the other side of the room. Then they'll need to swat the balloon into the box. The first one to get their balloon into the box, wins. Place a plastic bowl with extra balloons on a chair nearby. That way, if the balloon pops in the midst of the game, the player has a place to grab another balloon.

With a little planning and creativity, your guests are sure to have a great time. So choose which of these games will be ideal for your baby shower and enjoy!

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Eren Mckay, owner of EmbracingHome.comEren Mckay is a work at home mommy to 3 boys.

She loves to share party themes and help others come up with fun ideas to plan their baby showers. If you would like to know more about the resources that she has created you can go to: http://www.embracinghome.com/baby/




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