Contribution Guidelines - Help Us Build An Unique Baby Shower and Holiday Celebration Community


1. There is no financial compensation for contributing articles to the Coolest Baby Shower Idea and Coolest Christmas Holiday site.

However, most writers who contribute to the site are richly rewarded by the interactive dialogues that take place between our readers and the authors. You will almost certainly receive emails commenting on articles written by you. Additionally, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you are helping and and encouraging other people to become better baby shower and celebration planner.

2. Coolest Baby Shower Idea editors reserve the right to edit any submissions for grammar usage.

It's very important that content on the Coolest Baby Shower Idea (or Coolest Christmas Holidays) site be as error free as possible and highly informative. If we make any changes we will let you know. Also, we respectfully request that you not use profane language in your articles. 

3. Articles should be: factual, original, entertaining and well crafted.

Sometimes it helps to have someone else proof-read your article BEFORE you submit it. 

4. It's important that your submission convey the reality of being a baby shower hostess or holiday planner.

That is it should portray the real world of celebration planning. 

5. Authors should include a brief bio about themselves at the end of each article.

Any bio should also include a link to other articles you have written on other sites (if applicable). This is a great way to promote yourself and other articles you've written. 

6. Individual submissions should not be more than 750 words.

You may use the Contact Us form to submit your articles. If you have further questions you may also use the Contact Us form to submit your inquiry.

~ contribution guidelines for baby shower hostess~


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