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Valentine Coed Shower

If you're expecting your baby in February, why not have a coed shower incorporating a Valentine's Day theme? Think about your experiences of the most loving holiday of the year where people celebrate their feelings and express about love, and blend this theme beautifully in planning a Valentine's Day baby shower.

Make sure the dad-to-be, grandpa-to-be, and their buddies are on your guest list - without them, how could you have a complete Valentine's Day party? And your your kiss-on-the-tummy can really bring SUPER sweet memory for the new parents and their little sweet heart can keep for years.

Before you get into the most romantic coed shower you've ever imagined, I've listed almost the coolest valentine baby shower supplies that you don´t have to spend a fortune:


Valentine Coed Shower Invitations

Homemade Valentine party invitations are not only most inexpensive but have a personal touch to the baby shower too.

Bear Love InvitationValentine is all about love, so you can choose this Bear Love invitation.

You can send a plain invitation card with just the information about the baby shower to your guests and ask them to decorate their invitation cards to mark their entry in the Shower. Then, as they enter the party, their invitation will be attached to the notice board and the best decorated invitation may be given a prize.

A speciall Valentine party idea is to attach your invitation card to a box of chocolates, a long-stemmed rose or even a bag of assorted Valentine goodies.

If you want to know some easy-and-fun valentine cards making tips and the best products in the market, here more ideas for you:




Valentine Coed Shower Decorations

When decorating for this coed shower, think pink. Use pink plates, napkins, streamers and plastic utensils.

Pink Baby Shower Centerpieces

You can use a pink baby elephant diaper cake as the centerpiece.

Pink Rose Polka Dot Diaper CakeIf you want a lovely centerpiece that adds vibrant, romatic color to your table, roses in orange, red and pink colors are the best choices. And it's a low arrangement so you'll still be able to gaze lovingly into your date's eyes.

Or mass together roses into a centerpiece, and give them out as Valentines when guests arrive.

Also, use red, too. Place red and pink candles all over your house for the shower as well, create a loving, warm environment for your baby shower.

HERSHEY's KISSES Centerpiece: You can use HERSHEY's KISSES as your sparkle to the party setting. For example, sprinkle your tables with handfuls of HERSHEY'S KISSES and HUGS Brand Chocolates. And with so many colorful foils, you can also fill small dishes with HERSHEY'S chocolates and make a perfectly sweet and shimmery centerpiece.

Room Setting

Make a heart-shaped wreath with red flowers for the door to welcome your guests. You can also buy packages of extra large heart-shaped balloons, in pink colors which you can fill with helium and lined the walkway up to the door. And make a valentine balloon archway for the guests to walk beneath, but dont' get around to it.

Another valentine party idea for coed shower is hanging pink baby items and hear shaped paper garland along the walls around the room. And get enough Mylar red heart balloons and tie them here and there around the rooms.

Then spice up your shower location with red or pink roses, or gerber daisies.



Valentine Baby Shower Games

Baby 4-1-1 (Submitted by Daphne Hennesey from Oklahoma City)

Baby 4-1-1

Baby 4-1-1 is a baby trivia game that is fun and educational. The baby shower game is played similar to the game show Jeopardy where the players choose a category and the question is asked to the group.

The first to respond with the correct answer wins Baby Bucks in the amount that is assigned to that question. The player with the most money at the end wins. All the questions are about labor, delivery and taking care of a newborn. It is all information the expecting parents need to know prior to their baby arriving.

Things like "How much will my baby eat in a day?" "How often should I change the diaper?" "When should I head to the hospital?" You can play it at the baby shower or give it as a gift to the expecting couple so that they can play it. They can play it with their parents and friends to see how much they remember about taking care of a newborn.

It is an excellent coed shower game. The guys really get excited when they actually know an answer!

Here are some creative coed shower games that keep your party fun, simple and don't stress out:

  1. These baby shower games for couples will make your moment perfect. It's a lot of fun to pin the boys against the girls!
  2. Discover how fun baby shower games for men can be when added to your co-ed party.
  3. Some unique baby shower games that you can have fun with valentine, candy, bingo, and much more.



Valentine Theme Baby Shower Favors

Everybody will want a little memento of the baby shower to take along as a keepsake. Even if you are hosting a coed shower, you may be surprised at how many men want something to commemorate the day and the bundle of joy that is on the way. Here are some favor ideas for a coed shower:

  • Fortune cookies taste yummy and they make great favors. Go for custom fortune cookies that feature loads of hearts and are dipped in chocolate that is colored to match the color palette for the shower, or go for the fully colored fortunate cookies, which can be bought in just about any color. If you go with custom fortune cookies, then you can also get personalized fortunes placed in them.
  • Make it fun by adding lots of crazy quotes and fortunes that will make your guests smile. Herbal soap is a very earthy favor idea that will appeal to both males and females. Instead of making the wrapping very feminine, go for a more natural style wrapper, such as brown craft paper and twine. Another alternative is to put them in a jar, which can be used after the soap is all gone!

Here is a rose soap favor that you can use for your valentine shower or a spa theme party:

Halloween Tote for a Tot - Pumpkin

Rose Soap Favors




Share Your Coed Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Coed Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding creative baby shower ideas:

If you've just thrown a coed shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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