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Coolest Coed Baby Showers

How to planning coed baby showers? Unleash your imagination, celebrate the big day with Dad-to-be! Couples baby shower is a party for men and women, and more like a small family celebraton that welcome their little new member, without emphasis on those frilly things and ooh-and-aah activities at women-only parties.

On this page, we will show you how to get started your baby shower specially designed for the hubby.The most important thing is to keep the male guests in your mind when you are planning everything. Let the new dad and his buddies feel comfortable and enjoy the baby shower and share the luxury happiness.

CBSI Favorite baby shower packs: these coed theme kits cover pretty much everything you need:


Below are general ideas that don't belong to a specific theme. They can be used in conjunction with any of the theme listed on our site. Or just use them for a self-standing coed shower is fine enough. You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:



Coed Baby Shower Themes


Valentine's Baby Shower
Valentine's Baby Shower (NEW!)
Cowboy Baby Shower
Cowboy Baby Shower
4th Of July Baby Shower
4th Of July Baby Shower

Sports Baby Shower
Sports Baby Shower
Hollywood Baby Shower
Hollywood Baby Shower




Invitations for Coed Baby Showers

Do you want more guys to show up? Here are some cute ideas to attract them:

  1. Use the name of "Diaper vs Daddy Party" instead of "Jack and Jill Baby Shower".
  2. Don't arrange coed baby showers on a sport day, otherwise those football fans will not show up at your shower - they will go for the Super Bowl or the NBA All-Star.
  3. Invite more than 3 guys: Father-in-law, spouse, friends, college guys, co-workers and business partners - don't let the dad-to-be stay alone at the baby shower.
  4. The baby shower invitations should be sent out 3-4 weeks in advance of the baby shower. No matter what kind of invitation ideas you might come up with, stay away from pink!
  5. And don't forget reminding the guys to register at a local gift store or an online gift registry.

Here are some cute and creative baby shower invitations designed for coed party:

Perfect Partner: Fuchsia In Step: Lapis Crayon Collage: Mandarin Orange

Perfect Partner: Fuchsia

In Step: Lapis

Crayon Collage: Mandarin Orange



Coed Shower Etiquette for Guys

According to my personal experieces, male guests should not take coed baby showers as a normal theme party - at least, it's a baby shower for the parents and the arrival of the little one! Here are a few important tips to remember:

  • Do focus on the baby shower. Don't sneak off in search of a 60-inch plasma screen or other guy's event - you are at a baby's celebration.
  • Dont' take the bait when women discuss the pain of child birth or other pregnant-women-secrets. Try something else like freshen your drink or take a bathroom break.
  • Don't, never, ever offer an opinion when women are forecasting on the baby's height and weight. Trust me, there is no right answer here.


Coed Shower Games

Coed Printable GameDiscover how fun baby shower games can be when added to your coed party.

Don't play those ooh-and-aah types of girls' games - they are not suitable for men.

In fact, you don't even need the games.

Try a barbecue party with music and parenting stories that the couple can learn how to start a new life with baby. Or a small saturday night sit down dinner with cake, and a memory book with wished written by the guests.

If you do need some games, make them competative. Read more about the article: Discover how to use printable baby shower games for men for battels of sexes at your co-ed party. Lots of coolest games for celebrate with a party for both sexes!


Coed Baby Shower Foods

Prepare plenty of foods!

How about prepare a deli spread with cakes, and anything you can eat with your hands, like wings and steaks. And who can resist a western style barbecue in your backyard?

Here are some useful barbeque tips for coed baby showers:

  • Cook the meat slowly over low heat and set a timeframe of 4 hours.
  • Start late in the morning for an evening meal -don't try to time it to closely, or you will get yourself all agitated an jumpy.
  • Turn the meat often and start glazing the barbeque sauce during the last 15 minutes.
  • Grilling is simple - you just have to be patient as temperature and meat thickness are different every time.
  • And having some beers would be a super nice idea.

Coed Shower Favors and Gifts

Keep your baby shower favors gender neutral. Or just buy favors both for men and women. Here is a wonderful favor idea for coed baby showers - every guest would love to have it!

Home Movie Basket - Pick a small mental basket, two Coca Cola glasses, a bag of popcorn,a box of movie theater boxed candy, and a $5.00 certificate to Blockbuster Movie Rental(or anywhere else). Most items can be found at a dollar store.

And don't be surprise that your little sweet crafts can create lovely chocolate baby shower favor that'll leave guys with chocolate-smeared grins on their faces after a coed shower. ;-)

Other cool favor ideas for coed baby showers include:

Don't forget buying gifts for the first time father and let him an his buddies open some of the gifts. You will be surprise to see the guys enjoy the gift opening moment more than you can imagine.

For the gift itself, how about a 5 pounds of coffee to keep the dad awake and alert at 3 a.m. :-) Or buy the newly daddy a new dad survival kit that he can prepare himself for the arrival of a new baby.



Share Your Coed Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative coed baby showers every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"!

Kimberly's Coed Baby ShowerTake a peek at other people's Couples Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding co-ed baby shower ideas:

* Katie's Picnic Baby Shower

* Monique's Nautical Chic Coed Shower

* Sheryl's Baby Shower Scrapbook



If you've just thrown a co-ed baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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