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So, You Want Cheap Baby Shower Favor, Huh?

Where can you find cheap baby shower favor and still with flair?

Though there are tons of baby shower supplies out there, I can't tell which one is the cheapest.


The truth is if you want something unusual, their prices are also unusual.

For my money, I researched almost all the valuable baby shower supplies.

Here are the most wonderful selection of baby shower favors at great price - from basic product and handmade gifts to elegant favors.

The list below is my personal research note for baby shower favor pricing during my voyage in the cyberpace.

Baby Shower Favor Below $1.00 per unit

* plastic Baby bootie
* mini baby bottle
* mini pails
* bookmark
* plastic bible box
* mini chocolate bar
* vinyl crawling baby
* bubble gum cigar
* paper flowers
* fabric rose
* scallop ocean shell
* personalized ribbon
* mini soap
* mini baby rattle
* lollipop
* color starfish
* tropical shirt notepad

Baby Shower Favor Between $1.00 And $3.00

* ducky Keychain
* porcelain baby keepsake
* potpourri bassinet
* bucket
* gift box candle
* potpourri mini truck
* potpourri basket
* baby clothing magnets
* large angel cross magnet

A good idea is to combine your orders with other people who are also planning baby showers. The benefits are lower prices and free shipping for bulk purchasing.

If you really like unique baby shower favors that allows you to use your imagination, and still want to keep them price low, don't buy them, make your own! Click here for some wonderful homemade baby shower favors.

And if you can find a local craftsman or art student, there is a big chance that buy gifts from them at a great price.

Enjoy your shopping here!

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