Candy Baby Shower Favors

When most people think of a new baby, the first word that comes to mind is "sweet".

In fact, sweets and other tasty treats can even be the theme of your shower.

Of course, the perfect accompaniment to such a theme would be delicious candy baby shower favors such as the ones below.

The Taste of Chocolate

Whether you are looking for a sweet baby shower favor for your candy-themed party or you want to keep the theme strictly for chocoholics, you can find some great ideas without having to go through the trouble of making the favors yourself. Here are a few of the candy bay shower favors that might quench your guests’ need for a chocolate fix.

Mini Personalized Brownie Pops

The Mini Personalized Brownie Pops are definitely favorite chocolate baby shower favors among guests. As the name suggests, these are individual brownies served on sticks like upside-down lollipops. Each pop is decorated in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate along with blue, pink, or yellow dots. You can also add a single letter to the pops, such as the first letter of the new baby’s name.

You can also choose something more traditional to satisfy the cravings of your guests. The Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Chocolate option lets you choose between Kisses, Miniatures, and regular-sized bars. You can customize the labels of any of them with decorative icons, such as baby clothes or a carriage, and a message.

Now if you want something made from chocolate but a little more unique, consider the Personalized Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. Most of your guests will never have tried this delicacy. You can customize the label and lid and choose from seven different color options for the seeds themselves.

Personalized Baby Shower Chocolate Coins

You might also want to consider an inexpensive option, such as the Personalized Baby Shower Chocolate Coins. These Belgian chocolate coins come wrapped individually in foil (you choose the color) with decorations of your choosing on the front and on the back. They make great candy baby shower favors, as well as table decorations.

Sweet Tastes for Sweet Guests

If you don’t want to choose chocolate baby shower favors for your party, you can find plenty of other candy options available. For example, the Personalized Baby Shower Breath Mint Candy Rolls are an inexpensive way to offer guests delectable candy baby shower favors.  You can choose from 20 labels for the rolls. Another plus for this favor is the wintergreen mints in the roll are sugar-free so they can be enjoyed by all of your guests.

Mini Gumball Slot Machines

Another fun candy treat is gum, but you don’t have to pick up some cheap packs at the store and pass them out. If you are having a casino-themed shower, for example, you could use the Mini Gumball Slot Machines for your sweet baby shower favor.


The machines really work and deliver a tasty gumball with each pull of the handle. Another option for gum is the Baby Bubblegum Buddies. These creative gems start with a gumball decorated to look like a little girl or little boy. They are available in Caucasian and African American varieties.

The Ultimate Candy Favor

Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans

If you really want your guests to leave the shower with their sweet tooth quenched, your candy baby shower favors need to let them choose their favorites. You can do this by setting up a candy bar at the shower. Give each guest a container, such as the Personalized Baby Shower Candy Jar. Then set up bowls of assorted treats, such as Pastel Sweet Tart Pacifier Candy and Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans (available in four different drink tastes).

If you want to offer chocolate baby shower favors, too, then add those options to the bar, too. Gourmet Chocolate Mints would be a popular choice.

Cinamon Heart Candies

You might also want to spice up the options with Cinnamon Heart Candies. Let guests fill their container with the candy of their choice to make the perfect sweet baby shower favor for them.

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