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Coolest Butterfly Theme Baby Shower

When new parents are welcoming a little girl into the family, they want a butterfly theme baby shower that is adorable and cute as their newborn daughter is going to be when she arrives. The butterfly or little angel baby shower ideas on this page are the perfect combination of those two factors. As with any theme, keeping all of your party elements consistent can sometimes require a little bit of creativity.

You don't have to search forever the best deal of baby shower supplies with butterfly, flower or bug theme, just compare the theme packages below that pretty much cover everything you need:


You can either scroll down this page and read all the ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:




Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Here are some cute and printed butterfly theme invitations & cards:

Butterfly Bliss: Yogurt Butterfly Kisses: Mustard Happy Butterflies: Ecru

Butterfly Bliss: Yogurt

$1.19 each

Butterfly Kisses: Mustard

$1.39 each

Happy Butterflies: Ecru

$1.09 each

Butterflies and Dragonflies Invitations Butterfly Burst: Orange Sherbet Butterfly Bliss: Yogurt

Butterflies and Dragonflies Invitations


Butterfly Burst: Orange Sherbet

$1.14 each

Butterfly Bliss: Yogurt

$0.99 each





Little Angel Baby Shower Venue

During the preliminary baby shower planning stages, you need to select a location for the event. With a shower, you can choose something intimate like your home or the home of a friend. Public parks can be nice when the weather is good, and many parks offer shelters and other facilities that can be rented out for these gatherings.

Because you are throwing a butterfly theme baby shower, you may also want to consider more unique locations. Botanical gardens, for example, are usually swarming with butterflies and would make a beautiful site for the celebration. Some zoos also have butterfly exhibits so that would also be an appropriate location for this type of baby girl baby shower.



Butterfly Theme Baby Shower Decorations


No matter where you choose to hold your baby girl baby shower you will need to do some decorating. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Hang pink butterfly garland in doorwaysButterfly Drink
  • Purchase several butterfly drink cups, remove the tops and straws then fill them with water and fresh flowers. They can be used as table centerpieces. You could also fill them with marbles or gravel to give them weight and tie flutterby foil balloons to them.
  • Use the shimmering butterflies prismatic centerpiece on all of the tables or just on the main ones, such as the refreshment or gift tables.
  • Find a butterfly stencil or create your own by enlarging a photo of a butterfly then cutting around the image. Purchase different colors and textures of paper that match your color theme and use the stencil to create an army of colorful butterflies you can place on the walls of the location.
  • Decorate the tables and help guests find their seats using butterfly place card holders. If you have the extra money in your budget, hire a calligrapher to write the names on the blank white cards that come with the holders.
  • Alternatively, you could use a photo of each guest or even a baby photo of each guest if you can get your hands on them.

You can use these ideas above to help you keep the butterfly theme baby shower consistent. However, you can also add other elements, including colorful latex balloons, table confetti, scented candles, and other decorations to create a butterfly wonderland for your guests.

Also try these creative butterfly baby shower decoration ideas:

Little Pumpkin - Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape Mod Butterfly Luncheon Napkins

Flutterby Butterflies Foil Balloon


Mod Butterfly Luncheon Napkins

$2.30 pkg/16

Baby Toast: Pumpkin Bella the Butterfly - Soft 3D Wall Art Duo

Pink Butterfly Garland


Bella the Butterfly - Soft 3D Wall Art Duo





Little Angel Baby Shower Games

Babies are a gift from God, and you can celebrate Mom's little angel! Decoate with butterflies and rainblows and read the poem, "A Child's Angel" to kick-start your shower.

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games you can buy and print out right away:


Butterfly Rubber Ducky Net - Take a butterfly theme baby shower to a weird, but super cute, realm with the Butterfly Rubber Ducky Net game. You will need rubber ducks that are made with little butterfly wings, a small tub like a baby bathtub, a net, a blindfold, and some towels. Fill the tub with water and place the butterfly ducks in the water. Guests will be blindfolded, and must use the net to scoop up as many ducks as they can within a set period of time. The person that scoops up the most ducks wins a prize!


Butterfly Bingo - This game will be just too sweet of an addition to a butterfly theme baby shower. There are a couple of ways that you can make this happen. One option is to create bingo boards that are imprinted with butterflies. You can tailor the look for a boy or girl by making the board either pink or blue. If you don't want the gender of the baby revealed, go for green or yellow colored butterflies. The other option is to actually have the bingo boards shaped like butterflies! These will be very pretty and will give the appearance of the butterflies floating on the tables as people play the game.


Butterfly Gift Basket Lottery - Randomly place a few butterflies on objects, such as underneath one chair, underneath a cup, under a cupcake or plate, or on the handle of a utensil. At the end of the event, have the people that have a butterfly on their chair or cup or utensil line up. Then, present them with a really cool gift basket full of butterfly inspired stuff! It will be a great way to end the event.

Here are two baby shower game ideas fit your butterfly or little angel theme very well:

It's Also A Baby Name Who's Who - Children's Bible Stories

It's Also A Baby Name


Who's Who - Children's Bible Stories





Butterfly Theme Baby Shower Foods

Any good party must have some type of refreshments. With a baby shower, you have options. At a minimum, you’ll want to serve some type of cake or sweet along with drinks.

Butterfly Cake Pan
  1. Other hosts offer more elaborate refreshments ranging from deli trays to full meals. You need to decide what works best for your budget and the timing of your shower.
  2. If you plan on having a cake and want to keep with the buttery theme baby shower, you can make one from scratch using the Butterfly Cake Pan. You could also bake several of the cakes and make each one a different flavor.
  3. Another popular choice for baby shower refreshments is cupcakes. You could decorate each cupcake with a Butterfly Ring. The rings come in four different colors to make the refreshment table extremely colorful. Plus, guests can keep the ring as a memento of the event.
Butterfly Cookie Cutter

Since not all guests like cake, you might want to choose a sweet with more universal appeal, such as the cookie. With a Butterfly Cookie Cutter, you can shape your own cookies and make them any flavor you want.

Regardless of the type of food and beverages you choose to serve, you’ll need plates, napkins, and cups that match your butterfly theme baby shower.

You can purchase these items in sets to make your work easier.



Butterfly Theme Baby Shower Favors

At the end of the shower, guests shouldn’t leave without a keepsake of some kind.

Try these cute butterfly bliss baby shower favor ideas too:

Spring Bliss Laser-Cut Butterfly Favor Box (Set of 24) Butterfly Shaped Favor Boxes

"Spring Bliss" Laser-Cut Butterfly Favor Box (Set of 24)


Butterfly Shaped Favor Boxes





Share Your Butterfly Baby Shower Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Little Butterfly Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding unique baby shower ideas:

Butterfly Wish Cake
Ashland's Butterfly Wish Cake


If you've just thrown a butterfly or little angel baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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