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Bee Baby Shower - What Will It Bee?

Bumblebee Baby Shower Cake

There are so many great reasons to celebrate a new arrival with a bee baby shower theme. Is the baby's gender a surprise? I love the idea of "What Will it Bee?" - it's the cutest way to sweeten the anticipation surrounding the big day! A bumble bee baby shower also opens a hive of trendy, chic décor options with variety of color combinations in everything from bold black and yellow to a softer combination of yellow and white. >> Bee Shower Supplies



No matter what hue you choose, with cheerful yellow as a focal point this theme is guaranteed to bring forth a smile smile when everyone sees these cheerful, buzz-worthy ideas! Without a doubt the honey bee theme will create a hive of excitement both in planning and party phases, and these ideas are some of my favorites.

Cute as Bee Baby Shower


Bee Baby Shower Plan



Bee Baby Shower Invitations

Bee Baby Shower Invitations

Waddle It Bee Invitation: If you want to really create a buzz about baby's gender, consider the "Waddle It Be?" invitations. With a playful request for guests to wear blue or pink to represent their guess, these gorgeous, cheerful invites are the perfect conversation starter, but they're also fully customizable so you can add any message you like. Classically elegant yet bursting with cheer, this is a great choice no matter what your venue.

Bee Blooming Sunny Yellow Invitations: These invitations are perfect for those who want to focus more on the floral aspect of the bumblebee baby shower theme. Brilliantly yellow and bursting with white flowers, this stationary is beautifully inviting, which is exactly how you want your guests to feel. With their artistic flair. these are ideal for an elegant luncheon.

Bumble Buzz: If you prefer a whimsical approach, consider Bumble Buzz invites. These playful cards offer plenty of room for personalization in a more traditionally style card. And with a pair of honey bees ever-present to share the big news, your event is announced is buzz-worthy style with these playful honey bee invitations.



Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Sweet As Can Bee Shower Kit: Get a head start on the bee baby shower decorations with a Sweet-As-Can-Bee shower pack. With a complete table setting - including dinner and dessert plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and knives—for eight guests, this kit takes care of your table so you can focus on the rest of the room. Also included are table cloths, a centerpiece, streamers, ribbon, confetti, and more - all perfectly coordinated in pink and yellow for the mom-to-be.

Personalized Bee Banner: No honey baby shower would be complete without a Cute-As-Can-BEE Personalized banner. Personalize it to congratulate the parents-to-be, then hang it to welcome guests to the party. Purchase a second banner as a keepsake for the growing family and display it on a table with a marker for guests to write their congratulations. It makes a great keepsake and reminder of the big day! You can also use banners as table runners, which is especially effective if your table space is limited yet you don't want to skimp on the décor.

Buzzy Bee Balloon: Create a buzz with Buzzy Bee super shaped mylar balloons. Your theme takes flight with these adorable oversized balloons, perfect for arranging overhead. Tie them so they keep watch over your buffet or add to the ambiance with a hive of bees as a backdrop to the cake table. They also make a cute addition around the gift table—arrange them at several heights for an eye-catching display. If you will host young children, leave a few loose, as they will fascinate and endlessly entertain little ones. Want to add even more color? Add solid yellow or white balloons, or if you're expecting a baby boy, clusters of blue balloons make an excellent "sky" motif.

Colorful Honeycomb Ball: Your cute as can bee baby shower décor wouldn't be complete without Yellow 8" Honeycomb Balls. Lightweight and easy to hang, they add cheerful color and visual interest, but in this case the sky is not the limit. Honeycomb Balls can be placed in a line down the center of the table for a cute, simple centerpiece. Add even more appeal by placing small craft bees or stickers inside.

The bee theme lends itself beautifully to streamers, but why not get creative? Pair two bee-worthy colors to create a backdrop against a wall, then add bee cutouts to the display to extend the décor from the tables to the walls. This is a great way to use up extra party supplies.


Bee Baby Shower Cakes

Bee Baby Shower Cakes

You don't need to be a genius in the kitchen to create a wonderful bee baby shower cake. Whether you choose to work with cupcakes or a larger layered cake, all you need to do is cover the top with a swirl of yellow icing for a classic beehive look. You can accomplish this by mounding icing on cupcakes or by trimming 3-4 stacked layers of round cake so they're slightly conical in shape. Once the cake is coated in yellow, add bees, flowers, or other details that fit your décor. If you're not an artist with icing, your local craft or cake supply store should have pieces you can simply affix to the cake (although if the pieces are not edible, be sure to alert your guests before the cake is cut.)


Bee Baby Shower Games

Honeycomb Matching Game: The multiple facets of a honeycomb simply beg for a matching game. Construct a large patterned display out of poster board. Write one baby-themed word in each section, ensuring that each word has exactly one match elsewhere on the board. Then cover each section with a matching, numbered "honeycomb" piece of construction paper. Guests take turns calling out number pairs to see the words behind each one. When a match is made, a point is tallied. Once the board is uncovered with all matches revealed, the player or team with the most points wins.

Baby Bottle Toss: Do you have an active group, or will there be children in attendance? They might enjoy a simple ring toss game. Set up a target - you can make one by adding water to a baby bottle to give it some weight - with the objective of tossing rings over the standing bottle. This play on a bee's stinger just might be the hit of the party. Alternatively, make a yellow and black bullseye then stand back so guests can toss rattles and other small baby toys toward the center. The most accurate shot wins, but you might have to go a few rounds with this exciting game.

Mom-To-Bee's Belly: Grab those extra streamers - they're perfect for measuring the mom-to-be's belly! Have guests tear off a section of streamer in a length they think matches the circumference of the expectant mom. Wrap the guesses around her until one is on target - in the meantime, you'll decorate her to look like a bee!



Bee Baby Shower Favors

Bee Baby Shower Favors

Beehive Candle: Show your guests how much you appreciate them with fantastic bee baby shower favors. "Sweet As Can Be" Honey Scented Beehive Candles will be playful reminders of the big day. They can also double as place settings for a sit-down dinner.

Lip Balm Personalized Favor: For a creative gift your guests can really use, consider Bee Lip Balm, which arrives individually packaged in an attractive gift bag. This is one gift guests will use again and again, and they're sure to remember and appreciate the gesture every time they open the reusable container.

Homemade Honey: If you'd like to share a really sweet parting treat, considering giving each guest her own bottle of honey. It's the perfect way to end a bee baby shower!



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