3 Innovative Baptism Gifts for Your Friends and Family

Baptismgifts are especially difficult to choose among those presents for any occasion.

The event of baptism is quite targeted.

To most of people, it's tricky to find a unique item that represents the special occasion while remaining one of a kind in its own rite.

So if you one of those who are shopping for just the right gifts for baptism this year, you need a few extra help.

Don't worry. I'm giving you some innovative options here so you can really enjoy the shopping itself.

Let's begin.

I love the idea of giving this special present to a little one. In the past, I have personalized the Bibles with a little note of love for the children who received them. The notes themselves make the baptism-gifts individual and unique.

This was common practice for me. However, I ran into a significant problem with this practice. I was not the only one who bought these baptism gifts. My nephew wound up with four baby Bibles and even though each one had a unique sentiment inside, the present did not seem to have as much meaning when accompanied by three others.

I started on a quest for unique baptism-gifts so this would not happen again.

These baptism-gifts seemed like the perfect idea until I attended a christening party that boasted an all-time record of five baby Bibles and seven frames. I decided to keep looking.

I found the perfect options for the dilemma, I think.

I came across an innovative idea in baby gift items during an online search for unique baptism-gifts. This innovative present is a hand-painted plate that is personalized for each child. What is really appealing about this gift is each one is hand crafted and individual.

When ordering the plate you need to include the baby's name, the date of the event and a special verse that you write yourself. The verse is another individual touch that makes the baptism-gifts one of a kind. This present takes quite a bit of thought but it is worth it in the end.

Although I love the idea of the hand-painted baby plate, I will continue to look for unique baptism-gifts for my friends and family. This is a challenge that I love.

For now, I will give the plates as unique presents representing the special events. That is, until I attend a party in which another plate surfaces. I know it will be time to move on.

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