When It Comes To Baby Toys, How To Avoide Purchasing Mistakes?

Parents spend so much time putting thought into what kind of baby toys should be purchased and what should be overlooked.

Every parent wants their child to have lots of educational toys to begin life with.

I was one of them.

When my wife was pregnant, she registered for many toys hoping to cut down our own costs for the future. We were lucky enough to get most of the ones on our list.

We all have some experiences like this:

Before children enter your lives, your houses are sometimes disorganized. Once children come along, the disorganization can turn into clutter and a pure mess.

That certainly held true for you once you had a baby.

Suddenly, your house is clean but cluttered with toys and items everywhere. You just can't keep up with working and raising a child. And you are content if only half of the house had toys scattered about. :-)

However, I also found many of my daughter's toys at neighborhood yard sales. I admit, many of those toys that I managed to find were educational in some manner.

I chose baby toys with bright colors and different shapes. That was important to me.

I didn't want my daughter to have anything but educational toys. I was a big fan of her learning her colors and alphabet way before any of the other children.

But the problem is I didn't think about the fact that she needed to learn how to be a child too!

So what can you learn from my mistakes?

When looking for baby-toys or toys for any young child, you should not always get educational or fun toys.

Some toys should stimulate their minds and help them develop their intellectual skills.

The other toys should revolve around simply playing, or develop skills such as threading, chain making, sorting, stacking, opening and closing. I like those toys provide encouraging feedback in the form of flashing lights and fun sounds.

Of course, we always carry extra soft plush stuffed animals such as the activity duckie and musical elmo.

Now that my daughter is a toddler, she no longer needs baby toys that teach the simple basics. I do owe some of her knowledge and early learning skills to her baby-toys.

However, now that she is into older toys she still does learn things.

For example, her kitchen set has lots of food and dining items. She's grasped a concept of setting a table and what foods go with what foods. She's developed an imagination and likes to play "pretend" now as well. I adore watching her.

While I do credit many of her baby toys for giving her a wonderful head start, a lot has to do with what you allow your child to do. If you allow them to explore and develop a creative imagination, they will thank you for it someday.

Are you ready for the toys shopping? Let me tell you why these baby-toys are important for the baby's development, and to keep them entertained, giving parents a well earned break.


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