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Are you still planning a baby shower like your mom did many years ago?

It's time for some changes and fresh ideas.

If you're a web-savvy party planner like me, how about go for the online Shower 2.0?

What? What is baby shower 2.0 all about?

If you've heard about web 2.0 (, you will agree that how important that sharing means to you and your family.

I'm giving out my recommended web 2.0 sites here for you, the web-savvy Shower ( or any occassion) hostess, to throw your very own Shower online!

First, you should create a live blog during planning a Baby Shower Online

The beauty of creating your personal blog is you can invite all your families and friends to be part of the planning itself. It's very easy for them to post comment and contribute ideas.

Here are two sites I highly recommend:


Blogger.comBlogger is so far the most popular blogging platform. It's very easy to create an account and start blogging every little steps before you finish the Shower planning.


Wordpresss MallWordpress is the most flexible blogging platform, and their Akismet comment spam blocking service has saved many people from sapmmy comments.

I'm considering transfer my site blog to wordpress platform.

Next, share your baby shower experiences using photo sharing sites

How many ideas you can come up with when it comes to creatively use your digital photos?

Why not just digitalize your party with you baby shower photos?

Here are some very popular websites that can upload your bayb shower online...the only cost is your creativity!


Flickrs mall A whole new crop of online photo sharing services are gunning for flickr and the title of “coolest photo site”.

A famous web guru call these the “Flickr Gunners” which are combining new and exciting features with their massive existing customer and photo base.

But it is still the photo tagging and sharing site that I use every day.

If you're a web-savvy baby shower hostess, you may already aware that photo sharing sites are sticky by nature.

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of uploading your photos, tagging them and creating albums, it’ll take something very special to get you to move.

Flickr had this "specialness" - the social tagging and viewing features built a network effect that made flickr more valuable to a new user as it grew - so I think this is quite useful of a web-based baby shower as you're create a online community to celebrate the baby's arrival.

A great alternative to make your baby shower ideas shared online is making online photo slideshow and share it with your friends and families.


YoutubeYouTube is far from being a young startup, and I think the humanity it brings to the cyber-space is a beautiful thing.

Real life example from This is a personalized photo slideshow that user produced for a baby shower. She even included the song's lyrics at the end. Very creative!

You can simply pick up your favoriest baby shower photos and do the same thing on

Rockyou.comRockyou is also a great website to turn my site visitors' digital photos into a wonderful slideshow (and I can add music to it!).

It's free.

And you can easily get your show published in Myspace, Friendster, Facebook and my favoritest

Here is the slideshow made from the digital photos submitted by my visitors:

Check it out here to see how I turn these photo into a slide show

Bebo.comI've also published the slideshow with my Bebo account. You can connect with me on Bebo, just click below:

You might also want to know 9 totally digital baby shower gift for mom.

If you have any unique ideas on how to share your original baby shower ideas and photos, please share with me. I'll be glad to post it on this site.

Even more so, I LOVE seeing the photos from your Shower. They bring your ideas to life and add a personal flavor to this world of baby shower planning.

Your Baby Shower Ideas and Photos will also be automatically entered into our next baby shower contest.

Have fun!


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