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Boy Baby Shower Theme

Picking the baby shower theme for any baby shower can be a tough job. Unless you know for certain exactly what the mom and/or parents-to-be would absolutely love, there could be a little bit of stress over which theme will work best for everyone.

There are often quite a few people that you are trying to please. But, there are so many different potential themes out there that you can be assured that you will find something that's fun, festive, and totally suitable, regardless of who is there. Here are 5 baby shower ideas to consider when the guest of honor is welcoming a little boy into the family:


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Boy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

To find the right baby shower theme for a family that is expecting a boy, you could always start with trying to incorporate a favorite character, hobby, or color that the mother may have. She is very important because…she is the one actually CARRYING the baby! So, you want her happy.

Get creative with things! Take her thoughts and add a little twist to them.

If she likes sailboats and puppies, then, go with a Puppy Pirate theme or island based baby shower theme featuring tons of adorable doggies! Or, if her hobby is sewing, go with a patchwork quilt theme with an attachable tie-on that features little baby boys getting into mischief. You could even have a custom quilt/throw made for her to wear like a cape while she at the baby shower, but that can be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

If you are planning on having a co-ed baby shower, you will want to be sure to keep things masculine. Guys won't want to be involved with anything too feminine, and some might even get bored or offended. The father-to-be could likely be boastful because this will be "his boy", and so you should give him some space during the event to talk about what he plans to do with "his son".

Choose colors that are either very "boyish" or go for neutrals like green, yellow, or brown. Try not to get too frilly with things for this event, because, ultimately, it should totally represent the fact that a boy is on the way. Once you decide on the theme, whether you go for chic or whimsical, baby blue or brown, or just a hodge podge of things, you will need to get the information out. That's where the invitations come into play

Here are some boy theme ideas in details for you.

Halloween Baby Shower
Halloween Baby Shower
Cowboy Baby Shower
Cowboy Baby Shower
4th Of July Baby Shower
4th Of July Baby Shower

Sports Baby Shower
Sports Baby Shower
Hollywood Baby Shower
Hollywood Baby Shower
Froggy Baby Shower
Froggy Baby Shower

Sports Baby Shower
Sports Theme Baby Shower
Hollywood Baby Shower
Jungle Theme Baby Shower
Froggy Baby Shower
Boy Baby Shower


If you haven't found the theme you're looking for, click on over here with over 32 boy baby shower themes (Phew!)...


Baby Boy Shower Games

Turn your baby shower in an awesome celebration with these baby shower games and ideas that you can print and play right away.

Baby Boy Shower Invitations

If you're going for a more informal baby shower, I always like an invitation that gets right to the point and doesn't have too many envelopes. Too many parts takes the fun out of the event. However, if you want formal, be sure to go ultra formal with your invitations. Also read this guide for baby boy shower invitations.

  • A really cute invitation idea that works is one that includes something yummy along with the themed invitation. For instance, if you have a "diaper duty" type of theme, you can make diaper invitations and place the invitation in a box with a diaper shaped cookie or color-coordinated candy!
  • Get everybody excited about the baby shower by including a copy of the sonogram in the invitation. This will put the focus on the baby-to-come and will also serve as a special gift for your guests. Go with a basic invitation or framed invitation and insert the picture or create a silhouette image of the mom-to-be, and include the picture on that.
  • You can keep the cards simple such as the Carters baby boy invitations or you can choose something like the baby birds personalized invitation which depicts a couple of birds welcoming their new bundle of joy with a song.

Either way, you want to purchase the cards early and get them in the mail about four weeks prior to the party. Also check out these cute and printed baby shower invitations and cards:

Blessed Baby Boy Invitations (8 count) Royal Welcome: Stream Blessed Baby Boy Invitations

Blessed Baby Boy Invitations (8 count)

Royal Welcome: Stream

Blessed Baby Boy Invitations




Baby Boy Shower Decorations

Among the other baby boy shower ideas you will need to brainstorm are the decorations. You don’t want to greet your guests with a dull location for the event. Again, you’ll need to think about your boy baby shower theme and what will match the best. Read our complete guide for baby boy shower decorations.

If you’ve chosen something basic like a blue color scheme, you’ll have more options. However, if you choose a theme such as ducks or little prince then you can be more creative with your decorations. Here are a few ideas for decorating for the party:

  • You can decorate the walls of the location with adorable cut outs such as the baby boy rattle or the baby birds personalized banner.
  • Purchase a few inexpensive blue rattles or pacifiers then string them along a piece of clothesline. Use blue clothes pins to keep the rattles or pacifiers separated on the cord. Then string up the decorations between columns or in doorways.
  • Place centerpieces on all of the tables. You could use something like the It's a Boy gleam'n burst centerpiece or you could create a balloon centerpiece. Find juice cups or baby bottles, fill them with marbles or colorful gravel, then tie a baby boy sneakers mylar balloon to it along with several other blue and white latex balloons. Afterward, clean up the bottles or cups and give them to the new parents. The Parenthood baby block centerpiece would also be a good choice.
  • You may want some additional table decorations, too. Baby table sprinkles in blue can be spread out around the table’s centerpiece or you can create your own confetti for the purpose with cardstock paper and decorative hole punches.
  • You can use mini metal sailboats and fill them with candy, mints, or nuts to give guests something to snack on while waiting for the party to begin.

With all of these ideas just keep in mind your boy baby shower theme so your decorations, invitations, and other party elements will stay consistent, such as these cute items:

It's a Boy Foot Shaped Mylar Balloon Baby Boy Clothes Photo Candy Bar Baby Boy Shoes Mylar Balloon

It's a Boy Foot Shaped Mylar Balloon

Baby Boy Clothes Photo Candy Bar

Baby Boy Shoes Mylar Balloon




Baby Boy Shower Favors

Anything edible is usually a hit when it comes to favors. However, when your baby shower theme is specifically for a boy, you may need to add a little more ingenuity into the gift. You could get some candy wrappers printed and wrap bars of gourmet candy or snacks in them for a really "sweet" favor.

Or you could carry on the theme that you have chosen with a favor or gift that totally reflects that baby shower theme.

For instance, if you go with a jungle or explorer type of theme, which is very popular for couples that are expecting a boy, you may want to give out toiletries, packaged in wooden-like crates or boxes, that are labeled with the baby shower information, and dressed up with twine, stickers, or travel stamps.

Fillable Blue Baby BottleYou could also make your own candy. Many cooking stores sell candy molds in a wide range of shapes, including bottles, strollers, pacifiers, even babies.

You can use white chocolate chips, melt them carefully in the microwave or on the stovetop, add in a few pinches of blue food coloring, stir, and pour the concoction in the molds. The candy freezes in minutes when the mold is placed in the freezer. Then you can place some of the candies in a fillable blue baby bottle.

Another party favor idea is the crystal choo choo train keepsake. This favor would be perfect for if your boy baby shower theme centered on trains.




Share Your Boy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Our website receive creative baby shower theme ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Boy Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding baby shower ideas:

Safari Theme Baby Shower Cake Star Baby Shower Favor Vintage Boy Shower Invitation
Rita's Sarafi Shower Lisa's Baby Boy Shower Vintage Boy Invitation


If you've just thrown a boy baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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