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Girl Baby Shower Theme Ideas

It may seem like the world is full of baby shower theme ideas for girls. Who doesn't just love a pretty, frilly frou-frou baby shower? It's one of life's special little pleasures for women around the world. With so many options, deciding on just one could be a wee bit tricky for some.

Picking baby shower theme ideas may at first seem daunting until you realize just how many options are available. You can always fall back on the traditional pink and white color combination for a theme or go modern with pink and chocolate colors. The one thing that you should remember about hosting a shower for a couple that's expecting a girl is that you actually don't have to have PINK as the primary color. Yes, it's traditional, but it's not a definitive.

You can save yourself the trouble of shopping around for items that match your girl baby shower below:


You can either scroll down this page and read all the baby shower theme ideas or choose the idea category from the drop down list below:




Baby Girl Shower Themes

When considering baby shower theme ideas, don't discount those that aren't the proverbial "pink". Other colors are fun, funky, and just as girly as pink also. But, if you really just can't imagine a baby shower without using pink, then, get creative and pair it with a cool color like brown or silver!

One of my favorite baby shower theme ideas for baby girls is to bling out the affair.

Shimmer, shine, and lots of it will make the shower spectacular eye candy for the attendees. To pull this off, go with a traditional base like baby strollers, bibs, or sweet little Mary Jane shoes, and then bling everything out with silver, crystal, and glittering accessories and embellishments! That will take the overall décor up a notch while still giving it a girly-feel.

You could think out of the box with baby shower theme ideas that feature the unexpected. One really wild idea is to focus on "Girl Power", and create a theme that includes a superhero baby girl in a diaper and cape! The mother-to-be will love it because it has such a positive message, and the guests are sure to do a lot of giggling with this theme!

Bring it to life with cupcakes that feature the baby girl superhero or that are decked out in capes! You could even make them appear to fly by hanging cupcakes from a cute little cupcake tree or stand.

Here are some theme ideas in details for you.

Diaper Baby Shower
Diaper Baby Shower
Baby Shower Tea Party
Baby Shower Tea Party
Around The Clock Shower
Around The Clock Shower

Noahs Ark Twins Baby Shower
Noahs Ark Twins Baby Shower
Little Princess Baby Girl Shower
Little Princess Baby Girl Shower
ABC Baby Shower
ABC Baby Shower
Valentine's Baby Shower
Valentine's Baby Shower (NEW!)
Valentine's Baby Shower
Butterfly Baby Shower
Valentine's Baby Shower
Pink Baby Shower for Girl


More girl baby shower theme ideas:

Baby animals in pastel colors are also great choices. For religious parents-to-be, the sweet blessing pink theme featuring a combination of colors and a pink cross might be an excellent theme. Butterflies would be a good choice, too. If you haven't found the theme you're looking for, click on over here with over 28 girl baby shower themes (Phew!)...

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Invitations that are quick to grab attention are the ones that people remember for years to come. Make the invitations for this baby shower pop, literally! Why not go with an invitation inside of a corked bottle for a baby shower with a little swag to it?

Or create a 3-D type of invitation using photos, card stock, and cut-outs. That will bring your invitation to life for the potential guests and it will turn up the fun factor on the whole event from the start.

Another invitation option for those that want to do-it-yourself is to use fabric in your invitations. People love things that have a special touch to them. Decorate a store bought invitation with a lace ribbon or with sequins and glitter so that it dazzles! Just think about how cool it will be seeing a bejeweled diaper or pacifier that looks like it's off of a designer's showroom floor when they open the invitation.

If you don't want to make your own, you might want to consider the New little princess invitations (another popular theme for baby girls) or the Nursery friends personalized invites instead. Don't forget to check out these cute and printed monkey baby girl shower invitations:


Monkey Girl - Baby Shower Invitations With Squiggle Shape

Monkey Girl Invitation



Girl Baby Shower Decorations

With all of the girl baby shower theme ideas, decorating the party venue shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll find plenty of options. Keep your theme in mind but you can also add a few non-theme elements such as the 22 inch welcome baby foil balloon.

You might also want to think about some of these girl baby shower ideas for decorating:

  • Give each table a girlish theme and decorate accordingly. For example, Barbie dolls are the epitome of girly so purchase some inexpensive dolls and use them as place holders for the guests. On another table, you might let the guests decorate the white tablecloth with lipstick, blush, and fingernail polish in lots of colors.
  • Hang pink baby girl carriage swirl decorations from the ceiling. If you don’t want to purchase enough to cover the entire ceiling, place them in doorways for maximum effect.
  • Bring in the Autograph duck. This duck comes with a marker guests can use to write messages to the new parents on its surface. The duck does triple duty as a decoration, a form of guest entertainment, and a keepsake for the parents.
  • Place balloons everywhere! A Pink heart mylar balloon is an excellent choice for the decorations but you can save money by using fewer of the Mylar balloons and combining them with inexpensive plain color latex balloons.

Also check out these cute baby shower items that can help you setup a girly place:


Carter's Baby Girl 18 It's a Girl Foot Shaped Mylar Balloon Baby Outburst 10' Baby Girl Ceiling Decoration

Carter's Baby Girl 18" Foil Balloon

It's a Girl Foot Shaped Mylar Balloon

Baby Outburst

10' Baby Girl Ceiling Decoration



Girl Baby Shower Games

In this article, you'll read about our best list of baby shower games for girl pink theme party that you can print and play right away.

Here's an excellent selection of printable baby shower games that you can have some fun:



Baby Girl Shower Favors

Everybody can use a few quiet moments. So, for the baby shower, give favors that complete the baby shower theme ideas that you came up with.

For instance, give out a sweet smelling candle that is full of sparkle and bling. This favor is great because it looks good and will be a reminder of the gorgeous baby shower that you hosted. If you make them right, the guests may not even want to burn it because they are so awesome! But, they also will remind them of how important it is to take out time for themselves. That's a fabulous gift in and of itself!

There are these really pretty favor boxes that you can fill with just about any goodies that you think your guests will enjoy. The thing about these boxes are that they come together to create a "cake"! Each guest gets a "slice", which is actually a favor box! A nice, little "thank you" gift to add to these boxes could include candy kisses, a small manicure kit, or something really special like a crystal souvenir, like an engraved stroller.

Here are more creative and fun favors your guests will adore:

  • Mini classic gumball machines will make your guests feel like kids themselves. They come in black, red, and blue and come with about 30 gumballs. You could also use these as prizes for games or as favors just for children if you allow all ages at your baby shower.
  • Create homemade pink candy lollipops. You can find all of the ingredients and the molds for the suckers at most bake shops. When the suckers have hardened, you can wrap the tops in cellophane and place a tiny strand of pink ribbon around the stick.
  • Personalized fortune cookies can include standard or personalized messages so you can have lots of fun with them if you want. You can place them on plates in the center of the table for guests to take or place a couple in a decorating Chinese take-out box.
  • Purchase pink boxes shaped like baby bottles then fill them with items of your choosing, including candy, mints, coupons, tea packets, cocoa mix, non-alcoholic drink recipes, and more.

Whatever you put in these boxes, they will be well received because they go with any baby shower theme ideas, and they are just super cute!


Share Your Girl Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Our website receive creative baby girl shower ideas every day, and we believe this is the power of internet. We call it "Shower-It Forward"! Take a peek at other people's Girl Baby Shower Tales and you're sure to find lots more outstanding baby shower tips:

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Pink Girl Invite Adebimpe's Pink Shower Jessica's Summer Shower


If you've just thrown a girl baby shower, we'll be thrilled for you to submit your own Baby Shower Theme Ideas (invitation, cake and games) to us.



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