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Some expecting parents prefer cut frogs or ducks for a shower theme.

Other parents want a simple color theme, such as pink or blue.

But parents who love sports might be impressed if the host of their celebration decided on a baby shower sports theme for the event.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this theme into your own baby shower party, here are a few ideas.



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Sports Theme Baby Shower Invite

With any shower, the host should match the theme with the rest of the elements as much as possible starting with the invitation. In the case of the baby shower sports theme, this could be done in several ways. Football Party Invitations

Football party invitations are one example. The invites are shaped like a football and provide space inside for you to add all of the party details, such as location and time. You could also choose a Baseball invitation or a Basketball invitation.

In both of these cases, the invite is designed to resemble the ball used in the game. You could choose to focus the theme on a single sport or you could mix a couple of sports together. For example, if the mom is a fan of football while the dad enjoys baseball, then you could send out both styles to your guest list.


Sports Baby Shower Venue

Although any party’s success depends on its location, a baby shower sports theme event requires the perfect location. Many sports venues have facilities which can be rented for parties; these rooms could be a good choice when the parents-to-be love a particular professional sport.

Parks near baseball diamonds or basketball courts could also work for showers in the spring or summer but always make alternative arrangements in case of inclement weather.

If only adults will be attending the shower, a sports bar might be a great location. Bowling alleys, golf facilities, martial arts studios, and race tracks may be worth considering depending on the preferences of the parents and what is available nearby.


Baby Shower Sports Theme Decorations

Any location needs a bit of sprucing up to fit the baby shower sports theme so you’ll want to think of some fun and creative decoration ideas. Here are a few options you might want to try:

  • For baseball shower themes, arrange the tables into a diamond shape. Let the main table for the new parents act as home base.
  • Football Foil Balloon
  • Take empty plastic bottles of Gatorade or other sports drinks then fill them with sand or rocks. Tie balloons to the bottles and use as centerpieces on the tables. You could use a Soccer ball mylar balloon or a Football foil balloon, for example.
  • Decorate the walls of the facilities. Borrow sports posters or purchase new ones to hang up in the area. Remember to use double-sided tape or other adhesives which won’t damage the walls.

    Basketball Wall Decoration Otherwise, you might have to pay for repairs. You can also find specially designed sports-decorations for this purpose, such as the Basketball wall decoration.
  • Make the most of your tablecloths. You could make your own basketball court using light brown tablecloths and white or black adhesive tape to mark the lines on the court. You can also find a Green grass plastic tablecloth for football or soccer themes.

If the parents have a favorite sports team, you could decorate the room to match the team’s colors or include their mascot as part of the décor.


Sports Theme Baby Shower Entertaining

While the party inevitably is about the new parents and their upcoming arrival, the guests need to have some fun, too. That’s why a good host always includes some type of entertainment, usually games. The advantage of a baby shower sports theme is you have plenty of other options.

Red Megaphone

For a co-ed shower, you could pit the women against the men in the shower games to see which gender comes out ahead using traditional shower games, such as unscrambling baby-related terms or tasting baby food flavors or answering trivia questions about the mom and dad.

You could even give each team a Red megaphone or a blue megaphone so they could shout out answers or encourage their team members.

Soccer Ball pinata

Another option is the Soccer ball pinata. Your guests can feel like kids again by whacking the ball filled with candy or other items. You could also get several Mini bowing kits and let the guests compete to see who can knock down the most pins.

If the weather is nice and your guests don’t mind a little activity, you could always engage them in a game of the featured sport, such as a few basketball matches.

If the weather isn’t nice, you could keep everyone indoors to watch the big game while celebrating the shower. Denver Broncos Deluxe Party Pack

With a baby shower sports theme, you want to keep things as simple as possible for you as the host.

For this reason, you might want to consider purchasing kits containing everything you need, including tableware, decorations, and other necessities.

The Nascar party pack and the Denver broncos deluxe party pack are two examples that might you with your preparations.

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